JD Farag - End Times Fatigue and Restored Joy

Thank you all for the many wonderful and encouraging comments in the previous post. I am so blessed to be able to be on this journey with you. Without you guys it would be so hard to stay focused. Because I love you all so much it pains me when we don't interact with as much love and grace as we should as siblings in Christ! So thank you again for the nice words and for the emails I received!

Speaking of those nice comments, Lyn mentioned how many people have actually been sharing about this same topic recently. Justin then replied with the info that JD Farag actually devoted a huge portion of his most recent prophecy update to this subject. Once I read that I knew that God had directed that previous post...not me. :) Praise Jesus for that!

Anyway, I watched JD's update and thought it would be a great follow-up to the previous post. He is so tender, so understanding, and he really get's what it is like to be LONGING for Christ return.  He focuses on a co…

Encouragement for the Weary Watcher!

Encouragement.  Endurance. We all need it, thankfully we know who has it (Romans 15:5-6) Yet we are weary, testy at times, discouraged even. My hope is to help reverse some of those trends in this article.  I share a series of bible verses and share my thoughts between... and what really kicked this off was the following line in Gary's recent article which really touched me.....

"Still many are still eager and watching, but discouraged and weary as I am. We press on." 

That line has so much wrapped up in it.  I think about the prominent YT personalities who have made such a radical shift in thinking regarding the Rev12 Sign and prophecy in general.  I think comments I've recently read that  seem so quick to call out one another for any number of things, many lacking  adequate grace in my opinion.  I think we are all guilty of taking offense too quickly, judging to quickly, perhaps having short fuse. For me at home, I am so guilty of not checking the tone in which I s…

Paul Dawson on The Great Sign - Two Years Later

Those who wait on The Lord will not be ashamed....(Hab 2:3). Well, we are certainly waiting and how great is it to know that we will not be ashamed. In the end we will surely not be ashamed over even 1 second that we spent activily waiting for / longing for / dreaming about the Lords return. Paul Dawson has been one of the most steadfast and encouraging watchmen and I am happy to share his latest video. In it he breaks down what is happening in the heavens and analyzes numerous day count connections in relation to the Revelation 12 Sign.

Here is Pauls latest video (48 min):

Michael Bond also has a new very in depth article out regarding a few often misunderstood topics, mainly the nature of salvation and heavenly rewards. It is an extremely in depth and comprehensive study with help analogies and a plethora of scripture references throughout. While we wait it makes all the sense in the world to study His word and learn all we can about where we are headed! Below is the link and …

The Warning Cry of a Watchman

Some of you probably remember Ron (Watchman 35) who used to comment on here quite a bit before blogger screwed up his profile and locked him out. We have been in touch for at least a couple years now and I am constantly encouraged by his boldness and rational view on the end times. Ron shares the good news with people at work, and this mild mannered looking fellow regularly holds a sign on a busy street corner calling people to believe in Jesus before the rapture. Anyway, I like Ron a lot and think he has a lot of great things to share. Luckily for his church in Nashville Ron was given the pulpit for him to share on all things end times. In it he gives many valuable insights along with 7 key warnings signs of soon judgment.

I thought this sermon was very well done and encourage you all to watch it.  I wish every church would allow a talk like this... Lord knows that few pastors will touch on this things.  To make your viewing even easier I have included an outline below....  Enjo…

He Will Shake Us Up to Wake Us Up...

As most of you know, back to back major earthquakes hit California last Thursday and Friday.  Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, but from the articles I read people are pretty shook up.  Thank you to everyone who commented on this in the previous post, especially to those of you living in this area.  So thankful to hear that you are all safe!  Having been the strongest quake to hit the area in 20 years I can see how some people would be rattled.... Just look at this chart below:
Two big things caught my attention about these quakes....

1.  The earthquakes happened back to back in America, starting on July 4th, perhaps the most American of days of the year.  This reminds me someone of the sign sun on January 1st and does seem like a sign to America that our days are numbered.

2.  The fact that there were major EQ's in back to back days with an amazing number of after shocks (34,000 expected) reminds of the amazing convergence and increase in intensity, just as a pregnancy …

Paul is Home...

