The Most Comprehensive Rapture Update - Alan Horvath

Alan Horvath takes a deep dive into the Revelation 12 Sign and other key reasons why he thinks that the rapture could possibly take place 2017.  Alan has an amazing understanding of the original languages of the Bible and is able to draw out insightful details that most of us don't catch when reading common translations.  He spends a good deal of time breaking down Revelation 12:1-5, Isaiah 66:7 and more. At the end of the video he gives some wise council on how he thinks we should be living our life during the remainder of this year....balancing the hope and excitement surrounding these signs (and hopefully the rapture) and the possibility it doesn't happen as soon as we think.
So my friends, there are so many signs of the times, it's hard to conceive. None of us have ever seen so many signs, all appearing in the same year, as we are seeing this year in 2017.


  1. If this teacher has so amazing understanding of the original language of the bible, why then does he explain everything from Revelation (NT Greek) in Hebrew language? The words he explains here are absolutely not in the original text, please prove yourself - even if he might be factually right about the difference of the "man child" (church) and the "seed of the woman" (tribulation saints) but the WORDS are not Hebrew in NT and should be explained properly as Greek. To me (as I dont know his other teachings yet) he seems to be one of the Hebrew Roots Movement overemphasizing Hebrew as "the one and only true language of God" which makes me wary. Furthermore, he calls people giving a possible date for the rapture as "fools" which makes the apostles Paul one of them (1 Corinthians 15,52). At his place I'd be carefully with this expression towards brethren (Matthew 5,22). MARANATHA!

    1. Annabel, thanks for your thoughts and sharing your apprehensions. I can understand as I think many of us had similar thoughts the first time we watched Alan's videos. While not all people will like his style and it is easy to make assumptions based on his emphasis on using certain "original" words... I personally have found that he is a solid teacher and I take what he has to say seriously. At the same time, Alan himself tells you that he is not perfect. I feel that he is worth sharing though and he had some interesting information that adds to the conversation. Until this all plays out we will not know who had it all figured out 100%. Personally I doubt any of us will, but if we listen to a variety of voices who study diligently and love Jesus Christ sincerely, then our odds of being right go up in my opinion.

    2. Yes thank you Brad for clarification! :-) I didnt mean to be too much critical but I really looked up the words that simply weren't there in the Greek Revelation text.

      But one of a good thought of his came to my mind when he mentioned the "book of remembrance (zikron H2146)" from Malachi 3,16. The Hebrew word he uses for the male child as the ones "marked/sealed to be remembered"
      (zakar H2142 = root word!) is therefore as well tightly connected to Yom Teruah which is dedicated to be a "memorial (zikron H2146) of blowing trumpets" in Lev23,24.

      Thus, it should be crystal clear that rapture event can only take place on the day of FoT (1 Cor 15,52) whereas Rev12-sign marks the year in which this is going to happen: 2017 now as being revealed from God so far.

      The Mal3,16 "book of remembrance" could therefore very possibly be just another register of God (apart of his other "books" of life or of works) meant to be for listing the LIVING endtimes church saints that will be eventually changed in the rapture. Those will then be 'called up' by His voice and trumpet.

      The OT Malachi saints at the close of the law era will be among the DEAD saints of all times to be resurrected in rapture as well, of course. I just wanted to think over this "remembrance" term Horvath used here in connection to the rapture.

    3. Annabel the author Ken Johnson specializes in recently found extrabiblical books, and is a pre-trib premillenial author. He has been on prophecy watchers numerous times as well as prophecy in the news. Within the last couple of years there is a text called the Book of Gad, who was an OT seer, that has been finally translated into english. You can look up Ken Johnson's interviews or his teaching on the book of Gad on his youtube channel.

      The reason I bring this up is because in the text Gad has a vision on rosh hashanah of a future event, where the books are opened in heaven and a dispute between satan and God over who belongs to which books. I don't know what your stance is on extrabiblical resources but the contents of it are interesting as it seems to be a prophecy of what occurs on the rosh hashanah fulfillment. If you type in ken johnson gad the seer in youtube you will see his interviews, but the passage in particular i am referencing is from ch14 and you can find it on his channel here:

      his discussion on the chapter begins at 12:05 time. Like I said, it is a recently translated extrabiblical text so take it with a grain of salt but it's another tie in to the rapture in reference to 1st tishrei or yom teruah.

    4. Steve, its funny you bring up Gad the Seer. I watch a few interviews by Ken and found his info pretty interesting. I have yet to read the book but was intrigued to see your comments on it. Thanks for sharing!

    5. Steve, thank you indeed for sharing, will have a look into! I have heard from Gad the seer in a PW interview but not checked it out. The books of Enoch and Jasher seem to be interesting too but I can't read them all now. I didnt check out apocrypha yet. Blessings to you! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it! God Bless you and thanks for visiting the site!

  3. Thank You... Very Much... short.. Looking up...

  4. Alan's teachings are robust and generally deep in original languages and meanings. I was hesitant to dive in to his 52 minutes video when I saw it was out and I was also apprehensive about his evolution of perspective in light of all the struggle in the Body, currently, over the Rev 12:1-5 phenom. I watched this yesterday, prior to your adding it here, Brad, and was delighted.

    One of Alan's YouTube commenters was framing Alan's teaching as possibly creating a conflict with Scott Clarke's work and nothing could be further form the truth. I found Alan's work to be the next step in unpacking Rev 12:1-5 and the TWO births heralded by the one sign. As I explained to someone last night, picture two tents, side by side, right next to each other. On one corner, the two tents have a single tent-peg holding down the corner of both tents: one peg, two overlapping tent corners, get it? In like manner, the 9/23/17 sign is the single tent peg holding down the corner of both "tents", that is, both 'births', one immediately prior to and the other, during, the Tribulation. As Alan's teaching of the Otiot tells us that the Otiot symbol for "dwelling with the Lord" is a tent peg, which he alludes to in the video, I am sure he would like my analogy.

