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Brad, in response to Sheila B.’s invitation, Blessings, I composed this work assuming it will fit into a thread header much more than being posted within another thread. Hopefully this works and will ease your burden as well. There is so much here, arising from a dream which @Loved by the King received, and confirmations, since, and that then opening up Mark 6 as a TYPE and choreography of the past 50 years, the Web, impending changes, wow. Having assembled 6+ pages of notes resembling something from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (no string and pins on the wall, though), this work seeks to better assemble this, feed the sheep, minister to the dreamer and the family, better than my mad dash of an attempt on her YTC comments. If agreeable, your layout improvements are invited, nesting of pages, or whatever you feel is good. It far exceeds a post to the current page and, though a bit seen, I felt moved to spend the day devoted to get this thus far to expedite sharing it, as asked. 

Family, Blessings.  Sheila B.’s invitation to greater share the incredible field of dreams I bumped into @Loved by the King, recently, has consumed me since.  As an overview, I will summarize the dream with comments, the event which later occurred Directly confirming Her Dream, By His Hand, as well as the vision she later received which confirmed and framed the Whole, providing MUCH More.  This work focuses on the Greek side of the Keyword although the Hebrew side, it’s TWIN, easily hints of an equally rich Field.  That Keyword, given in a Vision, is nestled inside Mark 6 and HS Has Seemingly Unveiled For Me, In The Context Of These D&V’s and actual events cited, this entire section as a TYPE of the past 50 years and. Separately, of our Moment of Transition.

This is a huge field, will invite a great playground for us all, not the least of which will be me adding the HUGE amount I LEFT OUT.

The Dream

In a restroom, in her home, unlike her restroom, now, looking out a picture window, a woman watering her lawn with a hose, outside.  As she notices, she HEARS water pouring back in bathroom.  Looking, she sees a deluge, she believes to be rainwater, gushing through an inset light outlet above the facilities, & all around & coming through cracks it creates in the ceiling.  She calls for her husband to get buckets to catch this water to spare the house. 

Then, goes to kitchen, we later learn, to prepare a Baby Bottle, and finds water similarly gushing from an inset light fixture above stove, and elsewhere, as before.  Her attention focuses on various food prep appliances and unplugging them for safety, getting gloves when her husband, Dave, gives the Gloves to her son, Isaac, who does, and she notices, however, that the water had already turned them all off. 

Lastly, Father’s employee, Chad Usher, arrives, takes a few things from her hands as she had been rounding up parts for the Baby Bottle and, when he removes a few uncertain things from her hands, some of the BB parts also disappear.  She looks at him in frustration, like, “how am I going to get this Bottle together”, also after having seen that the ‘Baby’ she would be feeding was an adult man acting as a Baby, and Chad’s response was a look back at her prompter HER to remember something which would explain why he did what he did.  She wakens. 

The Confirmations

Later that day, after the dream, @LBTK is leaving work and HEARS water pouring, near her, inside the building.  Looking into the hall she sees water coming from around a light fixture, in the hallway outside her office area, and the fixture exactly resembles the one in her dream and brings to mind her having thought, in the dream, of how odd to have a commercial fluorescent light in your bathroom.  While the cause was a large water container being spilled on the floor above, so not a ‘deluge’, however, exactly the same image and, in context, the amount of the water was huge.

Commenter under the original video:


Wow last year about this time in my bathroom I have a crystal Chandelier it’s right above my sink. It throws off beautiful rainbow colors. But I was washing my face and water was dripping on the back of my neck. I was like what is going on. And the water was dripping down the crystals. There is another bathroom in my house right next to that bathroom and if you look outside the window you can see our yard my mom is always in the yard gardening with the water hose. When the water was dripping on me I called out to her. She is a born-again grace believer. We both were checking the water on the chandelier out.

Commenter under the 657 Vision Video:

Oswald Copperpot:

I worked on an engine that had 657 hours of run time on it today.


