Rev12 Family

Hello all, I felt called to create a page that facilitates our fellowship and personal connections that have been growing through what we share in our comments. Over the past several months many of us have gotten to know each other fairly well through the comments section.   All of you readers and commenters have really become the heart and soul of this blog... so if you are led please share your info and I will add you to the page (see instructions at bottom of this page).

Share as much or as little as you would like (and know that even if you just read or only comment rarely we would still be blessed by you sharing a bit about yourself). .  Thank you all who are a part of this site..I pray this resource will be very helpful for the readers of this site and help us all grow closer to Christ and each other...
not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.
Hebrews 10:25

Rev12 Family of Commenters
(In Alphabetical Order)

Alla D (Alla)
Dortmund, Germany

I'm married, 62 years old, have one adult son – my husband Alexander and my son Oleg (37), unmarried. I can’t say exactly, when the Lord came to me. I was atheistic, religion was banned in the Soviet Union. The Lord came to me probably when I was 30. There came messianic Jews, I became a tract with good explanation, I read it and understood the Gospel and prayed the salvation pray from my whole heart. And then I felt that the Lord listened and performed my prayers, although I couldn’t buy the Bible and read it. We came to Germany in the Fall 1993. And then I bought the Bible, read it, went to different churches, listened to a lot of deceit and delusion, and nowhere left. 11 years ago the Lord relieved me from confusion and frustration, and I prayed very much and studied the Bible very hard. It was a key moment. I lost a lot of friends because of my radical turn to the Lord, and now we study the Bible together with some women, and there are also some on mail and phone. All my relatives are unbelieving, and only my husband, son and father (87) are with me (as they say). They don’t study themselves, I give them daily Bible reading. I’m sure that the Great Sign was very real, and we all need to watch and to wait for the Lord. He comes very soon. Maranatha!

Archangel (Caroline)
Maryland, USA

God led me to and Rev12 shortly after my mother’s passing which devastated me and practically incapacitated me. I think I was just looking for something that meant I would see her soon and bam! This was 3 or 4 months before Sept 23, 2017. I had never come across such scholarly articles and in depth analysis of the Bible. I was hooked and then God directed me to Greg Lauer, Pastor JD Farag, watchfortheday and recently YT channels like Pastor Tim Henderson’s and Watchwoman65.

I live in Baltimore County and have worked for a major telecom company for almost 20 years. Before that I grew up on Long Island for 17 years and came back to Maryland in 1995. I was born in Washington DC. I have spent most of my life with my face in books. Favorite authors are Dickens, Hardy, Wolfe, Wharton, Steinbeck, Conrad and I was so homesick all those years in NY that I started reading Anne Tyler’s novels never ever suspecting that I would end up living in a townhouse about 20 minutes away from where she resides in Homeland. All her books are set in Roland Park in Baltimore.

I got saved at 15 on the brink of suicide. Then backslid until my late 30s when God shook me awake and I have been on fire for Him ever since. Started studying Bible prophecy in 2007. My favorite Pastor is Billy Crone and have journeyed with him through in depth teachings on Judaism, Islam, Buddhism,Hinduism, Christian Science, Jehovah Witnesses and Scientology. His series entitled “Charismatic Chaos” is amazing. He also did the most searing teaching on abortion. Seventh Day Adventist’s is next !

I have never been married and love animals. Several times have brought them home when found wandering homeless around my job and house.

I think it needs to be said that I do completely disagree with Pastor Crone’s interpretation of the Rev12 Great Sign. No one was setting a date. We were looking with great interest at the one time that the planets and constellation lined up exactly with the Rev12 Sign. And the fact that it occurred on a Jewish Feast Day. I think with all that’s happened since then, and a whole lot has happened since then, that you and Gary and Jeff, etc were proven to have been correct in your interpretation; that it was a sign to the Church and Israel that big happenings were going to occur and they have at breakneck speed. I know everybody can’t always agree 100% and it’s not a salvation issue, so I choose to overlook what I deem to be his misinterpretation of the Sign and concentrate on his other teachings which are really superb.

