Rev12 Pregnancy Graphics (and thoughts too)

One of the most unique and amazing parts of the Revelation 12 Sign is the fact that Jupiter enters into the "womb area" of Virgo and does a loop (like a baby), staying in there for just over 9 months (the length of a human pregnancy).  This matches the imagery described in Revelation 12:2 and Revelation 12:5 perfectly and is a huge reason why this sign is so awesome and unique!  To help people tell this story, I have created some graphics highlighting this aspect of the sign. As always, feel free to use and share these graphics anytime, no credit needed...

This first image animates the loop of Jupiter inside the womb...

This 2nd version is without the movement, suitable for certain presentations, etc...

You should know that some people will claim that since Jupiter goes beyond the "lines" of Virgo in the middle of the loop, that somehow invalidates the sign.  This is a good observant question (most skeptics don't even look this deeply to notice this) but there are quite a few solid logical responses to this.  Here are two of the strongest reasons why this is not a valid concern:

1.  Jupiter comes to this part of the sky only once every 12 years.  The location of the retrograde loops vary each time, sometimes looping completely outside this central "womb" area of Virgo.  The loop in 2017 is about as dead centered in this "womb area" as it can possibly be when compared to the other years.  When combined with the other factors of the sign, this alignment is amazingly precise.

2.  As we all know, it is normal for the belly of a woman to expand a bit during pregnancy, especially when they get to the 3rd Trimester.  Amazingly, this is when Jupiter (representing the child) also pushes out slightly beyond the normal area of the womb.  Some people might call this a baby bump!  As a contrast, notice how the "child" in the 1st Trimester gets to the edge of the womb, but doesn't expand beyond the line.  This is fitting as well, as a woman's belly doesn't really expand much in the first few months.  But once she gets 6 or 7 months in, the belly has expanded noticeably, her regular clothes don't fit, and there is no denying that she is pregnant!  Amazingly, we see the same thing in the Revelation 12 Sign.

Here is a white version, suitable for printing to save on ink...

One final thought... Someone may ask you why it seems that Jupiter is "born" prior to the fulfillment of the other elements of the sign.  If they do, first thank them for the amazing question (they are thinking)... then tell them there are good answers for this as well and send them to Isaiah 66:7.  If they are still not satisfied send them to this fantastic article:

Most likely if they have looked at all this, all you will have to do is sit back and look at the sense of amazement on their face!  If they aren't saved yet, that would be a perfect time to share The Gospel with them and tell them about Our Savior who has the power to put all this in motion! : )


  1. These are great. Thanks, Brad. I posted that Wiki link on my Facebook page. I see that as a great conversation started. And I just posted a link to your blog here as well as Unsealed's. I have a friend who seems to have made up his mind not to give this sign much credence, as it distracts from the Gospel message. And we believe it points to it! So we keep the convo going. God bless.

    1. Thanks Dave, appreciate you spreading the word. As for your friend, I too have had a few of those close to me raise that concern... they say, "Why not just put all this effort into sharing the Gospel directly?" It is a good question, and we must make sure we are pointing people to Jesus when we are pointing out this sign to be sure. But I have seen first had the power this information has to wake people up....and many are so inoculated with the standard way of sharing the good news, and the fact they can see this sign with their own eyes is helping penetrate hard hearts that would never listened to a typical Gospel presentation. Young people now days are especially are enamored with the beauty of the cosmos, so this sign is a direct path to their hearts and another example about how the bible is true and extremely relevant to us today. Case in point, look at the video of the agnostic man I shared earlier today...

    2. Amen! Yes, I saw that video earlier. Case in point indeed! Praying he continues to search and he finds the Lord.

  2. I like to think of it as the baby kicking. =:)

    1. Greg, I read that in your "Sky Don't Lie" article... Yes, that definitely works too!

  3. Awesomeness. Just added this image into the Wiki article.

  4. One more thought after discussing this with a pregnancy expert...a mother. She said that the argument of it going outside the womb area is ridiculous. Her point was this:

    This is just symbolic. This is just a representation in the sky, its not a real, physical birth of a human being. It's just a symbol. It's not a real woman with a real baby, so you shouldn't try to force it to match exactly in every detail. When you look at the loop you get the idea God is trying to convey.

    I think she has a good point. We need to remember that if you dig deep enough, and symbolic representation, any parable, any analogy will break down. For example, someone could say, well this is a baby, were is the umbilical cord? Where is the placenta? The baby wouldn't survive without those things so this isn't real..... do you see what I mean? So in the end, I like her thoughts as I never thought of it this way, and it balances out the other responses above for certain people and is another logical argument.


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