These comments, paralleling each other, at earlier times are TWO Witnesses, together, a DOUBLE WITNESS.  This is the equivalent of Our Lord Jesus, HIMSELF,  when he says, in His Teaching "TRULY (#1), TRULY(#2), I Tell You..."  That the one happening about a YEAR earlier affirms the whole, whereas the engine was earlier the same day, affirming the moment and the affirmation, itself, also fits each as the longer time affirms the larger picture and the immediacy of the 2nd one fits affirming a prompt affirmation.

The affirmation received a year in advance as well as the specific light being seen in the dream, which was later encountered in her hall, at work, both Mirror Mark 6 having Bethsaida central to the entire Act while also being the intended/foreknown Destination, in our section, All ALONG. 

The Vision

Waking from a Powernap, later, @LBTK has a waking vision of a door with the number ‘657’ on it.

G657: apotassó: to set apart, take leave of: (6) 1st: Mark 6:46 (42-46 in context):

42 "And they all ate and were satisfied.

43 And they took up twelve baskets full of broken pieces and of the fish.

44 And those who ate the loaves were five thousand men.

#Jesus Walks on the Water # 

45 "Immediately he made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the crowd.

46 And after  HE HAD TAKEN LEAVE (G657) of them, he went up on the mountain to pray."  (Mk 6:42-46 ESV, emph mine).  

657 in context of the dream

The verses surrounding G657, apotass√≥, as cited, Mark 6:42-46, capture 7 Movements, all of which seem to center around Bethsaida, geographically and thematically, as cited, and, ultimately, we end up back there after these verses, showing the end, being in place from the beginning, of course, the Place ‘Of Fishing’ and ‘Of Hunting’. 


“Mark and Matthew connect Bethsaida to the famous scene in which Jesus walks on water, which in itself is a direct reference to the beginning of creation (Genesis 1:2) and the cleansing of creation (Genesis 7:17). After the miraculous feeding of the 5,000, Jesus sent the disciples ahead of him to Bethsaida while he went up a mountain to pray (Mark 6:45). When he too decided he wanted to go to Bethsaida, he famously walked on the water with the intention of overtaking the disciples, who were struggling to stay afloat in a storm. When the disciples take him for a ghost, he calms them down and steps into the boat with them. Then the wind dies down as well.  Mark alone tells the curious story of the blind man at Bethsaida who Jesus healed in stages.” (Mark 8:22-26). from http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Bethsaida.html#.Xdyaz1JYaCg

Note:  The healing in 2 stages is a proof text in Scripture.  When healed from lifetime blindness, the human brain is unable to process the input, resulting in sight with confusion.  Christ's 2nd Touch healed the man of "Apologesia', the name for this medical condition, which wasn't so named until AFTER modern Medicine had also restored sight to the previously bland and "discovered" the condition, amen.  (Hat Tip Beloved Brother Chuck Missler who's Koinonia Times taught me this, years ago, PTL.  Chuck is currently in much better company than the rest of us, surely, amen.)  This detail hidden here echoes of our call, Having Been SENT,  to draw analogies from His Word by Studying Their Lives and details of Scripture and ADD MEANING to what the simple eye ‘sees’ (see all prior threads).

Scriptural Foundations to Imagery & Why This Is Worthy of DEEP Study:

As posted already, Water and Electricity share many things and BOTH are used in Scripture to Identify Christ; Water, By Christ, Himself, During His Ministry.


The dream seemingly highlights Holy Spirit Power now overwhelming the very devices/places previously used for cleansing (Salvation/Sanctification i.e. restroom) and Sustenance (Kitchen, The Word, Baby Bottle) in context of the spot where it was connected (Inset fixtures).  This, as @LBTK stated, seems to show HS being in charge of impending changes with something MUCH Bigger In Store!  All the many details affirm it within her ministry (Baby Bottle in her Dreams of the lord, always), HEARING the water FIRST, all THREE times (Bath, kitchen, at work) as in ‘Faith comes by HEARING’, Romans 10:17, affirming the message, with connections you can unpack below, and I will likely add.  The look given at the end, where CHAD ushers in the exit, was to affirm (1) no Babies here anymore, (2) as Declared In The Word, Feeding Time Is OVER, Mark 6:42, amen.

