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Here are a few links from the day I didn't get to post on, although most of these were shared on Facebook. I cannot believe we are almost halfway through September... the days are going by so fast! Anyway I hope you all are doing well and growing closer to Christ each day.  Please check out these links but also feel free to post your feelings below and we can fellowship with each other and encourage each other here as we see The Day approaching (Hebrews 10:25).

Link #1  - The child is the Church.

Douglas Woodward, a prominent prophecy teacher and author of countless books, bucks the trends of his peers and says flat out that the Male child is the Church... and thus the Revelation 12 Sign is related to the rapture in some shape or form.  He also gives a much deserved endorsement to Gary and the crew at Unslead.org!


Link #2 - Board the Ark Now

Speaking of Unsealed, Gary put out another article pleading with people to stop dismissing the signs and focus on making sure are saved before the door on the Age of Grace closes.  God will shut the door on this time relative peace very quickly, and when the rain starts falling its too late to escape.

Get On Board The Ark

Link #3 - Australian Chip Implants Are Exploding in Popularity

Our brother Tim from the land down under reported in that the mainstream news has been all over microchipping hands lately.   He says they are making it out to be the greatest thing "since sliced bread" and the lost sheep are sadly "lining up for it".  Here is one article he from one station.

Microchips being inserted into people's hands to make life easier


  1. Dear brothers and sisters,

    Some post, not especialy related to this article, but difinately related to the Sign in general. I post this hoping for some comments and thought form people here around


    I just was looking in the question around the expectation of our Lords return in the lifetime of the Apostels themselves. After much reading something popped up in an explanation what i think is crucial and fitting for 2017! Let me explain a bit. The time between the ressurrection and the time God gave the Jews to repent and accept Jezus was as it showed out maximum 70 years. If the Jews had accepted the Lord (and His offer) then the Kingdom has started. But finaly after 70 years, God throw the Jews out of there country and the Jews were put aside, (and the building of the church continued). After a while the Apostel Paul recieved the mystery from Jesus about the "rapture". The latter letters he wrote differ from the first viewing were Paul still expected the return of the Lord during his life. The latter letters changed and here you can see he understoud that he maybe would die before the return of Jesus.

    Coincidence that it is now 70 years from the reestablishing of Israƫl, a biblical generation of 70 years. The year of the Great Sign in heaven!

    Imminence is not what it always is tought as i see, so an expected season and a point in time for the rapture is not per definition contradictional

    (excuse my grammar, english is not my native language)


    1. Fully agreed, dear brother!! TY for these wonderful thoughts! See you soon above MARANATHA, YSIC

    2. First of all, you did just fine with your English. :-) And you're right about imminence being taught incorrectly. It's been taught incorrectly for so long that people don't even question it. That's also a very interesting fact about the two 70 year periods. Thank you so much for posting this! God bless!

    3. Very interesting! I've read it in a study once that after His resurrection, during His additional 40 days long stay, Jesus was waiting for the Jewish people to finally get the clue about Him being their prophesied Messiah. Allegedly, that was His purpose of staying and not ascending immediately to Heaven. 40 is the number of trial/testing (like the 40 years long wandering of the Jews outside of Canaan or the 40 days which Jesus spent in the wilderness). After the 40 days were over and the Jewish people still haven’t accepted Him (on the national level), He went home to His Father. Had the Jewish people accepted Him back them, the Millennial Kingdom would have started. (Of course the offering of His blood on the Heavenly Altar would’ve also happened.) Even so, the number of 70 is significant as well and the Apostle Paul really seemed to be waiting for His return as it was mentioned here above. I've got the hope that the rapture might happen this year, maybe on or around this FoT.

    4. (grammar correction: "Had the Jewish people accepted Him back then..." not them)

  2. 40 days from eclipse to September 30....7 days from sign to sept 30....Noah sealed the ark 7 days before flood....Jesus in tomb for 3 days...Sept 21-23....3 days.....my head feels like a calculator....I'm not sure what the problem is but I know there's an answer there somewhere.

    1. I am confident this all fits like a puzzle... Those day counts certainly seem to be relevant pieces. Let me know when you figure it out! ; )

    2. Thank you Ned! I hope you don't mind but i just posted what you said and put your name. will look for you on face book. sunnie

    3. Ned,

      Just a thought, God sealed Noah in the Ark 7 days before the flood. The sign precedes the day of atonement by 7 days (as you said)...that may be your answer?

    4. Correction....God warned Noah 7 days before the flood started, the. he sealed him in the ark. Still may fit as a warning?


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