The Probability of Fulfillment - Article and Video

I found many interesting tidbits of info in the article and video by Dale which I am sharing in this post.  Among other things, info about the probability of this alignment and also details amazing characteristics of the retrograde pattern of the elements of this sign. I am not in total agreement with everything here, but I do think it is good to view this type of info and investigate this sign from multiple view points to be as well rounded as we can be.  In my view he needs to be a little more precise with his language as to not cause fear or confusion among the brethren, so if you have questions ask them below in the comment section and I will try to straighten things out.

One of the main issues I have is that he says that some "believers" will not be raptured.  From reading his writings, what I think he means is that some people who SAY they are believers, or are believers IN NAME ONLY, will not be raptured.  That would be a more precise way to express that thought.  Like I said before, he is too loose with his language.

Again, check out this info but please know that it is the belief of most of us who are studying this sign closely that child who is caught up in Revelation 12:5 is the ENTIRE Body of Christ which is made up of each truly repentant, believing, saved, redeemed Christian on earth.  I believe the "rest of her offspring" referenced in Revelation 12:17 refers to the Tribulation Saints, people who needed to wash their robes in the Tribulation and are thus made clean during that terrible time by coming to a true faith in Christ in the midst of such turmoil on the earth (Rev 7:14).

If you are reading this now at this point in history... now would be a good time to move into a full relationship with Christ and become a part of his body while there is still time.... We must be more than just identify as Christians on a checkbox.... We must accept Christ's free gift of salvation and confess with our heart that He is Lord.  We must do more than just KNOW ABOUT Jesus... we must personally KNOW HIM. If you need more info on this please click here, the most important page on this site.

Here is a link to the article and a excerpt....

Thanks to Hope for sharing this with me.
Magi Alert!!! The Alpha and Omega of September 23rd, 2017 Retrogrades of Mercury and Jupiter 
Eternal consequences is a serious issue and we should take these things to heart. The statistical probabilities of the occurrence of these events are almost incomprehensible, and yet they are upon us now with absolute documentation. The ball is already in motion, and there is no possibility of reverse engineering. How fitting that no one could see them until computerized astronomy revealed them to us. We must be living in the end times when knowledge increases (Daniel 12:4). We have been warned.

These are truly great signs in the heavens accompanying the great sign of Revelation 12:1–4 on September 23rd, 2017.

Coupling these celestial events with biblical prophecies and historical occurrence involving the nation of Israel, the odds are highly favored that the Great Tribulation, or Jacob’s Trouble, may begin this fall. Other celestial phenomenon may be visible in the heavens during this time too. It is a great time to be alive if we are armed with the Truth. We are children of the day and are not to be asleep.

The video by the author is below...very interesting info as well.

Disclaimer: Again, please know I had to wrestle with sharing this information.   He is kind of loose with his language and seems to elude to something that cold be considered a partial rapture.  He may simply be saying that only true 'blood bought" believing Christians will be taken in the rapture while other "Christians in name only" will be left.  We know it takes more than just saying you are a Christian to be a true believer.  In my opinion most so-called Christians in the world today are not really Biblical Christians who have been saved.   They are relying on many different things to get them to heaven other than or in addition to the sacrificial death of Jesus.   Any time we try to add our work to HIS WORK in order to obtain salvation it shows that we really don't understand the amazing thing he actually did for us.  If you understand that feel free to watch this video as there is quite a bit of good info here.  If you have any questions about salvation post them below and I am sure many of us would be happy to address them!


  1. I just finished watching REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM 6 part series on biblical astronomy on youtube. In it he said Jesus was born on September 15th.
    7 day after the 15th is the 22 which is the Feast of Trumpets.
    I wonder if this is our (a) (could be) 7 day announcement before the rapture?
    Matthew 24:37 and Luke 17:26, The bible says at it was in the days of Noe so shall it be at the coming of the son of man. Couple that with God told Noah in Gen 7:4-For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth.....

    I have often wondered if we would be given a sign/announcement 7 days before the rapture.
    Maybe I am reading to much into this?

    Titus 2:13

    1. Hi Nana, as you refer to video #6 of REVELATIONCHAPTER12 did you notice the remarks he (Paul Dawson) makes about several conjunctions that somehow "double" and "tripled" in retrograde motion in the past? I think this is how God speaks too, to point out a certain (important) message in the heavens. (Although I have now heard several dates in September for the birth of Jesus...)

