New Videos From Gary...

I know many of you follow Unsealed just a closely as this site, if not more, but I like sharing their work just in case someone misses it. Over the weekend Gary put out an excellent video detailing a possible timeline from the beginning of creation to now, laying out the Shmita cycles that point to a possible 2022 or even a 2023 Rapture. Yesterday he put put out a shorter addendum further clarifying a few thoughts and responding to some questions he received. Both videos our are below. Thank you Gary for the tireless commitment you have shown over the last several years, I know I speak for many of us when I say you are a huge inspiration and encouraging brother during these often difficult years of watching and waiting. Thanks again for your Christlike commitment to building us all up! God Bless you!   Abba Up! Here is the Addendum Video and Description (31 minutes)   This is an addendum to my last video addressing some of the excellent comments and questions that were raised.

Latest from Greg Lauer...

If you have been following this blog for a while you are well aware of how much respect I have for Greg Lauer and the matter of fact way he shares his insights on Bible prophecy. I still often think about the first article I ever read of his and I always look forward to seeing what the Lord lays on his heart to share. His latest is about a pattern in which centers on the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples, and how that lead to a time of judgement. As always, well worth your time! Thanks again Greg for another great post, and thank you wall for continuing on this journey along side the rest of us. Abba Up!! Here is an Excerpt: The Rapture is going to be an earth-shattering, supernatural event that will shake the world to its core, and make no mistake: If the Rapture were to occur on Tisha B'Av, it would shake Israel to its spiritual core. It would certainly set them thinking about what it all meant; and as they attempted to put the pieces together, I believe it would pl

Is A July 26th 2022 Pentecost Rapture Possible?

I have always found the idea of a Pentecost rapture being poetic and fitting. The idea being that since the church age was essentially started on Pentecost, and that caused a "pause" in the fulfillment of Daniels 70 weeks, it just makes sense that the clock would start up again on the same feast day that it was paused. So with so much attention being given to a possible July 26th Pentecost and potential rapture, I felt led to share this video and link by our Brother Phillip.  I honestly do not remember ever subscribing to his channel, but as I was browsing today I saw that I a subscriber and drawn to this video.   Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! Jesus is coming soon... I can't wait to meet him face to face!  Abba Up!   Here is a link to his website: Here is the link he discusses in the video:

Newest from Heavenly Perspectives...

My friend Michael from Heavenly Perspective Blog has put out a new article that I think is very timely with all that is happening in the Middle East right now... especially with a prominent US government official visiting Israel at the moment.   Michael breaks down what is going on and how history has shown what devastating impacts it could have on us here back at home.   Here is an excerpt and a link: Here is the excerpt: On July 13-15, 2022 Joe Biden will make his first visit to Israel as President of the United States. While he is there he will obviously meet with the Israeli leaders, but he's doing something else that is unprecedented as well. Biden will reportedly meet with Mahmoud Abbas who is the President of the Palestinian Authority and he will meet with them in the Palestinian area of control. No sitting U.S. President has ever traveled to Palestine. Now the meeting will be in Bethlehem, instead of Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority's seat of power, but still,

A Sign Out of Egypt?

I just had to share this video... I found this super interesting and have watched it several times... I would love to find the blog post he discusses, so if you find it please add it to the comments or email me and I will add it to the post. I agree with him, it would be extremely hard to doctor that much video. I am not there obviously, so I cannot verify... but like Stan, I tend to think it actually did happen! Please watcha and share your thoughts below!

The Gospel: Simple and Beautiful

The latest post over at But Thats Just Me highlighted a 30 minute video about the beauty and simplicity of the Gospel. I agree with the presenter in that he believes it is important to talk about and listen to people share the Gospel often so that we may never grow complacent or take for granted the AMAZING gift we received when we first believed.  Here is the video, I encourage you to take 30 minutes and listen to these life giving words from a fresh perspective!  I pray you are all doing well!  Abba up!!

Prophecy Pros Podcast

I want to take this post to let you know about a resource you may not be aware of... Todd Hampson and Jeff Kinley are two very solid pre-trib prophecy teachers and they have been putting out a podcast for a quite a while now. If you are cutting the lawn, taking a road trip, or just looking for something solid and full of truth and encouragement to enter your ears in this world of lies, I recommend listening to these guys!  God Bless you all... hoping to see you all soon at the sound of the long awaited trumpet call!  Here is a link to all of their episodes!

Update from George...

All, I wanted to share this update from George. He believes we now entered rapture window of time between now and the Feast of Trumpets. It doesn't sound like he is going to point out any specfic dates, but just saying that we have entered a very important window that hopefully leads to our rapture. This should give us much hope as the world around us inevitably descends into further chaos. God Bless you all!