God bless you and your family and Rev12. I never found a church where I learned as much as I have since being blessed with Rev12 and Unsealed. You guys are great. I humbly thank you for adding my little crazy bio with all those Bereans.


ally pinnick (Ally)
California, USA

I am married with 5 children, 4 are young adults, one still living in the house with us is 16. 2 of my children are unsaved(If you could say a prayer)….I am very thankful for this site. My husband loves the Lord, but gets a little overwhelmed when I share too much prophetic events with him, and that's ok, he has a wonderful gift of naturally sharing the gospel with all kinds of random people. In my circle I have my sister who we frequently discuss current happenings. She is very busy as she owns a business (I actually work part-time for her). So I often alert her to stories of interest., and vice versa... We both believe the REV12 Sign is HUGE. A side note, my husband's birthday is 9/23 and also my sister's Labrador had pups born on 9/23/17, day of the sign, and she gave me one! :):):)Thank you so much for this website...such a blessing!

Brad (Brad)
Minnesota, USA 

I am just a guy who loves my Savior and felt called to start this site back in May of 2017. I don't put in nearly as many hours writing daily posts as I once did as we led up to the great sign, but now try to absorb what the many brilliant hearts and minds who gather on this site have to share. With a busy young family and full time job the cares of this life try to creep in to my heart, but I am so thankful and humbled to be made aware of the Rev12 Sign because the sky don't lie... I truly believe we saw an astronomical event with our own eyes described in the Bible just a few months ago.... and that means we are very very close to the Lords return. Having that on your mind daily tends to help keep things in their proper perspective. The other thing that helps is having so many people from around the world that saw the same thing and are in agreement.  The encouragement and prayers from each other has been so helpful for me... Thank you to everyone who reads this site, and thank you to everyone who shares and encourages in the comments section.

As for the site, the plan seems to be just keep putting up posts of relevant topics a couple times a week, to share info but more importantly provide a platform for the comments and fellowship until we are caught up!

Brent Lohrenz (Brent)
Wyoming, USA

I came to the Lord about eight years ago. Since accepting the Lord my marriage to my wife is stronger than ever. Though she doesn't put much credit into the Rev12 sign and endtimes as I do. I have two Children that are the spark of my life. A Wyoming native. I watched the Rev12 sign form over the top of the Bighorn Mountains, just south of the medicine wheel. I truely believe the Father is speeking loudly and I can't wait to meet all of you. I still screw up, but by grace the Lord is still working on me. Soon, very soon we will see his face; Oh happy day!

CY and Cry
Indiana, USA

My devoted and devout husband and I live in Indiana. We have two middle-aged sons, one near and one far. And three, nearly four, lively granddaughters who have introduced us to the other side of family dynamics.

We both turned seventy recently and have wondered for years if the ‘generation’ prediction would be significant for us as well as for the world at large. Looks very likely!

I enjoy writing and occasionally send two-minute meditations to my friends about everyday events that catch my attention as well as memories that resurface—always managing to work them into a parable or analogy or moral.

Just about two years ago, Psalm 27:5,6 turned bold right before my eyes and I haven’t looked back. Now looking forward eagerly to the fulfillment of His Promise to protect us from the hour of trial. And OH the Hebraic wedding traditions fit so perfectly with Messiah’s dropped hints, that I know a celebration is in the works. At the Father’s House!

This site feeds into the expectation in a most delightful way. Thanks all!

Donna N (Donna)
Central Alabama, USA

I was born and raised in central AL and lived here all my life with the exception of a 2 year period living in west Texas. I have been married to my husband since I was 18 he is self employed in the construction field and we have one daughter and she has 3 children, 2 teenage girls and a 3 year old boy. . We have just recently moved on some acreage so we could live beside our daughter and to have all our family growing up and growing old together along with enough land for everybody and critter to have room to run. . My career is in the medical field I have a BS in Nursing and I am currently blessed enough to have a desk-paper work job doing that.

