Can the Church at least be cautious? | Daniel Matson

Why is the Church ignoring the Rev12 Sign, or worse yet actively telling people to shut their eyes and ears?  Aren't we supposed to be watching?  Where is the disconnect here?  We know there is a spiritual battle going on, and there are lots of Bible Verses being tossed around, but what is THE TRUTH?

Daniel Matson shares his thoughts on this dynamic and some relevant, yet often ignored Bible verses that should cause the church to at least give this sign some thought.   The word is getting out, but imagine if there wasn't active opposition to this information from within our own ranks...

Here is an excerpt and a link to the article:
So then, where is the caution? Why does the sign have to be dismissed with such carelessness? Would it not behoove us to pay attention to what looks to be the change of the ages? If this is not the Great Sign, then what is it? No one has been able to offer any other explanation other than this is not it. If it isn’t, what is the correct interpretation? What other thing shall we be looking for, if this is not it? I have seen nothing else offered.


  1. Thank you for this article, Brad! Be blessed my brother Daniel! Hebrews 10,25 is as well a huge clue for me:

    ...AS YOU SEE THE DAY APPROACHING!! The Greek verb for "seeing" is 'blepo' which literally means 'seeing (with the bodily eye), (sensual) perceiving / taking heed, discerning, discovering (by knowledge), knowing (by experience)' in the first place. So it indeed means SEEING not in a figurative but very literal sense. The figurative or metaphorical meaning of 'contemplating / examining' comes second only, geographical 'viewing / facing' third (= Strong-Lite G991).

    There are several other terms and expressions in NT Greek used for e.g. rather casual or passive viewing, staring at sth, looking from a distance or be a spectator of sth and so on, there is much of variety in Greek here (eido, horao, theoreo, theaomai, skopeo, optanomai). The word 'blepo' means active, voluntary examination with the natural eye, combined with understanding and knowledge (as far as I do understand the difference in Greek that I have not studied but only take from BDB / Strong Numbers Definition of my bible app on the smartphone ;-)).

    Note this if pondering Hebrews 10,25 again with regards to the LITERAL SEEING of Rev12-sign in September 2017 and THE "day" (with the article means a special day or event!) this verse talks of which must be of course the "Day of the LORD" directly following our rapture this heavenly sign points to. YOU ARE ASKED TO SEE IT, NOT TO MISS IT!

    When Daniel writes "what other thing shall we be looking for if this is NOT it?" there come two of scriptures into my mind: John 14,2 b) Jesus telling to notify us if 'it was NOT so' (and if He didnt yet, when should He do so then?
    After the sign occurred in September?) and the evidence of ALL convergence of endtimes signs given with regards to our possible question like the one of John the Baptist in Matthew 11,3. I don't think we should expect another Messiah to come as we are waiting for the real one, our Saviour, LORD and God! MARANATHA

    1. I love the idea of using our eyes to SEE it approaching as in Heb 10:25. Not just spiritual eyes... Our physical eyes! LOOK. WATCH. SEE. There are all visual terms. It makes sense that the sign is visual. It also makes sense that most people who aren't watching would miss it....why else would Rev 3:3 be phrased the way it is? The sign is obvious to us, but at the same time subtle to the world. We should not be discouraged just because this sign falls outside the comfort zone of many prominent teachers. There personal limits and unwillingness to study something new should have no bearing out what we do or believe to be true. I honestly believe that any Spirit Led, Indwelt, in love with Jesus, Christian brother or sister who has seen all that we have seen would too take notice as well. The scoffers may think we are radical, but we are just CHRISTIANS who are seeing something amazing with our own two eyes!! Excellent thoughts Annabel! Thank you!

  2. So many layers to this Phenom of Rev 12, et al, and the response of the Body, itself, is an important and paradoxical one. On one hand we are called to the Authority of having TWO or more witnesses to affirm the Truth, the power of believers being of one mind, and such, and on the other we see the religious leaders and their followers, or the mobs, themselves, as fertile grounds for concern, "Give us Barabas!" Those of us seeking Truth in all of this must also weigh this piece of the puzzle fairly, as well, and I encountered a good teaching on this posted yesterday in informedchristians YouTube's Channel and his last Radar Update (

    In short, this time is like unto when Moses was up on the mountain, for 30 days, intervening with G-d for the People and receiving the Commandments, while Aaron and the people, IN PLAIN SIGHT OF THE CLOUD OF G-D ON THE MOUNTAINTOP ABOVE THEM, said amongst themselves, "But of this Moses, ..., we don't know what has happened to him" (EX 32:1, NIV)

    Get that? While the CLOUD OF YHWH is sitting on the mountain, IN THEIR FACE, the people hubbub amongst themselves and even other recognized spiritual leaders, such as Aaron, blindly and willfully ignoring what YHWH is PERSONALLY REVEALING IN FRONT OF THEM so that they can melt their gold EAR-rings to fashion a god of their OWN LIKING which will do as THEY wish and release them to get on with going to the Promised Land (MAGA?). Nice touch, eh?, the Word shows us that they melted their EAR-rings, perhaps, to emphasize the people wanting only what their itching ears would abide. Wow, so very timely and insightful to a dynamic we all recognize as spiritual and this was a good scriptural point to anchor some understanding upon. (EX 32:1-5)


    1. Thanks Jimboni. Every day, every Bible Study, every new insight confirms that we are following The Way. What the path holds I do not know, but it seems that to this point we are on the right path. Even on a foggy drive when we have limited view ahead, the repeating dashes in the middle of the road tell us that we are still moving in the right direction.

    2. Dear Jimboni, great thoughts thank you! Yes in fact the scene with Moses on the Mount (= Jesus with God in heaven) absent to His people (= the church waiting for His return) reminds me of the 2 Peter 3,4 scoffers or the evil servants of Matth24,49 (= Aaron making the people NAKED!! Exodus 32,25 compare to Laodicean church and 2 Corinthians 5,3!) Very good translated in English, in German there is rather the word for "rampant" used in Ex32,25 which then corresponds to Jude 4 as well (hyper-grace teachers). Aaron is here a picture for the weak shepherd who has no discipline over the sheep and just gives them what they want (= tickling EARS preaching!) in order not to get in trouble with them. Anyway, as time passes and Moses seems to delay his return, apostasy begins. Same scenery today! ;-) Blessings to you!

    3. Brad, love the 'dashes on the road' analogy, very appropriate and encouraging. The storm continues, the fog remains, the apprehension behind the wheel is strong, ever so carefully pressing onwards, and then another line in the road tells us to press on, the road beneath you is still valid, but then the fog, but then the next line, and so on, flip on the Fog Lights and sharpen the eyes, ...

      Is the (amended) song Radar Love sacrilegious here?

      I've been drivin' all night, My hand's wet on the wheel.
      There's a verse in my head That drives my heel
      It's my Yhwh callin', Says: "I will soon be here"
      And it's a half past four And I'm shifting gear,

      When I gets lonely, And the longing gets too much
      He sends a Moed Sign, Coming in from above
      Don't need a phone call at all

      We've got a thing that's called His Radar Love
      We've got a Rev 12 sign in the air,
      His Radar Love

      The scoffers are playing their same 'ol song:
      "No one Knows!" Comin' On Strong
      Their blindness has got me hypnotized
      while we're speeding into a new sunrise

      When I get lonely, And I'm sure I've had enough
      He sends His comforter, Comin' in from above
      Don't need a website at all

      We've got a thing that's called His Radar Love
      We've got His sign, up in the sky:
      HIS Radar Love!



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