Secular Investigation into Virgo Cover-Up

I have found this black box cover-up story very strange ever since I first saw it a while back.  As you probably know, its position is in the exact place of the Red Dragon from Rev 12.  I found it amazing to discover (thanks to Matthew M on Facebook) that Secureteam10, which is an "underground" secular news channel with nearly 1 million subscribers, just did a video on this.  The host was even relating it to the Bible and the Revelation 12 Sign and went as far as reading scripture! I am not going to embed the video because their demonic logo is on the screen the whole the tail end of the video also looks to be a very bizarre/ungodly segment.  But if you have put on your spiritual armor and can look past those things you just might be amazed that this Sign was just shared with nearly 1 million secular people.

Regardless of whether you think this Infrared thing that is covered up by NASA and Google is related to Rev12 or if its just a coincidence, I must say that it is pretty amazing to see Gods word being spread far and wide by the most unlikely sources. That is the main point I am making by sharing this.  God doesn't need the big name ministries to get the word out, He is so good and so powerful He can even use unbelievers to do it!  Furthermore, He is so good, I am sure He can even use this secular investigation to cause some unbelievers to reevaluate their need for God. 

If so, that would be an amazing thing!

Here is the link to the video:
WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? 6/8/17
Again, viewer discretion is advised and I would suggest stopping the video when he stops talking about this sign. 

Just Added: Here are two links to see the Virgo Cover-Up for yourself... (Thanks Jeremy)
Google Sky Virgo Cover-Up Link
Sky-Map.Org Link

For additional info on this subject, here is Scott Clarke's very detailed take...


  1. Hey Brad, I covered this strange cover-up last December and the video is centered on Revelation 12. Pretty sure this is the video that got a lot of the more popular/secular YouTubers talking about it.

    The Revelation 12 Red Dragon | September 23, 2017

    Great website! Blessings, brother!

  2. Thanks Scott. Adding your link to the post now!

  3. Hello all, Matthew M here, if you think about it, go on and post loving and friendly comments on the video so that people will know about Jesus. I posted a link to Scottie's video to give someone more info. He secureteam already has 396k views!

  4. Please urgently watch and share this video, I just found it on YouTube today:

    = Very good and biblical reference to the coming events! Please also compare Isaiah 24,18-20; 34,4 etc. as description for earth wobble, axe tilt, polar and crustal shift (get your "2012" movie out and watch it again LOL).


    1. Annabel,
      That is a video from the series by Jaco Prinsloo called Gods Roadmap to the End. His paper is on our resources page. Keep in mind that many people don't agree with all of his conclusions, but there is definitely a lot of good info there too.

    2. Jaco needs to know they copied it.


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