I was saved at 21 years of age in an old fashioned evangelical southern Baptist church that took and understood the bible literally and did not try to take or add anything to that. Right after I was saved the elderly women of the church took me aside and explained to me a very basic outline of the book of Revelation. They wanted me to understand how Revelation would play out and what we were probably looking forward to in the future in my lifetime. That was in 1985. They as well as that preacher have gone on to heaven but for what that knew and understood then was pretty much the broad scope of what this family at Rev 12, unsealed and most pre tribbers believe today with the exception of course of what biblical prophecy that has taken place since then and especially in these last few years. That was probably what piqued my interest in eschatology but we know nothing is coincidence when G-D is involved and he knew I would Love biblical prophecy. Everyday and every breath is a true gift from the LORD and over the years I have not always walked as close as I should to our Savior but since about 2015 my eyes have really been open to YES this is it we really have reached the end of the line it's just a matter of hearing that Trumpet.

Gary (Gary)

Author over at Unsealed, follower of Christ, and avid student of Bible prophecy. My mission is to share the undiluted Gospel with as many as I possibly can before the clock strikes midnight and the trumpet sounds. Born into brokenness, legalism, and all sorts of family trauma, redeemed by God's grace, my entire life is a testimony to God's unfailing ability to redeem that which was lost. Currently married to another Christ follower, we have two beautiful children: a lively toddler son who loves Veggie Tales and "Moosey" his stuffed moose; and a baby girl who is all smiles and charm.

I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve and now consider myself, per God's word, a servant of Christ and a steward of the mysteries of God. My continual prayer is that God would effectively use me to spread His message far and wide. I believe my spiritual gift is discernment. I can't sing, I hate the limelight, and sometimes I studder, but I believe that the Spirit's work through me (His work, NOT mine) is to cut through untruth with a sword.

I pray that I will remain a humble donkey—He must increase and I must decrease. Unfortunately, my flesh often gets in the way with doubt, impatience, vanity, and lust, but as all Christ followers must do, I keep getting up after falling back down. Little by little, the LORD is softening rough edges and softening my heart. I pray I will continue to be of use to the LORD and that He will, through me, do greater things still. Maranatha.

Gods warrior (Jeramiah)
North Carolina, USA

40 years old from north Carolina , I got saved last summer and have followed Christ ever since , I grew up in and out of churches but always prayed to God as he was my imaginary friend I never know what being saved was but he slowly pushed me closer and closer to him and my eyes were finally opened to Jesus Salvation through faith in His finished work on the cross and will follow Him till the day He calls me home ! I have learned and gained so much in the little time that I have been saved and it is the greatest gift I could have ever taken to my heart and I love each and everyone in my family here ! I am divorced and probably wont ever marry again as I am married to Jesus amen and maranatha …

Jeff (Jeff)
Texas, USA

Hello, Rev12 family!

I currently reside in the great state of Texas, but I am originally from "Sweet Home" Alabama. My wife and I have been married for 8 years now, and we have 2 girls, ages 4 and 2 (Olivia and Maggie). I am a regular contributor to and work in a para-church ministry that does lay counseling and pastoral care.

I have enjoyed this fellowship, and I am grateful that the Lord put it on Brad's heart to create a site where we could get REVved-up together about the book of REVelation unfolding before our eyes! We're going home soon!

