This resources page will be continually updated with relevant information about the Revelation 12 Sign. The idea is to place as much relevant info here so it is easy to find on short notice. 

Here are the key pages for this site:
Home Page - List of Most Current Blog Posts
The Gospel - This is the most important page on this entire site.  All this other info is pointless without it.
Revelation 12 Sign - Basic Description of the Revelation 12 Sign happening on September 23, 2017
Archive - List of every article listed on this page since it began back in May.  A good place to catch up if you are new.
Debunking the Debunkers - A ongoing list of debunking attempts with definitive rebuttals for each.
Key Videos - A selection of short and long videos describing the sign in various ways and detail.
Revelation 12 Daily Facebook Page - Follow or like for additional info and comments daily.
Revelation 12 Daily Google Drive - Various downloads for sharing or reading.

23 Articles You Can't Miss This is a good place to catch up if you are new.
"Stars and Constellations" In The Bible - Extensive List of Relevant Stars and Constellation Bible Verses.
"Woman in Labor" In The Bible - Extensive List of Relevant Woman in Labor Bible Verses.

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Key Websites and YouTube Channels

  • Scott Clarke - YouTube
  • Scott Clarke - ERF Ministries
  • Daniel Matson - Watch for the Day
  • - Rev12 Sign Page
  • - Main Page
  • Daily Crow - Rev 12 Page
  • Red Moon Rapture
  • Adam Fink - YouTube
  • God's Roadmap to the End
  • Luis Vega - Eschatology Studies
  • JD Faraq - Prophecy Updates
  • Zeus Mossbender - YouTube
  • The Call of the Bride - Website
  • Unsealed Discussion Boards
  • Heavenly Sign 2017 - YouTube
  • JD Farag PDF and MP3 Google Drive
  • Most Popular Posts on This Site 

    1. Micah 5 Timeline - This is Huge!
    2. "Woman in Labor" In The Bible
    3. "Stars and Constellations" In The Bible
    4. Strong's Concordance Pointing to Harpazo in 2017?
    5. New Revelation 12 Sign Resource!
    6. NASA Does Ultrasound on 'Baby' Jupiter
    7. Response to Dr Michael Heiser and Rev12
    8. It's not Astrology! - Omega Letter Debunking Response
    9. Thank You Pete Garcia from The Omega Letter!
    10. Proof of the Rapture in Revelation 12
    11. Revelation 12, The Exit Sign and Imminence
    12. Secular Investigation into Virgo Cover-Up
    13. Clothed In The Sun
    14. Attempted Debunking by Answers in Genesis
    15. Scott Clarke Reverses the "Day nor Hour" Argument

    Key PDF Files of Academic Papers
    What Child Is This? - Dr Michael Svigel  (Must Read!)
    The Apocalypse of John and The Rapture of the Church: A Reevaluation - Dr Michael Svigel
    Rapture Revisited PowerPoint Slides - Dr Michael Svigel

    Key PDF Files of Books
    Gods Roadmap to the End - Jaco Prinsloo
    The Witness of the Stars - E.W. Bullinger
    Revelation 12 Summary - Alan Rennick (34 pages)

    Relevant Links and Articles

  • Greg Lauer - The Sky Don't Lie
  • 23 Verses About a Woman in Labor
  • Dr Michael Svigel - Rev 12 / Pre-Trib Interview
  • Catholic Website Discussing the Sign
  • John Bell's Breakdown on This Unique Sign
  • Five Doves Posting by John B - Dec '16
  • | Full list of Rev 12 Articles
  • The Sign of the Son - Steve Coeper
  • AV Rauf - Revelation 12 and The Year 2017
  • Total Eclipse of 2017
  • Planet 9 Info
  • Great Pyramid Sept 2017 Connection
  • Christianity Today Article about the Cosmos
  • Why the sky is dark at night
  • The Big One is Coming - USA Today
  • US Navy Observatory - Eclipse Info
  • The Sky Live - 3D Solar System Simulator
  • Newer Links and Articles 

  • Divine Message of the August Eclipse
  • Wikipedia Page - Revelation 12 Sign
  • The Exit Sign (Imminence) - Greg Lauer
  • Comparing 2017 with 1988 -
  • Daniel Matson - Sun Down at Noon (Amos 8)
  • Stars and Constellations in the Bible
  •  What is the Revelation 12 Sign Saying? - Daily Crow
  • Who Is The Male Child In Revelation 12:5?
  • Revelation 12 Sign? Christ the Rock
  • Part II: Naysayers Regarding Revelation 12:1-2 and the Fact of the Matter
  • The Sign Documentary (Seen on DirecTV / AT&T)
  • Additional Graphics (Share and Download Freely - No Credit Needed)


    1. I have just watched an interesting Youtube video posted by Shane Nelson - "The Secondary Signs of Rev 12 AFTER Sept 23, 2017" -- Has anyone seen this, reviewed the relevant scriptures in support of his theory, or debunked? I do not see his work in your list of resources, so I would not want to be misled.

      1. This video has some interesting info regarding Rev 14 connecting to the messengers of the 3 planets... There is some meat here...but many bones as well that must not be consumed. Be cautious as Shane does not believe there is a rapture.... in his words "the rapture is a fairly tale."

      2. Thank you, Brad -- Yes, I agree with your assessment regarding the three messengers and appreciate your analogy (meat and bones)... Shane may just need some guidance (how many times has Scottie Clarke issued that?)... and the hope would be that he is onto something! Perhaps someone smarter than I can determine whether or not the secondary signs have legs (or wings). Again, thanks for your feedback, I was hoping someone would take the time to check it out :) Catherine

    2. Luis Vega posted at The Five Doves last posting about the Solar System alignment of the moment of Rev 12 being at the heart of the movie The Da Vinci code. Yes THE Luis Vega in the style only he can do lays out an aspect of the Rev 12 sign as being co opted by some in certain corners in 2006! Loooong before coming to top of mind in BoC. Hmmmmmm. Meanwhile, even though this was LUIS VEGA, and his message is VERY disturbing, in every other blog, YouTube, website: chirp, chirp, ...


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