Internet Parallel to the past 50 years Move of Christ

1969  ARAPANET Born (1st ‘Internet’)               1969 hippy tag arose out of The Jesus

                                                                             Movement as the Enemy again perverts

                                                                             what The Lord reveals. 

2019, 50 years, Jubilee?

1970                                                                     The Late Great Planet Earth

1972 1st email                                                       70’s and 80’s see many thousands saved,

1974 ARAPANET gores commercial                            hear prophets like Duduman at Prophecy

1983 URLs simplified (www.html.com)              conferences and such as The Lord Calls Out

1991 webcam feeds                                              His Own MATT 6:54, and from who many of

1993 Browsers                                                     us still haunt YTC and Rev12 and all around.

1998 Google                                                         Meanwhile, in spite of ALL of this,

                                                                             “He Marveled At Their Unbelief”, ibid. 

2019 YTC says, No More                                    The Lord Reigns, amen. 

Mark 6 Parallel to the past 50 years Move of Christ

Mark 6 contains 7 movements:


1 Christ Rejected In His Hometown*                                      Late Great Planet Earth marks the Move

                                                                                      The 60’s TWIN nature, marked x JFK’s

2 Christ Sends# The 12, 2x2, purge unclean spirits                 Death, aforehand, arises as Jesus Works

                                                                                      And the Enemy deceives.  * Traditional

3 Death of John The Baptist+                                        ‘Church’-dom rejects HS Move & Truth.

                                                                                      # @For 50 years, The Gospel & Prophecy

4 5,000 fed@ near Bethsaida                                          are in coffee shops, conferences, homes.

                                                                                      With YTC ministries, MILLIONS FEED

5 Jesus Ascends A Mountain & Prays^ As                             on ^Christ’s Ministry Through This ALL

His Disciples find a mighty storm& in the boat              &while Storms Increase all around.

6 Jesus Walks on Water, returning to those he sent                Lord of All, Rejoins Disciples,

Takes Charge of Things, NOW

7 Jesus Heals The Sick In Gennesaret                            who chased, when they saw Him, not of

those who rejected him (OSAS v others)

                                                                                      All Touching Him are Healed, amen.


The +Assassination of JFK echoes that a Death of a Central Figure Occurs to mark the moment arriving in the shift in Jesus Ministry as the One coming before is Removed.  While JFK was no JTB, still, parallels call out and it fits, in the larger sense.  Similarly, here, at the end, the recent passing of +Paul, ala Zeus Mossbender, and others close and significant, mirrors this.  Of course, our Blessed Hope is that He NEXT Snatches Us away, that is, returns to the boat in which he sent us before him and together, With Him, We Return To Shore, unlike those who He apotass√≥ (G657) at the previous shore. 

Springing from the note of Paul’s passing, and others, as well as various YTC folks, recently, telling us He Says TO Be Bidding farewell, also, mirroring a Close of this Moment, a Shift, this Occurred presaging YTC seeking ending this Ministry format and obstacle to deceptions and control, especially in re the 11th hour OSAS separation afoot.  @LBTKs dream speaks to Spirit Lordship over all the details and devices and the overpowering force of what the Water is Doing.  As she states, it seems we have nothing to be concerned about although things may get a bit wet, figuratively speaking, for a spell. 



G657-Keyed Scripture Passage Parallel to Move of Christ Now

42 "And they all ate and were satisfied.               Milk Service Ends after 50 years, no chairs.

43 And they took up twelve baskets full of                   We round up our websites, alts, notes, email

       broken pieces and of the fish.                        Addresses & scraps of the feast.  Our number

44 And those who ate the loaves were 5,000 men.  exceeds vastly the number Christ Taught as

#Jesus Walks on the Water #                                         He Foretold.  Now, He Says, He Comes.