Jess R (Jessica)
Oregon, USA

Hi there, I’m married to an incredible man (Tom) also saved but not awake, we have 5 grown/young adult children. I excepted Christ Jesus as my Lord & savior when I was very young (grade school, I’m 43 now) & had also asked to be baptized soon after. I grew up attending a very small country Bible Church that preached/taught the Gospel in all of it’s absolute truth & glory from Genesis to Revelation. I’ve always loved/trusted/believed/felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I dealt with a lot of rebellion & stumbling in my walk starting in my teens. Fast forward a whole lotta years of that stumbling/rebellion to 2015 & I find myself facing a health crisis for several months with no answers from the professionals. God knew exactly what it would take to wake me up & bring me back to him...he shook me real hard! He led me on an incredible healing journey of body, mind & spirit, just he & I. I’m so thankful he put me through that fire, I’m so thankful for his grace & mercy in all of that & that he loves me as he does, he’s my world again & I can’t get enough of him! His wake up call also brought me to sites like this & Unsealed & the list goes on...and of course my eyes were opened completely to see exactly the time we are living in, I’m looking up everyday all day!!! I’m on this site & others every single day, I’ve never left any comments (I’m a chicken like that) but I read all articles & every single comment & I laugh/cry & pray with & for all of you. How blessed am I that God opened my eyes, my heart & called me to be a watchman in these last days! God is so very good & I cannot wait to be with him. Everyone here just fills my heart, thank you.

Jimboni (Jim)
Colorado, USA

I am a believer in Christ of just under 60 years of age with (4) young-uns now trailing behind me and ranging from 24 to 12 years, not so young anymore. Currently residing in Colorado, USA, near Denver. Raised Roman Catholic I went Evangelical as a teen and have been on and off the Reservation throughout my life, like many USA Christians seem to do. Over the past 10-15 years my walk with the Lord has grown tighter with Him; Parenting will do that for ya. The Great Wonder, last year, really amped up & clarified my focus, also as it did for so many. As many know from my posts, my attention and analysis has been in high gear since then although, honestly, I’ve been a bit of a tin-foil hat guy all along. My early ‘awakening’ into the deceptions of our world and the deeper things of Christ arose from my romance with Creationism and Answers in Genesis and such, at the beginning, for me, then discovered Chuck Missler’s work and so much more. My personal background includes an MA in Org Development specializing in Change Management and HR Management, I am Securities and Insurance licensed, I was invited back to teach at one of my Undergrad schools once I had gotten my MA, and did so, teaching at Colorado Christian University as an affiliate Prof for about 2.5 years while also working a full time gig and family and all else. I’ve owned and operated a few business along the way. The Lord has (finally) blessed me with a good daily job with a major media supplier and with a role where my expertise is valued and my work is rewarding. In fact, many of my Rev12 posts are composed at my office, which is OK with the Boss, which is wonderful, as I and our team are top performers, so we get some ‘perks’ with our time, yay! Lastly, I have formally studied, among various topics, Dreams and Visions Analysis from a Christian perspective in classes held by pastors who came out of the Kansas City moves of the Spirit a while ago (I know some of that was a bit ‘out there’ but the Spirit WAS working there, at that time, IMHO.) So, when I take apart various Signs, Visions, Dreams and such I do have a long background in such esoteric things, both formally and informally gained, and I love bringing that all to the job when looking at Kingdom things, along with a mind which Abba built to ‘see’ patterns and such where others may miss them, Maranatha! I deeply appreciate all the Watchers, personally known and unknown, your stand for His Kingdom, and am so looking forward to our fellowship and celebrations extending onwards FOREVER, MARANTHA!

Justin Hawks (Justin)
Virginia, USA

I teach Bible and Mathematics classes, middle school and high school level, at a local Christian school. Currently I'm 34 and single though I don't plan to stay that way (as God wills of course!). I love Southwest Virginia where I live and hiking the mountains here with friends is a favorite pastime. I'm also a bit of a movie nerd; the Lord of the Rings films are my favorite. My relationship with Jesus began at 7 when I responded to a simple gospel presentation from my mom. I grew up Southern Baptist and currently attend a more Pentecostal church; and I'm really big on unity within the body of Christ. I can trace my interest in Bible prophecy as far back as middle school, and it has reached a fever pitch leading up to the Revelation 12 sign and since. This Rev12Daily blog has played a big role in fueling my love for watching for our gathering together in the sky with Jesus!

Keith T (Keith)
Virginia, USA

I was saved over 41 years ago and have been faithfully serving Yeshua ever since. I've been married almost 38 years to my beautiful wife Jo and have a daughter Leslie (35 years old) and a son Keith, Jr. (30 years old). We live just outside of Washington, DC in Haymarket, VA. I've been an owner of an information security company and now work for Verizon managing large federal accounts and selling enterprise technology solutions to them.

