Agnostic Man Ponders the Rev 12 Sign

Have you ever wondered how an agnostic person would view the Revelation 12 Sign? Have you ever doubted the evangelistic power of it?  Watch this short video.  This gentleman says the thing that really caught his attention was how this sign is based in reality.  As you watch you will see how the Rev12 Sign is causing him to ponder the Bible and what this means for his life. Listen to him wrestle with these thoughts, please pray for him, and be encouraged that God is on the move!!  

Thanks to Gary from for sharing this video with me.


  1. Love it! I'm working on a short article on this video myself.

    1. Can't wait! The Lord is clearly working on this man... I pray he is saved in a mighty way! Lets all keep praying for him!

  2. I just prayed for this man who seems to be on the edge of accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. I agree that we should all pray for this man. It's one more person who will get to spend eternity with our King.

  3. I watched it carefully. At some point he says he believed some parts of the bible but not all of it. And he says Rev12-sign could be 'moment of truth' for him to believe the bible if he sees it fulfilled in September. Reminds me very strongly of 'the sign of Jonas' in Luke 11,29-30 (parallel in Matthew 12,39; 16,4). I pray for him that he might not "believe in Rev12-sign" but in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour before. If he only watches the constellation to be fulfilled it will be too late for this 'moment of truth' because judgement period will begin and he is left behind without being able to believe in Christ anymore (2 Thess 2,11-12).

    1. In addition: just check out all his video titles of his YouTube channel "Karch101" and you will know about his attitude towards the bible. He wants to approach it from SELF and by his OWN MIND. That won't work.

    2. Yep, go on his video and post with love to encourage home to make the right decision, mine is under "Matthew m"

    3. This was shared simply as an example of how the Rev12 Sign can catch the attention of unbelievers and be a door to the Gospel message. It surely doesn't seem like he is saved yet, and the other types of videos he puts out only strengthens the case that this sign can penetrate unbelieving and agnostic hearts. Pray for him, because The Lord would not have brought this to our attention if he didn't want us aware of it... Feel free to send him to this page.... or better yet,THIS PAGE!

      If we as a group can in some small way show him the LOVE of Christ, in a way he has never experienced before, through complete strangers who care for him, that will surely help any seeds that have been planted begin to grow.

    4. Annabel,

      "If he only watches the constellation to be fulfilled it will be too late for this 'moment of truth' because judgement period will begin and he is left behind without being able to believe in Christ anymore (2 Thess 2,11-12)."

      There are fence-sitters who will accept the Lord during the Tribulation period. Multitudes will accept Him, not all will fall for the great delusion. I mean, not everyone will reject the Gospel during the tribulation years.

  4. Also, Gary from Unsealed also did a write-up on this video. And since he is the one who shared it with me and is a much better writer, you better check out his post too...

    1. Thank you Brad, will check it out! ;-) I really didn't seem to sound 'negative' here but this bible passage just popped up when I heard him reasoning that way. Much love, stay blessed!

    2. Thank you Anabel. I totally understand what you are saying. : ) If someone takes a attitude like "I'll just wait and see what happens....if something big happens then I will believe in Jesus" We know that isn't real faith...that is why we must be sure to point them to Christ when are sharing the sign, especially with unbelievers.... The cool thing is that this sign is a great way to lead into deeper spiritual conversations and help get them thinking.


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