45 "Immediately                                                   Instantly.  “Go!  Tell Them!” He Directs Us.

he made his disciples get into the boat                 We have, 5 decades, exploding since Star of

and go before him to the other side,                     Bethlehem, ibid., 6/30/2015 & TGW, 9/23/17,

to Bethsaida,                                                        Fishing, Hunting, decoding what we SAW, ibid

while he dismissed the crowd.                                       Now, Ministries End, Evangelism CLOSES

46 And after  HE HAD TAKEN LEAVE (G657)          as Christ Bids It So, (G657)

of them,                                                                for those who chose not to chase Him

he went up on the mountain                                 Being First In All Things, He ASCENDS

to pray."                                                               Intercedes and Communes With The Father.

                                                                             (Hopefully, now, Who Says,

“Go, Get Your Bride.”)

The IMMEDIACY of His Sending, After His Feeding The Multitudes, as well as His EXPEDIENCY At Simply Jogging Across Wavetops, across the lake in a fierce storm, says much about EXPECTANCY of His Arrival WITH US, NOW.  All in the context of His Ministries in and around Bethsaida, where His ONLY “Double Touch” Miracle Was Performed, ibid., And His BIDDING FAREWELL TO THE CROWD not IN THE BOAT before a mighty storm.  Noah, anyone?


  1. First of all, delving this deeply into Mark 6 is an adventure through parallels of time I could never have seen until now--at this moment in time--esp. with this Eternal Security vs the Works-based Salvation debate so heavily framed. My mind is not quite as "Beautiful" in it's working as yours is, but I do see this awesome "Mirror" presented in these rich verses. And I don't how many times over prior threads I've shared being pointed to G#636--apopleo--in re to "sailing away", but it's been more than a few I believe.

    I don't know if this will help in expanding your insight or not, but here are some things that caught my attention:

    In re to JTB and JFK--and both "Johns" marking a shift in Ministry, both were slain with "head" wounds and possibly both deaths were ultimately the result of exposing adulterous relationships. JTB had accused Herod of breaking the law in marrying his brother's wife and if I'm remembering correctly JFK was setting about to expose and dismantle the "D**p St*te (C!A)" for what basically amounted to adultery (treason) against the USA when he was assassinated.

    Mark 6:30 made me think of how so many of us have separated from the churches in search of some true rest and real food for ourselves and thought we were ready to "sail away" when we saw TGW on 9/23/17, but it was not yet to be as there were still some people out there from all over hungry for the Truth about Jesus and many have been taught much since TGW sign of Rev.12.

    Mark 6:33-35 made me think of this desolate world we still find ourselves in during this last push to feed the sheep just before the Rapture occurs, although most--even though they've enjoyed the benefits of His Free Grace and had their bellies filled with the miraculous and more than sufficient food of His Word--will STILL not understand Who HE Truly Is in both His Power to Fully Save and His Full Authority to do so. That HE doesn't need anyone's permission or cooperation (i.e. co-Redemption efforts) to finish any work that He begins, but they cannot or will not accept what it means to be really DEAD in Christ. And NOW--as you indicate--it is just about time to say "The Free Grace Show is over. Gotta pack up our baskets and go."

    In Mark 6:45-52 as the Disciples sail away again into the midst of the storm in the midst of the sea,
    I found such great comfort knowing that He SAW their distress in toiling against the wind from atop the mountain where He'd gone to Pray (intercede) and after about 9 hours of their strife, He set out across the water and went to them about the "4th Watch" of the night (when it's the darkest just before the dawn). But I had to really mull over the intent of Mark 6:48 where it says "he meant to pass by them". IDK, but just based on Mark's version, I'm thinking His purpose was perhaps to give an "appearance" of indifference to their hopeless and perilous situation until they could actually get it through their thick heads that He was (and is) the Miraculous and Complete Answer to the sum of all their (and our) fears. IT WAS HIM--the same One who'd just fed thousands with 5 loaves of bread and 2 little fish AND HE WAS WALKING ON WATER! As soon as they (we) screamed out their (our) need to be rescued, then it was (is) indeed "Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid" and "Peace be still" to their (our) sore, or exceedingly great amazement, Amen:-)

    Since Fear and Faith obviously cannot coexist, we are either faithfully secure in our Eternal Salvation based on Jesus Christ's Power and Authority over all of the elements OR we are fearfully basing it on our own rowing abilities, in which case our Faith is only a "ghost" and the ship's gonna sink.