I have served as an elder in a large church for over 20 years but have been so grieved that I seem to be the only who is looking for the rapture out of all the elders and pastors. I'm baffled at the blindness and slumber of the church. I have been so blessed to be a small part of this wonderful fellowship and have been strengthened and encouraged in so many ways. I look forward to meeting you all soon the air! Maranatha!

Maranath321... (Carole)
Quebec, Canada
Blessings to all! I hope you will understand correctly because I use Google translation. I live in Quebec, Canada and I speak French and a little bit English. I will soon be 58 years old. I have always been married for 40 years, I have 3 sons who were raised with the Bible, by the grace of God, and I am a grandmother of 7 grandchildren, who are 17 to 5 years old. My mother is still living and my father died almost 7 years ago. I was raised Catholic with almost no practice. My sons have not followed the Lord since they were adults but they let us pray when we eat together, or talk about God without disturbing too much. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Master in 1988 at 26 years old. It was by reading (3 times, in case God did not hear hihi), the prayer on the last page of the New Testament given by the Gideons that I had received from the teacher in Secondary IV. One day a believer came to ask me the question where I would go if I died and I knew instantly that it was in hell, until the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I was alone in my room, sitting on the edge of my bed, my husband was working and my sons were sleeping. God was already working in my life because I read the verses given "in case of need" in this little red New Testament, when we are sad or fearful or other emotions that we can live and I planted myself in my heart, the seed of sowing. 

Glory to God! I am so happy to be part of the family of God, the honor of being his child, and to have the greatest privilege, that Jesus is my King, my Savior and my husband! Carole
micah daniel (Micah)
Kansas, USA

I'm a husband and a father to a wonderful wife (Anne)and two children (Christian and Abby)that are a blessing to me everyday. My 75 year old mother (Bonnie)lives with us as well. I am a nurse by occupation. I am also a caregiver to my wife and mother. Anne has multiple neurological disorders and my mom is dealing with Dementia as well as sever balance issues. I trusted in the Lord as savior back in 2001 when I was 27yrs old. My family has also trusted in Christ as there savior. We are all waiting as patiently as we can for the Lord to come back and take us home.

Miguel P (Michael)
Missouri, USA

I grew up in church and committed to Christ when I was a child. I am now in my third decade of following Christ. Over the years, I gave in to my fleshly nature many times along the way but always kept my mind and heart on Christ. There are a few key verses and passages that helped form who I am. Here are some of them.

John 3:16
Proverbs 1:7
Psalms 51:17
Habakkuk 2:3
Philippians 4:6

In 2014, I began watching for the Lord as I saw the possibility related to the blood moons. I have a picture of at least one of them, which I took in Minneapolis, while traveling. I didn't know how to "watch" exactly, so after that, I got a little sleepy regarding the signs and birth pangs. Sometime in 2017 I began praying for wisdom regarding Christs return and the book of Revelation. I just felt an urging about it. On August 2017, I learned about and researched the solar eclipse and watched it and felt something awakening inside me, not really realizing it was an answer to my prayer. (I just didn't connect the dots, because I did not know that one of the ways God speaks is through using eclipses and planetary alignments.) On September 20, 2017, I pulled up YouTube as I was taking a break at work. The home page suggested a Robert Breaker video about September 23rd, and I noticed there were other videos discussing that date. I had not heard previously anything about that date and so was surprised, knowing it was only three days away. As I watched the video, I was awakened profoundly. I could see and hear the truth in recognizing the sign described in Revelation chapter 12. I immediately sent the video link to my sister, brother and mother. They all responded positively, as they have been watching/hoping for years. At the same time, I began taking inventory of the my life and giving it all to the Lord. My fire for the Lord which had dwindled over the years was rekindled.

