Visually Stunning Presentation of the GREAT SIGN

The first 7 minutes of this video provide one of the most straightforward and visually appealing presentations of the Great Sign of Revelation 12 you can find. This is an amazing thing considering the fact that this was uploaded way back in 2015. His clear presentation of the complex elements of the sign are wonderfully done, even if you think some of his conclusions drawn are quite specific and may not come to pass exactly as presented. Regardless, this video was published nearly 2 years ago and is still well worth watching to this day! He even presents the scenario of an unexpected eclipse causing the sign to appear in the heavens... which could just happen based on Amos 8:9-10.

Overall, this is an excellent resource for all of us watching the Rev12 Sign and unique as it focuses less on the rapture and more on the potential trouble coming to the earth after the signs heralding.  I also greatly appreciate how a very clear and sincere Gospel message is presented.   
As a supplement to the new information that has been revealed since it was uploaded, this video is well worth 18 minutes of your time.   You should know that this video has been re-uploaded on many different channels (without credit) and it took some digging to find THE ORIGINAL.  It is a shame that the original video doesn't have more views and that other channels don't give credit to the source. I am sure it took much work to put together something so polished and believe it is wrong not to give credit when it is due.  Even if their intentions were to do a good work by spreading the message, withholding credit to the original work is not reflective of Christ in my opinion.

With that said, whether it is for the 1st time or the 15th, sit back and watch this amazing video and share your thoughts on it below....

GREAT SIGN of Revelation 12

The comments section on YouTube below the video are great as well.  He is very responsive to genuine questions...  Check it out and please leave him an encouraging word!


  1. Great video! And thanks for finding the original source. Quick question- it says the sign has never occurred before but didn't someone (Scotty?) Find it 6000 years ago?

    1. Deena, thanks for your question! First off, as far as I have seen from Scotty and others, September 23, 2017 is day when the alignment most perfectly fits the Scriptures. There are a few other dates that get close, but for the fulfillment all elements must be there. I believe this is the only such date. I have written about this topic previously which you can see in this post here. Thanks for reading!

    2. Specifically check out point #7 from Gary's article: The Celestial C-Section - UNSEALED

    3. Using Stellarium, the closest near hit is in 3914 B.C. It has the Sun, the Moon and twelve stars all in the right place.

      Here are the problems.

      1. It is August 4th which according to the website holydaycalendar2.0 is about 9 weeks to soon for what would be the feast day.

      2. 9/23/17 occurs with Nibiru ( Babylonian for equinox ) on the vernal equinox of 2017. The Star of The Great Red Dragon (Nibiru) is currently present but obstructed from our view. The vernal equinox of 3914 B.C. is on 10/23. Nibiru is nowhere to be found.

      3. The Descriptions of Isaiah 66:5-9 are not matched. Jupiter is not quite born when the moon is brought forth. It is still about 1/10 of a degree inside the birth canal. Neither does Jupiter do the exact retrograde motion. It is off by several degrees.

  2. Please help me understand...what is supposed to happen at noon on this day? I've not heard that the sun is to go dark for three hours, at least not in the Bible.

    1. Hi Hope.... check this out.

      I personally don't think that the sun needs to go dark for this sign to be "seen". It has been seen by many already proven by this very conversation.

      Second, half of it will be seen at sunrise, half of it at sunset.

      With that said, if Amos 8:9-10 is fulfilled on this day, I would concur with Daniel Matson and say that yes, this would make it a GREAT Sign! : )

    2. Thank you, I read Amos 8 and understand what he is saying. What caught my eye though was that the end comes to Israel AFTER Amos sees SUMMER fruit...Sept 21. Just speculation but still, perhaps a new puzzle piece.

    3. I have seen this before. He has a major fallacy that people have used to hit us over the head with. When he is counting the moons Jupiter is not in Virgo on number six. Jupiter left the belly on 5/19/17 and will remain out of the belly until 7/12/17. Lets stop giving people a hammer to hit us with.

    4. I have heard that too... my response is two-fold:
      1) The first retrograde stop which is early in the pregnancy does not go past the line or expand the belly area. The second stop which is later in the term does do so however, which is true of a natural female pregnancy obviously as well!

      2) When you spend some time in Stellarium and examine this Virgo loop in all the other years (as you know it only comes around once every 12 years or so), you can see that very very few of the loops in other years are as perfectly placed in the womb area as this one is. Combined with everything else that aligns the precision is unbelievable and calling it out as being a major flaw falls in the category of nit-picking in my opinion.

  3. Brad, I finally watched this one too, great work indeed. But you have got to add that James Muecke does not understand Virgo as the woman Israel but as the virgin Mary and Jupiter not as a picture for the body of Christ but for Jesus and he doesnt mention the rapture ("caught up"= harpazo) at all. He sets the Feast of Trumpets 2017 on the 9/23 but this will be 2-3 days late for that. The making of the video is very good and focusing rather on judgement as a wake up call is a good idea though.

    1. I agree.... some of those conclusions could be off base, but I thought the presentation was excellent, especially in the beginning. Thanks for pointing those out Annabel!


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