Thank You Pete Garcia from The Omega Letter!

Yes!  We have another viewpoint being shared on the popular Omega Letter Website.  This was done by the well-respected, often shared, Pete Garcia in response to the unfair piece by J.L. Robb.  It is very fair, balanced and rational and should hopefully open some eyes of the skeptics.  We will see if the same people who shared Robb's unfair article will in turn share this very fair one as well...  Most likely not, but that shouldn't keep us from saying..."Thank you Lord!" Below are some of my favorite excerpts:
And if we are really being honest with ourselves, we would realize that 99% of the world thinks we Christians are already crazy for even believing in the Bible in the first place, and to an even greater degree, the Rapture. Why then are many respected prophecy teachers, experts, commentators, and pastors so quick to form a circular firing squad on our own at the first whisper of something they don’t understand?
And this...
For my sense of well-being, if men like John Darby and H.A. Ironside could hold this view, and I have tremendous respect for their biblical knowledge and understanding, why is it so difficult for others to do the same? Is it because chapter 12 is nestled snuggly in the middle of chapters 6-19, for which many Pre-Tribulation scholars, pastors, and even I, had cordoned off as “tribulation territory?”
And this gem of a point in the Conclusion...
Have many within the Watcher community (become) guilty of becoming the very things we so often rail against? Are we becoming like the skeptics and mockers out there who ridicule everything they don’t understand?
Please read, share, and give thanks to the Father for this wonderful article!!!


  1. Great article from Pete. Very encouraging.

    1. This is huge as so many of the big Bible Prophecy teachers have often shared Pete's work with their followers....including Jan Markell, a repeat skeptic of the sign. This article could produce much fruit, especially if it causes one or two of those big names to take a second look with now open eyes.

    2. Yes! I didn't even consider that Jan regularly links to Pete's articles on her "Headlines" page. I've been reading Pete's stuff for a while now, and I was glad to see the latest from him today.

  2. Pete did a fantastic job here. I also love reading Gary and Brad. Small group, big thinkers!

    1. Thanks Scott! Better yet: Small group.... Big GOD! : )

  3. Studying and watching this with you guys feels like the Fellowship of the Ring or something. I'll be Merry or Pippin.

  4. 2 Peter 3:3-4... Mockers shall come with there mocking saying where is the promise of his coming...

    Quote from below. The moral of this story: The world will never end, and there will never be another “High Fidelity.”

    1. Wow, scoffing to a whole new journalistic level. :(

    2. Poor guy. So much he clings to this world. A dentist's appointment and an Agatha Christies play... that's all he's concerned about now. What a pity.

      Just yesterday, I came across a quote of a non-christian former US psychologist Wayne Dyer which I liked: THE HIGHEST FORM OF IGNORANCE IS WHEN YOU REJECT SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT.

      Even according to their own standards, the mockers fail. ;-)

    3. Ah yes, I shared that exact quote with some friends because it seemed straight out of 2 Peter 3.

  5. Yes, this community of Rev 12 fanatics (haha), Ive never come across such an amazing bunch of down to earth, rational, passionate, watching, seeking, loveable and beautifuly humble people.
    So thankful for you all and the way in which our precious Heavenly Father has called each of you!

    1. I've watched some German presentation and sermon on YouTube, we were called "freaks" LOL :D

    2. God is with us. I have been so blessed by all of you guys!

  6. Dear brethren, with regards to this refreshing truth-seeking and God-glorifying article of Pete Garcia that gives a pretty sharp contrast to the debunking one of JL Robb we read before I would like to share some thoughts on this huge difference of speech and arguments with you (even on the same OL website!) that bothered me now for a while. Inspired from an online conversation with a sister about the question if there are "SAVED MOCKERS" (i.e. true Christian brethren among the debunkers). I want to show by scripture that there AREN'T. This might be hard speech but please ponder with me and prove it yourself.

    1.) If we first of all think about what Rev12-sign means to GOD then we might get an idea of how serious He is about it. This is not just 'some more constellation in heaven', this is the most broadly depicted celestial sign in the bible that deals with Gods firstborn beloved and anointed Son Jesus Christ and His bride, the beautiful church. This cannot be just overlooked. Let this sink in for a minute if you get what this means to GOD! And now think about it how HE FEELS if these two topics are MOCKED: Jesus Christ king of kings and His own body and bride the church which He has purchased with His own blood on the cross. And then this being topped by mockery right out of the church body - I like to think things to the very end, and if I think about this I'd call it even BLASPHEMY. This is the UNFORGIVABLE SIN.

