Day nor Hour, Date Setting, and the Feast of Trumpets

The video in this post addresses the conflict between the Great Sign of Rev 12 on or very near the Feast Of Trumpets and the text saying that no man knows the day nor the hour. It is very in-depth and received the praise of Daniel Matson with the following comment:
"Well done. This is indeed the hurdle that has taken out so many believers. I hope this video will help eliminate that hurdle!"
Personally, I have found that verses such as Matt 24:36 or Mark 13:32 are often used as sledge hammers to pound down anybody watching closely for the Lords Return. Most of you have probably had those verses quoted back to you when explaining the Rev 12 Sign to someone.  They don't seem to get that we mere humans cannot change the fact that this biblical alignment happens on a specific day. I've even tried explaining the sign using generalities avoiding the 9/23 day altogether. Now what do you think are the very first questions asked when I do that?
"When is it? When is this happening?"
So it is nearly impossible to avoid mentioning a date... It is good to point out Rev 3:3 though because in that verse Jesus strongly implies that if you watch you will be able to have a good idea of what time He will come back for us.

On a side note, I do believe that the date shouldn't be the headline of this story. That's why you may have noticed on the chart I made that the largest text is Scripture. I believe people should actually have to read to see what day this is happening on. Showing the date in BIG BOLD LETTERS is automatically considered date setting and most people are turned off immediately.  It also happens to be the first thing most debunkers point out.  Now in defense of the debunkers, if you say flat out that the Rapture is definitely going to happen on a certain day then (in my opinion) you are date setting and on shaky ground. If instead you say it looks possible... it would make a lot of sense, etc. I believe that is much better and less likely to cause a stumbling block if Jesus tarries.  The fact is this... most likely we won't know if something is 100% right regarding the Rapture until we are already gone.

Ok, back to the topic at hand... If you haven't seen it, Scott Clarke did a video a while back on this subject called "No Man Knows The Day or Hour!" - OH, REALLY??  Many people are shocked to learn that the specific phrase used in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 is a Jewish Idiom for the Feast of Trumpets. The video below further explains it, in admittedly less jazzy fashion than Scotts....BUT, there is a lot of depth here.  I have also embedded the written article which this video is based off of below if you want to learn more.

I encourage you to dig deeper with me on this topic because if this is correct it sure would add much clarity to the timing of Christ's Return and adds even more weight to the Rev 12 Sign. Also, much thanks to dear Annabel for sharing this video!

Systemtic Escatology - Brad Hurst (Day Nor Hour discussion begins on page 31)


  1. Dear Brad, I just noted the e-book enclosed, not yet finished reading. I wasn't aware that the video itself gave the hint to that. My bad. ;-)

    Please would you do me a big favour and contact every one of the watchers family (Scott, Steven, Hamrick, the unsealed guys etc) asking to READ this, especially when it comes to the FoT tradition described from page 36 following??! PLEASE!

    I just couldn't believe it how much prophetic information lies therein: the early birds watching getting big reward at Jerusalem (extra presents and a meal with the high priest!), the daily awakening blasts during month of Elul prior to FoT (Grand American eclipse 8/21/17!!), the 7 days people had to enter Jerusalem prior to the feast days to be cleansed (compare the week of Noah!! God told him the exact date just 7 days before the flood and he had to enter the ark Gen7,4.10!), the looking for the caravans increasing number of people heading to Jerusalem (the awakening body of Christ now prior to the Rev12-sign), the 10 days (= 7+3!) after which the gates were definitely closed = rapture on 9/21/17 sign fulfilled makes 3 days to the 23rd (Jews counting a day already started as 1 full day)... etc. etc. There's so much in it we cannot ignore!! Please, I am not allowed to lecture as a sister but would you send this to the brethren to do their own research on it and inform the flock in time?


    1. Ananbel thank you. Please contact me directly. 925-848-7188. I have more to share than what I can write about. Brad Hurst.

    2. Annabel, I know you are in Europe and may not be able to call him, but if you want to contact Brad Hurst (not me, a different person) his email address is on the cover of the paper in this post.

    3. Thanks a lot to both of you for the kind response! I just wanted to get the message out to the others (in case they didn't notice yet). Bless you Jesus!

  2. Brad, this one is a good hint too: Leah and Rachel as two "jealous" sister brides, Smyrna and Philadelphia church as those two without any reproach from Jesus... There's a lot in this article as well: Blessings!

  3. Sadly, this hype is all for nothing except to bring folks up to a great expectation only to end up dejected. More time needs to given over to real Bible study not Greek mythological horoscopes.

    1. I love you Billy. I sincerely thank you for reading the article. It is not fair for you to relate this to astrology/horoscopes, etc... We don't know what will happen in the future, but I do know that this study is Biblical and it is not related to 'Greek mythological horoscopes' on any substantial way, other than the fact that the signs involves constellations. But by that standard, you would then have to throw out the Bible since it names specific constellations and God takes credit for them.... See Job 9:9, Job 38:31-33, Amos 5:8, etc.... Blessings.


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