The Hope of Glory - Pete Garcia

This is a great read for all of us as we move ever closer to what sure seems to be the Revelation 12 Sign.  A fantastic article, balanced and hopeful... just like how WE should be! Thank you Jan Markell for sharing this and thank you Pete Garcia for writing it!  I am encouraged to know that many of the debunkers are reading these words and those of us who truly believe that this sign on the 23rd of this month is an alignment straight from the Book of Revelation should do the same.

In the article Pete lays out a fantastic defense for the legitimacy of the sign (read the article) but then balances it out with the following words of caution:
The negatives than are that some will be convinced that something will absolutely have to happen on September 23rd. If September 23rd comes and goes without anything major or significant changing, many who planted all their hopes and dreams on that date will become disillusioned and drift away from the faith. Those who are not Christians will inevitably use this as simply one more thing they can pin on those “wacky” Christians who are waiting for a Messiah who will never come.
Here is the link:

If you missed it, we shared another one of Pete's articles back on June 19th.
Thank You Pete Garcia from The Omega Letter!

My Personal Thoughts On This Topic

For me, the possibility of the rapture happening very near the fulfillment of this sign is very logical for many different reasons.  We even have a precedence to look at which I think we should pay attention to:

When Christ was born, the Star of Bethlehem seems to have aligned directly with His birth.  That is why when the Wise Men showed up from many miles away, Jesus was already a toddler!  We also know that Noah had plenty of warning up until the day the door of the ark was closed.  So for me, I am advising people to watch the coming days leading up to September 23rd very closely and expectantly.  Why discount the possibility that it could happen on that day until time proves us wrong??? 

But IF we get to the 24th and beyond, be very careful not to let your guard down.... do not even think about doing that!   God has gotten our attention for a purpose and I don't think He is in the business of creating these grand announcements for no reason.   I don't know how this will all play out, but I truly believe if we stay close to HIM and focus on HIS PROMISES, we will not be caught unaware. 

In closing, I personally believe that we are very close now.  I just can't get around it.  So from here on out be HOPEFUL!!  Be JOYFUL!!!  And be READY!!!!  One of these days He is coming...and there is plenty of reason to think that we are very close to that glorious day!


  1. Ah Pete, the voice of reason and insight, thank you! ~Tryphosa

  2. I think that article was very fair and well-done. Contrast it with this one from Pulpit and Pen:

    The author went out of his way to paint us as complete idiots who are not only guilty of astrology, but are on par with people who believe in prophetic chickens. He spared no effort to paint this in the dumbest light possible. Anyone who learns of this topic through that article is going to be poisoned against it in a massive way.

    What bothers me is that the charge of astrology is so false that I find it hard to believe it is being made in good faith. Likewise, the "no man knows" verse is so easy to answer (and so obviously has nothing to do with the rapture, if you will just stop and read Matthew 24) that I find it hard to believe it is being made in good faith. I knew that verse had nothing to do with the rapture long before I ever heard about 9/23. How can anyone with a deep knowledge of apologetics and eschatology have no idea what Matthew 24 is about?

    I have been strongly opposed to call these debunkers "scoffers", but look at the dictionary:

    "to speak derisively; mock; jeer"

    Pete at the Omega Letter may not believe it, but at least he treats it fairly. Others are being so derisive that it is utterly baffling. It isn't the world that is doing the scoffing; it is those within the church who seem to be the most opposed to it.

    Let's not lose heart, or give up before 9/23 even gets here. Instead of pre-emptively coming up with reasons to explain the "failure" of 9/23 (which hasn't even gotten here yet), I'd rather look forward to it with eager anticipation. It is much too soon to throw in the towel and start assuming nothing will happen.


    1. Thanks Jonathan,

      1) The mere possibility of Christ returning heralded by a verifiable celestial alignment which is directly tied to the #1 rapture passage according to some of the most scholarly men in the Christian faith is the LAST thing anyone should be ignoring (much less mocking or scoffing at).

      2) Perhaps I could have stated this stronger above, but I think we have all the reason in the world to have a solid HOPE that we will see something significant near the 23rd... As long as your faith is solid and you are trusting in Christ ALONE (not in a date, not in a sign, not in anything other than HIM) then I say don't even worry about the possibility of a dud happening at this point. In other words... cross that bridge when you get there.... for all we know we may never even get to that bridge so it makes no sense worrying about it if/until that day comes. Hope.... Biblical Hope. He gave us a sign on a day. Look forward to that day right on up to the time it gets here and take no thought for tomorrow. Prepare like this is it... time will tell but for all we know at this point... It is!

    2. Thank you Brad for all your hard work in putting this site together and getting all this information out. It has been highly appreciated. We wait patiently for His longed return and that is all that matters. We must be consecrated, lamps full and watching with great anticipation.