    In any event, Alan's teaching fills in incredible detail in adroitly dividing the Word concerning the 9/23/17 sign and the TWO births it heralds. Isn't it interesting that we can easily find another OT story of TWO brothers emerging from a SINGLE birth and their contrary identities and interactions defining much of the story of YHWH's walk with us from their birth forwards? Hmmmm....


    1. Thank you Jimboni. I was actually mowing the grass while listening to Alan, so I didn't digest his every point as well as I would have liked. I do specifically remember him taking the study deeper regarding Rev 12:5 and Isaiah 66:7 much deeper. I also agree that it doesn't contradict Scotts word, but expands upon it and adds depth to it. I don't know if he is correct on everything, but I did think it was worthy of sharing and getting a discussion going. I am glad I did! Thanks guys!

    2. I have been listening to Allen for a couple of years now after I found Scottie Clark.
      I do like the way Allen translates from the Hebrew, and Aramaic, I think he is solid.
      When he mentioned the Zacar would be marked by Abba Father the Ruach squeezed my heart, let me explain please, because the closer Sept.-23-17 gets I fell I may get some answers to a mystery our Father God has put upon I will explain, if you don't mind His Testimony not mine, I just carry it around, and give witness.

      I think you like to hear of the supernatural blessings our Father is pouring out upon his flock as we get closer to that day we His children look forward to.
      There is so much more that His Ruach has disclosed to me I just didn't want drag it out to long. The accident that I explain below, it was made very clear to me that YHWH was punishing me for using His name as a threat to my wife one hour before I fell off the ridge on my four wheeler. Then forgave me when I was at my lowest​, and gave in to Him with 100% Faith that He had my to speak....I didn't speak of the visions/dreams YAH had given me, and then two members of my family after two years of prayer for Him to do wake them up...

      This was seven years ago, a year before I picked up the Bible to read for the first time. even though I had grown up as a Methodist, then baptized as a Southern Baptist, I declare no religion of man now, just my personal relationship with Abba Father, Yahshua my King and Savior, and the Ruach Holy Spirit which dwells in my heart.

      There are three letters that look like a white tattoo in block form on my left jaw. These came upon me as I was in prayer to YHWH​ God in Yahshua's name to heal my double broken back, after I had re-broke it six weeks after the first accident. Something (Holy Spirit) came over me to pray for a healing with 100% faith Yahshua would deliver.
      Fifteen minutes into this prayer, His healing heat came into the two vertebra that had compression fractures.

      When the heat left my body, the pain went with it, and these white letters were sealed on my face. Three years later while doing some ​bible study I was looking at some pages in the Torah. It was in Hebrew, which I can't read. That's when The Holy Spirit came into my mind, and said, what you are looking at is what's on your face (Hebrew).
      I wasn't sure about what I had just received, until two weeks later I was witnessing this to a guy I know that is an Elder in a little country church. He had received the word from God to get a Shofar, and learn to blow it, and he did. Jim said it looked like some Hebrew that he was studying.
      One year later I think to the day I was seeing a Orthopedic Doctor for knee surgery, and he is a Jew that knows Hebrew. I witness to him not knowing what his religious feelings were. When I got to the miracle healing, and said I was told this on my face might be Hebrew, he says it is, and are you sure you want to know what it say's.

    3. CONTINUED......Well that freaked me out, but I told him I knew the Father put me in front of him a Jew to revel to me what it means. This probably has a lot to do with what is going on in this mystery, that two months before I went to see the doctor about the knee I got a phone call telling me of an old family secret that I was Jewish from my mother's side. Oh believe me I know the power of our Holy Father​
      . In Vietnam in 1972 I was shot down in my Recon​ helicopter, and it rolled over on my leg pining me underneath it. Abba Father walked me through that valley of the shadows of death, as I entered the famous white tunnel to Heaven, and showed me my past life's review.
      After two years of prayer of how did I die, the Ruach came over me last year reveling it was of a broken neck when my armor plate in my plate carrier went through my chin on impact of the crash. Then it said you remember the x-rays I had when I was rear ended by a tractor trailer ten years ago, and suffered a severe whiplash, and the x-rays showed prior vertebra damage in my neck that I had no idea of how or when I got it, just giving me the proof in case I needed it, but at this point of my humbling I didn't.​

      The Spirit also reveled that the helicopter had me pinned down so I couldn't run, because I would have run right into the enemy that had shot us down. Instead it gave the gunships that flew as our cover the clearance to dive in and wipe them out before they captured me and my pilot.
      Here again I always remembered, and use to say a little birdie told me to try pulling my leg again, but now I realize it was the Ruach Ha Kodesh speaking to me. You see when I pulled on my leg this time it came out like the weight of the wreckage had been lifted, and there wasn't even a bruise or scratch on it, as HE said I released you when the coast was clear.
      I am not of this world anymore, for I have been told by a man far more wiser than me, that spent thirty years studying the Book of Revelation that he thinks God had sealed me for my testimony...Amien!
      My goal is to make it to Israel to give physical proof, and witness to my Jewish brothers/ sisters that our
      God, and Yeshua are real.
      See,the Father never would have healed me or mark my face if I were praying to a false Messiah.
      Thanks for listening, and if you want me to send a picture of the letters on my me


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