Jerry Toney - A Strong Word to the Watchman

Jerry's words were strong, but I think its good to be shaken up a bit every once in a while. When we share about the sign (and God's word in general) are we giving people the full story of the Gospel....including repentance?  If not, you might be guilty of tickling ears.


  1. My dear brethren! Personally and from experience I have some other access to Eze33. In my/our vicinity at our hometown (and the LORD didn't send us anywhere else as missionaries) we do share the gospel now in the 12th year anywhere we go. We were mocked and harrassed for doing so with seeing no fruit really (besides our own son which we are very grateful for, now 18 yrs old). And if there was sb leaving our house in peace when we explained the gospel to him, there was never any more feedback, neither from any true brother or sister in Christ. So we really don't know about what fruit we got from the seed until today. Our house itself testifies the LORD with John 17,17b written on the wall, facing a huge RC church in front like open warfare from the beginning after we were saved. So many people have photographed this now, we couldn't share the gospel personally with all the tourists walking by. And in town, everybody knows the 'odd Jesus freaks' like they call us. So yes, we have fought the good fight, finished our course and kept the faith... no problem at all with being a watchman still.

    I think these Eze33 guys are correct in some way when we shouldnt forget preaching 'bad news first' in times when 'God is love' and universal salvation will be overemphasized in church. But there's more to endtimes commandments as this. Read the letter of Jude v. 20-23 or Revelation 22,11. After every testimony is given, after having laid death and life before people around you like in Deuteronomy 30,15-19 there is one more important commandment given to Gods people which is: BE HOLY AS I AM HOLY.

    This period preceding Rev12-sign is a very special one for His children. As before every important step in history, God wants to sanctify and cleanse His people before going out of Egypt and entering Canaan (see Joshua 3,5!). Compare as well to Daniel 12,10 and Ephesians 5,27. Those who will remain unclean, will stay unclean. And we will not lecture them anymore but stay away from them. They have already had about 2,000 years of preaching now. When Noah entered the ark to wait 7 days until the rain finally came, he certainly didn't preach hell and judgement nor the love of Christ from the top of the ship anymore. He already preached through building the ark and by his whole life among them. If they wouldn't hear him then, they never would last minute. That's my humble opinion about this Eze33 topic from scriptures. Every thing has its season. And such has sanctification before crossing Jordan.

    I also do remark some chronological order in Matthew 28,19 and 20 when looking at church history. Verse 19 is much too often overemphasized today as there is still verse 20 left and nobody seems to take care about it. But today, we have already reached the END OF VERSE 20! So we should take care of what Jesus tells us here. It is HIS PRESENCE among His people in ENDURANCE and HOLINESS, not the great commission He talks of. This era is closed now such as is the door of the ark. We should rather prepare for departure. If not, spots and wrinkles of the church cannot be fixed in time.

    Much blessings to all of you, I love you!

  2. I love your YouTube videos. I found you a few months ago,as your Church was just coming about. I rejoice for your new building. Wish we could be there for opening Sunday. But will be there in spirit.
    And rejoice for your messages. I found this one today.and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I have become so discouraged,that I quit my Facebook. I was attempting to warn others of the coming wrath. To repent now. Before it’s too late.
    It’s like seeing a car coming and trying to warn your 2 year old son.and your bracing for impact that you know is coming,but they aren’t hearing. 😰
    I will be sending our picture out to you,and praying 🙏 those pews are filled. 😇 can’t wait for the good reports! Blessings to you and your wife. Thank you for waking the sleeping!

  3. Remember the sinners prayer is not found in the bible. Preach repentance and the remission of sins in Jesus name to the penitent sinner.
    Matt 18:18, Luke 24:47


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