The Return of the King

Hello Family... I just wanted to do a brief post pointing you back to the work that George at The Return of the King has been doing regarding an upcoming date he believes could very likely be related to the Rapture of the Church (June 15th). He has several videos our that lay out several reasons why he believes that June 15th could be the day. I for one sure hope he is right, but even if he isn't the hour is very close. We can see from all signs around us that the prophecies relating to the Tribulation are primed to be fulfilled, and many of these factors have a shelf life. So keep your radar up... if Georges calculations and interpretations are correct (and I really really hope they are), we could be meeting each other very soon in the presence of our Savior.  But even if he is not, do not be discouraged... Jesus is coming! Abba Up!   Here is a link to all of Georges Videos: George just put up a new video: (

Facing the Dragon - Lyn Melvin

With all the talk of the 2nd Sign in Rev 12 during that last post, our dear sister Lynn was lead to draw our attention back to on of the very first theorized potential fulfillments of that sign from way back when we began this journey.   The Planet X system is been discussed several times on these pages and I can still remember how shocking it was to see how Google Earth blacked out the portion of the sky in their online software.  You can see the image in this previous post on the subject. Even before last weeks somewhat disappointing Meteor Shower, Lynn was steadfast in her belief that this second sign would be unmistakable and the source of much destruction on Earth.  While my heart would break to see so much destruction (especially while we are still here) I also cannot imagine a better witnessing opportunity.  I pray that if Lynn, Hope and Stephanie are right that God would indeed grant us some ti

Tau Herculid Meteor Shower This Monday!

When it comes to Revelation 12, nothing catches my attention more at this point than a potential fulfillment of verses 3 and 4. The first sign was clearly fulfilled on 9-23-17... now we are just waiting for the second sign described in the next two verses, immediately followed by the Rapture in as described in Rev 12:5.  One of the most common theorized potential fulfillments of this sign is a future meteor shower coming from a part of the sky with constellations depicting a dragon.   And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. 4 His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. Revelation 12:3-4a We have had a few meter showers in the years since the Great Sign, but nothing has truly stood out a clear fulfillment of this other sign.  That is why I get excited when I see something coming that could be it especially a shower emanating from very near the tail of the dragon

Greg Lauer - It's Still The Cross

Like many of you, Greg Lauer is one of my favorite writers. He just so happens to focus on Bible prophecy, which is obviously a huge plus for someone like me! His latest article tackles a subject that is a balancing many of us face daily as last days Christ followers who are fairly up-to-date on world happenings. That is... How do you stand against the obvious injustice and outright deception that is being poured out daily by the powers that be, while similtaniously resting in the peace of Christ and the hope of our soon trip home? It is kinda feels like trying to kneel to pray while being blasted in the face by the winds of an F-3 tornado! Yes, God could surely protect us as we kneel there, but it seems like it would be better to pray while we are seeking shelter and hopfully helping others at the same time! So as these last days tick closer to The Day.... and the huge injustices grow to scales unimaginable just a few years ago, Greg tackles the subject and tells us how to h

Chariots of Fire - Latest from Gary

Gary has posted a fantastic and heart-poundingly article over at Unsealed that you need to check out if you haven't already. In it he gives a very concise update on the state of the world and potential for war in the Middle East that Israel seems to be preparing for. He also lays out a number of things (such as the cutting of the corner stones for the third temple) that all seem to point to the imminence of the Rapture and beginning of the tribulation. Gary is a gifted writer and has a great way of making complex things very easy to follow. At the end of the article he also theorizes on how the fulfillment of feast days could lay out if the rapture happened to take place in the springtime.  Thank you Gary for all you do brother! Abba Up!!  Here is an excerpt: The major issue at hand: the nuke talks have collapsed and Iran has essentially reached nuclear breakout capacity. Russia is no longer restraining its Islamic partner because of the burgeoning war in Europe and its fa

Planetary Parade - Return of the King

Our dear brother George from "The Return of the King" Youtube Channel just released his latest video, and like all his previous videos it has a heavy emphasis on the heavens and key bible passages.  This video starts off by showing us the rare planetary parade that is coming which has all of the planets on display from a single point of view adding emphasis to what he is showing us in the heavens.  From there he breaks down more evidence in good detail of what he believes tells the story of the rapture in the heavens coming this June.  Time will tell if he is right (I sure hope so), and I think it is important for us to be aware of the pictures God is painting using the heavens, and George is one of the best at breaking it down in an easy to follow manner.  Please check out his video,  it is just less than 20 minutes and packed with great visuals and information.   Thank you George!  Abba up!!

Summary from Keegan Fernandes

All, I would like to share a summary from Keegan Fernandes.  Keegan is a member of a group I am in that includes Gary, Jeff and others where we share articles and encouragement.   Here is what Keegan shared yesterday....  God Bless You ALL.  Jesus IS Coming!!   ALL THE SIGNS ARE POINTING TO A SPRING 2022 RAPTURE AND A FALL 2022 TRIBULATION! This already fractured world is on the threshold, one breath away from the Tribulation, and that should tell us that we are on the cusp of the Rapture! Is that, that will encompass the New World Order ready right NOW? YES RIGHT NOW!!!! The world is sooooooo ripe for the Antichrist!!! THE RIDER ON THE BLACK HORSE! Global famine is beginning and there will be no food by the end of the year, That's SEPTEMBER! Revelation 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. THE ONE WORLD CURRENCY! Evidence regardi

The Crucifixion of the King of Glory

As some of you may remember, Eric Metataxas is one of my favorite authors and Podcast Hosts. He consistently has great questions and is unafraid to go head on against a culture dead set on derailing all things sacred. Recently he had on a very interesting guest that has written one of the most fascinating books I have heard about it in a long time. Her name is Jeannie Constantinou, and she is an expert on ancient Christianity and provides some amazing insights on the crucifixion of Christ.  At one point Eric even says "If you're not fascinated, you're not paying attention." Dr Jeannie has endless Biblical nuggets that are pure gold and really amazed me and Eric the host. If you like digging deeper into into the Bible you will love this interview. And what better time to dig deeper into this topic than now as we approach Easter!   Video 1 Video 2

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Colossians 3:2-4

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1 Peter 2:9

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