      Thanks once again....Juliana

  3. Great article. A great reminder in Petes letter "Anytime a passage of Scripture gets global attention, I think that is a good sign. It gets people asking questions about the Bible that they normally wouldn’t. Furthermore, it gets Christians back in their Bibles acting like they should have been, like Berean's"

  4. The strongest point of the article is how Revelation 3:3 counters Matthew 24. Aside from saying september 23rd is the day of the star alignment in revelation 12, I'm not sure if there's any other criteria in scripture that you're able to watch for other than yom teruah for "seeing a day approach". The only other inferences that is correlated with the first seal and the start of daniel's 70th week is a peace covenant/agreement.

    Other than that you have Isaiah 17, the destruction of damascus, and ezekiel 38, gog magog. Israel has just recently threatened to bomb damascus:

    Turkey is re-engaging with its military into syria halfway through september as well, cementing it's mutual defense alliance with russia and iran:

    In response to Abbas's 45 day ultimatum for a peace offer, kushner and trump countered by saying they will have one prepared within 3-4 months:

    The revelation 12 sign is not occurring inside of a vacuum. The topical headlines show that on every front, the prophetic barometer is higher than it's ever been. Lastly, Genesis 1:14 says that the lights in the heaven are also for signs. I think many prophetic scholars have held for so long a romantic view of the visions of revelation being something that will finally be observed first hand while we are in heaven witnessing the events, that it never dawned on them that at least one of them could be envisioned while still preceding the tribulation, in a most obvious manner. You can't just dismiss the potential for the sign to apply to the sky when the language it uses are sun/moon/stars with known constellations. The term "in heaven" is ambiguous enough to satisfy both outcomes.

    Theoretical damage of people losing their faith over this is emotional rhetoric and is a last resort when there are no more scriptural rebuttals left, which has really caused this to turn into a game of christian prophetic chicken. I don't think it's about money or book sales, I really believe it's just content producers being isolated in their own realms of influence who have failed to engage in debate with an open mind, and instead just offered unconvincing pittances assuming the position will collapse the week of the 25th. In college chemistry we used to get partial credit for a wrong answer with work shown, but no credit for a right answer with no work shown. I'd rather be possibly wrong than ignorantly right.

    1. Agreed! I therefore don't think like Pete Garcia obviously does (after now having had so much time in fact to examine all the results after Rev12-sign was discovered) that "it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR US to know the exact date" or "specific day" of the rapture - as he states in his article -
      although he seems to balance the arguments available quite well but then does not come to a final conclusion YES or NO. There are so many that finally just want to stay noncommittal (for whatever reason but in the end it is a sign of unbelief) with regards to Gods issues - and I think they do Him no service by acting this way James 1:7-8. Like in college chemistry as you mention, God wants to get some clear commitment, if not read Revelation 3:16 what the result will be: no credits.

  5. Psalm 73:25 King James Bible
    Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.

  6. Rapture Ready article by Kit Olsen....the woman of Rev 12 is Israel, the child is the body of Christ. There are people who get it.

  7. Just some YouTube nugget for you @all: THOUGHTS CONCERNING RAPTURE DATE SETTING please watch to the end because: Have you ever thought yet Hebrews 10:25 not talking about regular Sunday church assembly at all but about the great gathering at the rapture? Blessings! YSIC

    1. Funny....I asked that very question on another blog. It sure seems like the there is link between "the assembling of ourselves together" & "as ye see the day approaching".

    2. Yeah that must be the reason why the "traditional" teaching and explanation (= not going to church regularly as this verse is always forced on you if you don't) didn't fit with me either. Now I know, makes perfect sense!! :)

  8. To me the bottom line is this. Sep 23 does fill all the requirements in John's vision.
    That coupled with the incredible amount of converging things such as historical dates (1897/1917/1947/1967) and the fact that since the "Great American Eclipse", we have had one major hurricane (Harvey)with another that has been touted as "the most powerful ever recorded in the Gulf/Caribbean" (Irma).
    As noted by Pastor Biltz, solar eclipses are for Gentile nations.
    And, Hurricane Jose is firing up right after Irma.
    Will our country repent? I doubt it.
    Some believe that there will be a great revival soon. I believe it. But..............I believe it will be triggered by the snatching up of the Bride of Jesus. (Steve)

  9. If you know any Russian Speakers send them this. By the way thank you Linda Wolf who made this possible by way of a monetary contribution. I taught bible prophecy in Russia 23 years ago. It was like feeding candy to kids. They had never heard of the concept of revelation being the rapture and even back then were quite receptive. The below link serves as a primer and then has a link to my book which is translated into Russian. Please send it to any Russians speakers that you may know both hear in the U.S. and abroad.

    В Бытие 1:14 нам говорят, что Господь сделал солнце, Луну и звезды, чтобы служить светом для дня и ночи, календаря и для (знамений и сезонов) знамения для того, чтобы объявить о скором исполнении пророчества.


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