      Nana, I don't think that we can actually "read too much into" these scripture of Noah as there is already so much that is parallel to it today. From all what God showed us yet I cannot believe He wouldn't tell us the day of His return (I mean the rapture). MARANATHA! :)

    2. Hi Annabell.

      Yes, confirmation is all over it. God will oftentimes use a repeating pattern to prophecy fulfillment to prove or show it.

      Titus 2:13

  2. I have similar sentiments. I have continually thought about and prayed for at least a seven day warning to my spirit from God that would absolutely confirm the day. Elijah knew he was going to be taken. How long before? It seems that Enoch was given the news ahead of his being "caught up". Certainly Noah and the other 7 knew.

    1. Incredibly insightful comments Dennis and Nana. Christ condemned Israel when de said 'you knew not the time of my visitation', and as you note, Elijah Noah and possibly Enoch knew the day.

  3. Thank you for posting Brad! His presentation of probability/possibility of the significance of September 23, 2017, is beyond measurability that this event is significant, most interesting! From about 9:30 to about 14:00 he discusses the statistical information, Wow! ~Tryphosa

  4. This is confirmation to everything the Lord has been showing me about the authenticity of the Revelation 12 sign and His coming. I was praying about it again today, begging the Lord to show me if this is wrong, because I don't want to cause anyone to stumble in their faith. (Psalm 69:6) I have warned my family and friends. I have warned folks on youtube. And the Lord knows I am willing to admit when I'm wrong. But just after saying that prayer, I come here to check out what's new, and you have an article posted about the Alpha and Omega of September 23rd. While reading it, I wanted to jump up and down for joy! Alpha and Omega was my first confirmation and answer to prayer about this sign, and there were many over the course of several days. And I had no idea at the time it had anything to do with the actual signs in the heavens! I am in jaw-dropping awe. I have nervous wedding jitters. I am ecstatically happy! I am sad for those who will be left. My emotions are all over the place. But I'll tell you one thing I'm not- I'm not doubting anymore. This is it. We are leaving. Praise God!

    Brad, thanks so much for posting this, it was a huge blessing to me :) God bless you!

  5. Brad, TY for posting, especially the ARTICLE on meaning of retrograde in alpha and omega is truly breathtaking!! This is confirmation made perfect. Just have a look on a comment there made by "Dennis Watson" this made me smile as he thinks of Gods joy in preparing all this for us and now we're "getting it" in time! :))

    Regarding the VIDEO I'm quite concerned if Dale might not have got the whole picture as he just stops at Rev12 verses 1-4 together with Planet X as the "dragon" (which is my own belief too) but he unfortunately only mentions verse 5 (the rapture verse) with regards to a potential "partial" rapture of the "bride" who "cleaned herself" to be worthy being caught up. On the other hand, he knows himself being saved by grace only but then he brings up legalism here. As much as he was enlightened by observing the stars in his article the much he seems to be blinded about who the BoC of the church age is in the video though.

    If you're in touch with Dale please red-flag to him the recent ROBERT BREAKER video teaching on the "Tribulation Gospel" which might help him to better understand and discern the dispensations. (I still don't agree with RB on Matth24 not mentioning rapture but for teaching on Rev14 I couldn't find anything better!) Much love YSIC

  6. With all of the proof I keep finding regarding the Great Sign of Revelation Chapter 12, I have to say the Rapture is going to happen this September. I am coming to the firm knowledge we who are in Christ WILL NOT be here after September 23rd. There is to much evidence to say no.

  7. KAy..where did you find the article...thanks!! Prayfully expecting and hoping to go home...Yvonne

    Hurricane Jose predicted to hit New York City on Rosh Hashanah, during the 72nd UN General Assembly presentation of the Peace Plan, the same day the "Christ Angle" forms in Egypt. I Pet Goat 2 is a 2012 video by Heliofant which predicted Harvey hitting Texas, Irma hitting Florida and New York City being destroyed. So the big question is; is this the work of Man or God?

    1. This is right around the UN's International Day of Peace on 9/21, which features a theme this year that includes the idea of peace and safety. Hard not to wonder if this is what the Lord was talking about when He told us in His Word that while THEY are saying peace and safety, sudden destruction comes upon THEM. But WE are not of the darkness that that day should overtake US like a thief!! Maranatha!!! Watchman35


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