Since September 20th, I have not stopped watching and enjoying the communities of Rev12daily website. I am particularly weak in my understanding of the prophetic aspects of the Bible, as well as history and politics. I lean heavily on other watchers regarding these things. I am very naturally a mediator and analytical and emotionally passionate with a strong science background. Typically my comments fall into these categories.

Much love in Christ our Lord and Savior,
Michael (Miguel P)

Roger Sings (Roger)
North Carolina, USA

My wife, Juliana, and I met through a comment I made on this Revelation 12 Daily web site in August of 2017. I was watching the Revelation 12 sign in North Carolina and my future bride was watching in Florida. We started emailing one another and discovered that we shared a passion for God’s word and a love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so we decided to get married on September 19, 2017 in Savanna Georgia. We secretly eloped and had a beautiful private ceremony and then waited for the Lord to take us on a “rapture” Honeymoon.

I thought you would appreciate this bride and groom story as we, the Bride wait for Christ, our Groom. Here’s a song I wrote about our adventure:

Happy To Go, Happy to Stay

Chorus: We’re happy to go, We’re happy to stay We’re happy to live a life by God’s way We’re happy to watch and happy to pray But happier still if we knew the day

On September 23rd I heeded the sign And went to Savanna to marry my bride We sat on a park bench under a tree And waiting for the Lord to come rapture me

We waited a week and then 40 days We waited for the new Year, hip hip hooray We waited on a Blue Blood moon in the sky Then waited for the Passover lamb to rise

We waited on Israel, at Her Jubilee Then waited when Jerusalem was our embassy We waited on Pentecost for the Church to ascend But it just didn’t happen, so we waited again

We waited nine months since the baby was due Then we waited on a Shavuot that Enoch once knew We waited on the 9th of Av for that day And we’re still waiting for that Trump to play!

We’re here, till we hear!

We’re not crazy, we’re praisey!


Sheila B (Sheila)
Rural Central Texas, USA

Hi All! I’ve been married to my hardworking husband Billy for 37 yrs and help him out in his construction business these days. We have 2 adult daughters (Shelly and Ciji) and 1 young grandson (Jayden Ray) who is a precious light in all of our lives. After living with Billy in the Florida Panhandle for 30 yrs, we moved back here to my home 6 yrs ago to live on family land shared with my sisters and brothers since 1976. I was blessed to be called into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at age 40 and He’s been the center of my life for almost 22 yrs now. I knew my calling was to study and understand His prophetic Word and poured myself into it. I avoided social media like the plague until Jan. 2017 when I began to notice oddities in our skies. With nowhere else to go, a new iPhone in hand and everyone else thinking I was losing it, I started searching the web and found out I was not alone. I came across Scottie Clark and many others which, Praise God, ultimately led me to Rev12daily and it’s been one amazing journey with all of you ever since. Can’t wait to spend eternity getting to personally know you all at the feet of our precious Savior. Maranatha!

Sherry Griffin (Sherry)
North Texas, USA

Hello to all my Brothers and Sisters whom and I love dearly and pray for continually. My husband and I live in North Texas. We sold our Oil & Gas Securities firm and production when he retired 22 years ago and I became a Mortgage Broker and now a Realtor. After many years in the military, insurance and securities industry before Oil & Gas it seems I’ve “been there and done that”. Our Precious Abba Father woke me up from my far too lackadaisical Christian walk 5 years ago. Since that time, I’ve devoted most of my time to studying the word and writing. He’s called me to write about His Word, His Nature and His Character so I simply began to write. I now see there are actually 4 books within what he’s given me, so pray for me that I’ll present His Word correctly. The first third of one book, Through the Eyes of a Child is on my Blog - HeavensLibrary.Online. It’s nothing less than the amazing Grace shown to a child, then to a rebellious, heartbroken teen and finally to a beloved child of the King walking through the ongoing, never-ending process of sanctification at the hand of the Master.

