Personal Thoughts Regarding Greg Lauer's Article...

If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to check out the article linked in yesterdays post:
Revelation 12, The Exit Sign and Imminence

In it Greg Lauer expertly dissects important issues that have risen as the Rev12 Sign's momentum has grown.  Greg, who at his site ( puts out one in-depth article each month, spends a great deal of effort reconciling the doctrine of imminence with a certain 'great' sign happening this fall that seems to strongly point to the rapture of the church.

The article took me the better part of a day to get through as we had many family activities and it is quite lengthy.  It so worth it though, and it was so well done I wanted to soak up every word.  So let me say this in this fast paced, instant gratification culture;
Do not let it's length deter you from what may possibly be the most edifying and encouraging work to date regarding the complex issues this sign has created in our little "end times" community of believers.
I especially appreciate Greg's sentiment that the doctrine of imminence was ESSENTIAL for the endurance of believers throughout the centuries.  Imagine trying to endure the horrible persecution the church has overcome throughout the centuries if they believed Christ wouldn't return for 2,000 years.  The idea and hope that Christ could return at any moment has fueled on-fire believers for thousands of years...and God KNEW that we needed that fuel. Don't agree?
Imagine for a second that the Bible clearly said that Jesus Christ wouldn't return until the year 4017...thousands of years from now. 
I personally believe that many Christians would live differently with less urgency in their Christian walk.  Complacency can be deadly, just look at Matthew 24:48-51.  True, many may be unaffected by the thought, but could it be because most have little anticipation of His return to begin with?

But God is omniscient, so he clearly knew all along that Christ's return wouldn't be until at least 2017.  Yet in His perfect wisdom, He knew that His children all through the church age would need the HOPE of His return to endure and live fully for Him... even if that hope wouldn't be ultimately realized during most of their lives. 

So does the doctrine of imminence somehow negate a sign that has now been revealed to us in this late hour?  Are they mutually exclusive; if one is true the other must be false??  Lauer has skillfully articulated that they are not and again I urge you to make this article a priority and read it all the way through.  I can personally attest to the fact that his words will tie up more than a few loose ends that may be unknowingly floating around that heavenly minded head of yours...


  1. Fully agreed, thank you very much! Just today, I got to find an excellent exhortation on a Google + post which I'd like to share as well here. The topic is "Watch and pray" which could add some more insight to the imminency and endtimes theme:

    Much blessings to you, stay firm and vigilant!


  2. BansheeSV1June 4, 2017 at 8:31 PM
    Yes, that was an amazing appraisal of both ideas.
    What has got me thinking however, is that a sign generally preceeds a given exit.
    Considering the perfect timing of the sign and the feast of trumpets, how does this idea work?
    The sign happens at the exit!
    What are your thoughts on this, as I am somewhat puzzled.

    1. Pasted here from my reply on Facebook:

      "A road sign for an exit can only transmit its message at that location on the road. This sign can be seen via technology much prior, thus transmitting its message well before the physical alignment.

      Also, Isaiah 66 seems to imply a birth before labor pains. An early birth... So the departure could be before the sign, but obviously long after the message has been seen by many."

  3. Not to be misunderstood: I liked the balance of the article but "imminency" concerning rapture is and was never a biblical teaching. It was in fact man made. What is constantly imminent to man is physical DEATH. Regarding the pureness of the church, the great commitment and the walk of the individual believer there was always Psalm139-imminency with men. They knew God was watching them even if absent on earth. To make it an eschatology teaching was not biblical but it worked out anyway.

    So I think God knew of course of all this development and teaching errors before and even then included it into his wonderful plan from the beginning. Just in time, He did now awake the church remnant to watch for the exit and exact date that was sealed up until the right season. We don't have to discuss how He did that but simply rejoice THAT He did.

    1. I agree to the point in which imminency is a doctrine which had no clear exegetical foundation, yet like many things was inferred through multiple passages. And your point that true Christian doesn't necessarily need to believe that Christ could return at any moment is a requirement to live a pure life is also a good one.... And just like my life, God is so great and so brilliant that He can even take our mistakes and weave them into His perfect plan to bring about His perfect will.

      Even a supremely gifted artist cannot paint a masterpiece using broken brushes and dried paint...but God can, and he proves it by using us. : )

  4. Oh my, thank you for your kind words! I am humbled...coming from you it means a lot.


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