Secular Scientists are Checking Out Rev 12

Paul from the Zeus Mossbender Channel put out this urgent prophecy alert yesterday.... Check out this 3 minute video about something pretty interesting he discovered on the popular secular EarthSky astronomy website.
Watch the video and check out the website.  The astronomers primary point is this:
The alignment is not unique.

Unfortunately, he is missing something...
What he fails to mention is the most special feature of the entire sign; Jupiter's loop inside the womb of Virgo for the period of a human pregnancy!  That is what makes the sign so unique, and you can't debunk this sign without addressing that aspect of it.
None of this should surprise any of us.  In fact, weeks ago Gary at Unsealed did the most amazing article, including a specific rebuttal (including a spreadsheet) debunking this often tried criticism.  His spreadsheet and a portion of his analysis on this topic are below for a refresher, but I encourage you to visit the link and read the entire thing if you haven't yet.

I also just added a small rebuttal about the uniqueness argument as well which can be seen here.

7. The alignment in September is not unique because the sun and moon are in Virgo every year and Jupiter is in Virgo every 11 or 12 years. At the heart of these attempts to disprove The Revelation 12 Sign is the argument that this alignment is really not anything special.  This is where I feel that Richardson, McHyde, Faulkner, and others are missing the mark.  The uniqueness and precision of the September alignment is its greatest strength.  It's not enough that the moon and sun are near Virgo once a year.  It's not enough that Jupiter passes through Virgo's womb every 11 or 12 years.  Every condition in the text has to be met and that's  what's unique about the alignment on September 23rd.

The woman must be clothed with the sun.

The woman must have the moon under her feet.

She must have a crown of exactly twelve stars.

She must be pregnant and give birth.  Pregnancies only happen in wombs and they last 37 to 44 weeks.  It's not enough for Jupiter to just pass through Virgo or retrograde nearby.  It needs to stay in her womb in a way that pictures a pregnancy.

There have now been three separate, extensive studies to see if this alignment has occurred before or will occur again to test the claim of September 23rd's uniqueness.  Scottie Clarke literally took 7,000 screenshots, one for each of the six thousand previous years and one for each of the next one thousand years and found no matches.  Mark Chiswell used an algorithm for a similar length of time and found no matches.

I ran across another study by John Bell that used a precise algorithm to find only those years where close matches occurred.  His study was even more extensive, ranging from 6000 BC to 4306 AD - a 10,305 year period!  He found only nine other close matches besides 2017 and none of them perfectly fit the text.

I've decided to put together a chart showing every close match or suggested match that I've run across in addition to Bell's matches to show you how incredibly unique and precise the alignment in September 2017 is.  I've personally investigated each claimed match to see which of the conditions they meet.  There are four essential conditions and I've added "Birth Before Labor" as a fifth, possible condition.  If our interpretation of Revelation 12:5, Isaiah 66, and Isaiah 26 is correct, then that also becomes an essential condition.

Moon under feet. In my investigation I discovered that having the moon under Virgo's feet is rarer than I first thought.  This actually does not happen every year unless you want to argue that the moon simply passing by the constellation is sufficient.  Because of the wobble of the moon's apparent path through the sky, in many years the moon is very far from Virgo's feet and when it crosses the imaginary line demarcating the bottom of her feet, it has actually left the constellation Virgo and entered the constellation Libra.  It's not anywhere near her feet.

Crown of 12 Stars. The crown of twelve stars was the most difficult condition to judge because of the frequent ambiguity.  September 2017 has the most perfect and clear alignment of the crown in this entire list, but other years arguably had a crown of twelve stars, too.  For example, 2705 BC at first glance looks like it only has ten stars, yet  if you look above Leo you'll see Mars and Venus.  Venus is closer to Cancer than it is to Leo, though.  To complicate things further, Saturn is right over Virgo's face near the sun.  It's not really on her head, so should it be counted?  To judge these ambiguous years I apply some reasonable rules.  The first is that a planet must be closer to Leo than Cancer to be counted.  The second is that close conjunctions of planets in Leo or close conjunctions with Regulus are maybes because it's unclear if they could be easily distinguishable from earth.  The third is that a planet must be near the top of Virgo's head or higher.

Pregnancy. The pregnancy condition, which Revelation 12:1-2 itself gives, was easy to judge.  I found this to be the condition that really makes September 2017 stand out.  Many times Jupiter undergoes retrograde before or after it passes Virgo's womb.  In these cases it passes right through in under two months.  Definitely not a pregnancy.  Other times it undergoes retrograde in Virgo's womb, but its retrograde path takes it very far outside the womb, so again - no pregnancy.  When I closely investigated each of these claimed alignments, I was actually able to eliminate the 3915 BC date, which I had previously suggested was a perfect match in other articles.  The baby is far outside the womb for half of the pregnancy!

Clothed in Sun. The sun passes by Virgo every year, so this is the one condition each claim met.

Birth Before Labor.  This condition was simply determined by Jupiter's presence inside or outside the four-star quadrangle that most consider to be Virgo's "womb" at the time of the claimed alignment.

From what I can tell, over a 10,000 year period, 2017 is the only year that fits the text.  That's pretty astounding if you think about it.  Leaving the fifth maybe condition aside, there were only three near-matches in over 10,000 years: 3974 BC, 3915 BC, and 2705 BC.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.  2 Corinthians 10:5


  1. Awesome!!! Do a study on the number 3 sometime in the Bible. Jonah, Jesus, Israel coming out of Egypt, Three kings (Saul, David, Solomon) before the fall of the kingdom, 3 hours of darkness during the crucifixion of our Lord and King Jesus. The age of the little children being persecuted at the time of Christ Birth by King Herod was 2 years or younger...But you still considered a 2 year old even if your 2 years 11 months. You have to wait til your 3rd birthday in order for it to count. I bring this up because we are now approaching the end of the 3rd year since the great sign. Praise God.


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