One of the projects I’m in the midst of writing now is a Bible Study on Revelation. A small group of ladies meet here at my home on Thursday evenings and we work to understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ by using His summary given to John on Patmos and tying the threads of both Old and New Testaments to flesh out the story He wants us to see. It has been challenging, amazing and truly humbling to see what His Spirit has to show us if we’ll simply stop and set aside our pre-conceived ideas and listen.

I share the same frustrations many of you do in witnessing to others. I get many of those same eye roll, here we go again, looks from our 3 grown children and their families, but we soldier on. My burden is very much for the “church” - those, like me, who have been a part of organized religion all our life, yet never truly had an understanding of how all of scripture is connected and “what it all means”. My eye opener was the question from a Messianic Jewish Rabbi who was a client and has become a dear friend. He commented to me, “You know Jesus is coming back very soon.” My knee jerk Christianese response was an instantaneous, “No man knows the day nor the hour.” He laughed sweetly and asked, “Do you know what that means?” I replied, I’m pretty sure it means, “No man knows the day nor the hour.” He said, “Are you aware there is a Feast of the Lord the Jewish community knows as, 'No Man Knows the Day nor the Hour’” I was floored, then curious, then in denial about how little I knew and finally broken hearted for how little I, and those like me, truly know about our Savior . . . and the journey began!

The Great Sign of Rev 12 was very real, The Watchmen are correct and Jesus is returning soon and very soon for His Bride. We do not know if the next occurrence will be another Signpost or the Event, but we do know the signs are appearing more frequently and with seemingly greater intensity. I learn every day from my Brothers and Sisters at Rev12Blogspot, from Unsealed, from the skies, from the birds and trees because now I am listening . . . and that is what Holy Spirit wants . . . a listening heart longing for Jesus!

Warm Hugs and Blessings to All - Sherry

Shelley Bretzmann (Shelleyb)
Greendale (Milwaukee) WI, USA

I will turn 63 shortly before Thanksgiving (2018) and every year I pray it will be my last birthday. Who knows? Maybe we will go Home before I see this one. Ever hopeful! I have been earnestly watching for the Lord ever since I heard there was such a thing as a rapture - about 23 years ago. I grew up in a UCC church and (unsurprisingly) never heard/understood the gospel as something personal. But I do remember falling in love with Jesus the first time I heard the song “Jesus Loves Me” at Vacation Bible School and I thank God for that. It wasn’t until my father died - I was 39 years old - that I heard the gospel message at an Amway meeting (hey, God works through all kinds of means and methods :o) and understood what it really meant for me, personally.

I have had a difficult road in all sorts of ways, but there have also been so many blessings, the biggest being our two sons. After that came the two godly wives I prayed for, and after that, this past August/September, the two grandchildren I prayed for - 8 days apart! They are in the area and we will be babysitting each baby one day a week - starting next week for our grandson. Our sons and their wives are saved and well aware I’m a “rapture freak.” Our oldest son says he is ready to go anytime, but is not “watching." The other son doesn’t want to discuss it at all. I have been married to my husband, Jeff, for 36 years. I believe he is saved and we attend a doctrinally sound church on Sundays, but he is not interested in reading his Bible and has not wanted to discuss the rapture much since the Great Sign didn’t equate to the event. I care for my 92 year old mom who is also saved and, thankfully, as well cared for as can be expected in this day and age, in an assisted living center nearby.

I thank God for my trials as, I believe it has drawn me into a relationship with Him that I sense very few around me have. I see this closeness to the Lord in the comments of those on this site and am so thankful for being able to come here and read and learn from all of them. I seldom comment due to lack of time, lack of tech ability, being a slow reader (things are moving so fast now), etc. But, please, “lurker” is such a crazy sounding word. I like to think “Silent Traveling Companion” or IDK, “Silent Prayer Partner,” or something like that is more descriptive of those of us who love you all as brothers and sisters and long to talk with you face to face in the presence of our beautiful Lord and Savior one day soon. We’re almost there. Hallelujah and Maranatha!

Shiloah (   -   )

Greetings starry family!
I am another one whose eyes have been on the skies, since I called out to "them", to please "come and take me Home", at the age of four! I have been longing to go Home, ever since, Lol!