    2.) Regarding the persons described in MATTHEW 24,48-51 please note that they are described as professing Christians i.e. "servants" of God, but evil ones. Those are not part of the world but of the tares inside the church. Now what do they do? They should feed the flock i.e. as pastors or teachers but they a) "beat the fellowservants" i.e. behave unlovingly according to 2 Timothy 3,2-5 and if corrected (by some other true brethren like the watchers here) they will not prove the evidence given nor even repent their errors or false teachings but will continue to mock and b) "eat and drink with the drunken" i. e. look for more excuses to strengthen their position and seek for like-minded people who are mockers themselves. The Greek word for "drunken" (G3184 methuoo) can also mean somebody being 'bloodthirsty for murder' which is true given the fact that the great spiritual murderer Satan is their father. Their hearts are filled with pride and thus will not turn to God to understand point no. 1.) and give Him all the glory. If they are big name bible teachers in the church, they will rather react like the pharisees in John 9,34.

    3.) There are ignorant carnal Christians and immature baby brethren as well, but they make a huge difference here. They are perhaps not as enthusiastic as we are here with Brad and seem to be sleepy about Rev12 but they would just not mock it; and if they do, will either concede a limited measure of faith and understanding and repent if convicted by the Holy Spirit - or they would just be concerned with other tasks in their personal growth that are not as much part of Rev12-sign today. My own grown-up son is one of them and he lacks spiritual growth due to several hard years of rebellion in his adolescence. But never would he mock Jesus or the rapture (or his mother now telling him about this celestial sign and coming events LOL). I myself was ignorant about it only some months ago (!!) and first sceptical too; but I always prove scriptures and came even to a stronger conviction regarding rapture date in 2017 as some brethren (like Pete Garcia here). I even DID quit my job - although this was Gods will before showing me Rev12-Sign and I'm not behaving financially risky now :D - as I am now so sure of it what God shows us. // TBC part 2

    1. //TBC part 2 “Saved Mockers”

      To come to a scriptural conclusion, I want to stress that this group of people in church are IN GODS EYES thus completely dishonoring Jesus Christ and His body, misleading the flock, ignoring the conviction of the Holy Spirit and bringing dispute and confusion among the sheep. Furthermore, they often think they are doing God a favour with this. Who is described in the bible to behave this way? Hypocrites, pharisees and scribes. WOE to them, says Jesus! (Matthew 18,6-7) They are those ‘false Jews’ out of the synagogue of Satan who Jesus will make bow before the church of Philadelphia (Revelation 3,9). Matthew 24,51 clearly describes their destination i.e. hell, they are never saved nor will be. ALL MOCKERS OF CHRIST ARE UNSAVED (Matthew 27,39.41.44 = all different groups from world or church!). There is NO ONE among them that is actually saved and THIS IS HOW WE KNOW them, they expose themselves by doing so (1 John 2,19).

      Some people seem to be so much more devout and pious than we are in so much of holiness and personal walk with Christ but in the end they will have to SHOW THEIR TRUE FACE. Revelation12-sign in my opinion is probably “the” endtimes water divide parting the sheep from the goats just before the rapture happens. That is the reason why reactions of debunkers are so vehement. Deep within they know they will be left behind as they’re only acting religiously. You can only understand this blank refusal if looking at it spiritually in the light of 1 Corinthians 2,14 and you will know the kind of spirit that really dwells in them. Sadly, there are for sure even some that you thought to be ‘good friends’ and ‘true brethren’ in Christ, you know them for years or decades even and you don’t want to put them together with the hypocrites and bundled and burnt with the tares. But they mock - GOD! And they won’t stop. Hard speech, but they’re NOT SAVED. Gods word doesn’t leave any margin here.

      Thank you for reading all this but it had to come out now. If anyone feels blessed by it, I will be very much pleased and want to give all glory to God for revealing me His word even if it hurts. Please feel free to share or use scripture and arguments for further study. Much love, MARANATHA!

    2. While my earlier replies around this were not quite so cutting to the bone of things as this one is, still I must concur. As I posted here and elsewhere, 1 Corinthians sums it up nicely: "The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit." (1 Cor 2:14, NIV) Ponder on this in light of the mockers: "considers them FOOLISHNESS and CAN NOT understand them as they are discerned ONLY through the Spirit." Sound familiar recently?

      Along the lines of truly KNOWING a tree by its fruit, and the fruit of these mockers being so clear, your rebuke and capture of the foundational dynamic is beyond debate, unfortunately. In light that it ALL comes down to our personal relationship with the Lord, and that these mockers clearly have agenda other than that, once again, your points ring clear and terrifying for those so rebuked. -- Jimboni

    3. Biblical truth, you say?


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