    TY and Blessings, Brother, for initiating this study that has blessed and encouraged me so much. May it be so for any others who dig into this enlightening parallel:-)

    1. Sheila B. and Brad, Blessings. Thanks to you both for sharing. Yes, there is so much here that it exceeds being do-able in this type of space except for the fact of it's immediate Relevance and seeming Revelatory Nature demanding not otherwise.

      In response to your query re "he meant to pass them by"... I see it as speaking of His Being 'IN THE MOMENT' Of His Messiah-ship, not yet Ascended. Thus, Knowing His Mates Are Fine, Likely Valuing Their Tussle As Development, He Was Heading That Way, As, it was along the direct route to their mutual destination, as cited: Bethsaida. They'll catch up, He Is About The Father's Business and, knowing They Are perfectly Safe, There Is No Malice Here. In fact, His Actions Speak Of Total Confidence In His On Husbandry Of Them and their Given ability to follow.

      That we see His Disciples as affirmed as being ON THE PATH THE LORD INTENDED & SAFE, as Being the True Picture, Behind The Other Perspective, while storms raged, should Greatly Feed Us Now! But Wait, even more, That Our Lord Was Distracted From That, By His Affection For His Disciples, And Chose The Moment To PERSONALLY Take Us All Higher, Through That Next Interaction With THEM, Should Deeply Encourage All Who feel especially needy, right NOW also, Maranatha!

    2. Oh, and when I said 'y'all would see obvious stuff I totally missed? Never occurred to me that they are both named 'John'. :) (giggles)

  2. "The affirmation received a year in advance (future proves past/Mirror/TWIN) as well as the specific light being seen in the dream (future proves past/Mirror/TWIN), which was later encountered in her hall, at work, both Mirror Mark 6 having BETHSAIDA central to the entire Act... "

    Because they BOTH (DOUBLE DOUBLE WITNESS) involve a DOUBLE TOUCH Of Our Lord As At Bethsaida, the ONLY Place That Happened, EVER. Is there an echo in here, in here, in here...

    1. ...oh my, AND, THAT Double Touch Being For The SPECIFIC Purpose Of Enlightening The Eyes Opened With The First Touch. Can Our Lord Get Any More Specific and Repetitive Here?!

  3. "Mark 6:30 made me think of how so many of us have separated from the churches in search of some true rest and real food for ourselves and thought we were ready to "sail away" when we saw TGW on 9/23/17, but it was not yet to be as there were still some people out there from all over hungry for the Truth about Jesus and many have been taught much since TGW sign of Rev.12."

    Yes, amen and amen. Christ IS the LIVING Word, 1 John 1, 1 Peter 1:22-24, and His Word Also Declares Itself 'Alive' and 'Active', Hebrews 4:12. Thus, every conversation with Our Lord, and Every Interaction, and ongoing response to His Directive, Is a DIA-Logue, that is, also, a "living Discussion (Word)": Dia-LOGOS, a living (Dia), organic, growing, mutual exploration of a topic (LOGOS).

    Paralleling His Apostles, in Mark 6:30, we have gone out, evangelized, Wondered, Storm's(ed) the Gates of Gematria Castle, and much, much more, always bringing everything back TO OUR LORD for His Good Pleasure and Further Assistance, amen,

    Edit to the above:

    "Now, Ministries End, Evangelism CLOSES" better stated would be:

    "Now, Ministries End, OUR Evangelism CLOSES"



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