I am a widow of two years, and live alone now, in a village outside of the City of Ottawa, Canada.
Apart from soaking in the verses of the old hymns, around 7, when my parents went occasionally to the local Church, I did not know Jesus personally until one amazing night in 1997, He called me out of years of spiritual pursuit (desperately looking for Truth, after my soul was crushed in my early 20's), in the form of esoteric teachings of the "far east", philosophies, Anthroposophy, and Astrology, aka the "New Age".

The Lord "stilled" me (all else around me fell away), and said my name, and lovingly said: "It is time to come Home now". I was stunned, and thrilled - for I knew instantly in my spirit Who it was who was speaking to me!!! And I understood there was more to happen first. I was sure to discover what that would mean!!!

I have an adult son who loves the Lord, and an adult daughter, and her whole family, who, adamantly, do not!!! My son lives in another Province, and we are now online a lot!
Since I had led a study group on prophecy a number of years ago, out west in Victoria, BC (where I lived for many years), my deceased husband's brother has just asked me to prepare a similar study for a home group that he is gathering together in Vancouver!

I am incredibly grateful for this family at Rev 12, and am humbled that the Lord has led me here.

Sylvia Winterburn (Sylvia)
New Zealand

Hi, I am a nearly 74 year old woman in New Zealand with a non believing husband, three children of whom 1 is a strong believer, 1 believes in Jesus, and 1 who has turned away. I have eight grandchildren, 3 of whom are strong believers, 2 are ho hum believers and 3 couldn't care less. My husband gets a glazed expression on his face whenever I try to tell him anything at all about God, Jesus or what is happening now in the end times. Its hard not being able to discuss things at home so I am very glad I have a good church and bible study where we can talk about what is happening now. I would be very grateful for any prayers you could pray for my hubby and family, but at the moment I have passed them over to the Lord. Nothing I have done or can do is helping, so its up to the Lord now. May God bless you all and keep looking up, its happening soon.

Through and Through (Ryan)
New Zealand

Hubby to the amazing KT, with 3 awesome kids, my life as a dad has plenty of 'joy through suffering' etc, which takes up the bulk of my time. I have been a follower of Jesus for 35 years now, and grew up in the Brethren church, with my movements around NZ leading me to plenty of pentecostal churches where I have learned about good, Godly and extremely problematic leadership! Theologically, when I haven't been basking in a repeat Chuck Missler teaching, I have been learning from the wonderful Arnold Fructenbaum, and reading expositions from the late and great A.W. Pink. The majority of my day-to-day work is in government, teaching agricultural programmes to our many visitors to NZ. I love that we can agree to disagree on this site, and still deeply love each other (spoken very genuinely...). Ryan

VeeBee (Veronica)
Southern California, USA

I live with my husband in Southern California , kids are young adults and now there is a tribe of grandbabies. Raised in the Catholic church and while attending a Christian College learned about Jesus , my Savior. I work in the healthcare industry. In 2002, tthe Lord prompted me to keep my eyes forward on the rapture. There has never been a time such as this time in history. My prayer is for boldness and courage among the saints of God to preach the gospel message with love and fervency What a glorious day that will be to sit before our Saviour with fellow Saints and lay down our crowns before his feet. Maranatha

To have your info added please email it to me at or post it below and I will move it up!


  1. Hey Brad would it be possible to add to an existing bio. I have found out in the last month that my daughter is not saved and has been caught up in sin. She has told her friends that she is atheist and will not bend her knee to the Lord. There is a lot of other things but I just don't want to air out my daughter's dirty laundry for everyone to read. Some of what she has been involved in and is considering would be considered gross sin. We are currently praying and looking into possibly sending her to Teen Challenge or something similar. I would appreciate people's prayers. Looking forward to the Lords return but also feel very torn. TY for everything you are doing here. It is always so encouraging.

  2. Brad, Marantha 321 attempting to connect with you .... See last comment on blog .Lord bless you!


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Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

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