[More new updates below...]

Hello dear brothers and sisters. With a sad heart I share with you an email that I received his evening....
Brad, My name is Andrea. I am a part of the Revelation 12 family but don’t post as often as the others. It is with great heartache that I share with you what happened to our beloved Paul late yesterday. My sister and brother in law are pastors of a small church in Nashville, Tennessee and she is the one who contacted me just minutes ago with the tragic news. She is good friends with Scottie Clark and his wife Tabitha. Tabitha informed her of what happened and I had to share with you and the others. I wanted to tell you so you could post something to everyone if you feel lead to do so. I know they all loved him as much as I did and would want to know. He longed for the rapture and had such a love for our Lord and Savior! I know we will see him soon but it still hurts beyond words. I’m attaching the link from the local news there in Nashvil…

The Revelation 12 Sign Composite

Lu Vega recently posted a very detailed article breaking down how he see's the Revelation 12 Sign in retrospect, with all of the additional details that occurred in the heavens during the past few years.  He calls it his Revelation 12 Sign Composite.   As one of the first people to recognize the sign (or quite possibly the first) Lu's take on all this carry's a lot of weight.

As will all of his articles, Lu created a very detailed graphic to accompany it.  Here is just a snippet of the graphic to show you the level of detail.  Click Here to See Lu's Full Size Revelation 12 Sign Graphic.

As for the text of his post, I will share a few highlights, but I highly recommend reading the whole thing.  I will provide the link at the bottom of this post.  He touches on quite a few areas, and I think he would even admit that he wasn't able to include EVERYTHING that was found.

As was stated in the previous post, The Rev12 Sign changed the world in a million different ways for…

We Were Eyewitnesses!

Paul from the Zeus Mossbender channel is probably most known for his unique comedic style to his videos...but anyone who has watched him before knows that he almost always gets into some very hard hitting and SERIOUS eschatological insights by the midpoint of his videos. His latest is no different, and any of you who have been following the Rev 12 Sign for years are in for some major encouragement.

At about 35 minutes in he discuses the Great Sign and you can feel his conviction through the computer screen.  His passion for the great wonder that appeared in the sky above our heads is contagious and a great reminder of just how awesome it is to be alive in this day and age and see what we saw!

Here are a couple quotes from his video..
"Never did I dream that the books' 1st and 2nd verses from the 12th Chapter (Revelation) would change my life." and this...
"And I would stand toe to toe with anyone who would dispute that it (The Rev 12 Sign) changed the world."

A Covenant With Many?

Good afternoon my dear siblings in Christ... While we wait for Christ to return, and sort out when Pentecost actually is (sometimes it seems that God only knows these things) I thought I would share something I found very interesting.  There has been a potentially major development from Jerusalem that have some people thinking that they have found the covenant with many that will eventually be confirmed by the AC...and no it is not the Trump Deal of the Century.

It's actually called "Jerusalem Covenant" and has signatures from people ALL OVER THE WORLD. I think we should be on high alert for anything that looks like it could be what the Bible is talking about and not just assume that Trumps deal is 100% it. This Jerusalem covenant just could be in the running as well. What do you think?

Here is the video: (12 minutes)

Here is and excerpt and the link to the short article she mentions:

Prepping for Pentecost!

One of our awesome commenters (Watch and Seek, aka Eric) was kind enough to share a link by TW Tramm regarding the Pentecost Rapture Connection. As we now are clearly in the season of Pentecost, and now less than a week away from the presumed day, June 9th, it felt like the right time to share this info to help you prep for this upcoming appointed time... hopefully our appointment with Heaven!

Before I get to TW's post, I will just share a small nugget on why I personally think it could make sense that Jesus would/could/hopefully will return on Pentecost based on a very simple little pattern of logic. Here it goes:

We all know that Jesus's disciples received the Holy Spirt on Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4).  We also know that in the future "The Restrainer" must be taken out of the way for the major events of the Tribulation to proceed (2 Thes 2:6-7).  We also know that Daniels 70 weeks were seemingly 'paused' after the 69th week was fulfilled at the end of Christs 1s…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.