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In this sweeping post we are blessed with a compilation of reasons why we should be well aware of the lateness of the hour. Greg from Unsealed.org has assembled the following his latest post:

Verses that should cause pause to anyone who attempts to block thinking by citing Matt 24:36; A detailed summary of the 7 Feast Days including how some were fulfilled and how the remaining will likely fulfilled; a list of 71 individual (Yes, 71) "Signs" pointing to why this season is looking more and more ripe for Christ's Return.

Here is a sampling of some of the signs that are listed:

23. More Christians have been martyred in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined. Matthew 24:9  - link

32. Lovers of self and the selfie stick - 2 Timothy 3:2

44. The plans and preparations for rebuilding the prophesied third temple are completely ready.  They've even found the descendants of Levi and have them vetted, trained and ready.  See - The Temple Institute - here.

46. The chip technology has a shelf life.  Soon this technology will be old news and retina scanning or brain scanning will replace it as a more secure alternative for global identification.

64. No one listens to the news. Lies and fake news are everywhere. Why does satan want misinformation right now?  So truth will be hidden and many deceived.  I'm reminded of the military tactic of flooding the airwaves with information and misinformation before something big.

I suggest you check out this article and share it with anyone and everyone who thinks you are crazy for thinking Jesus could return soon.  Even without the Rev 12 Sign there are so many reasons why we should be on our toes.... with it, I believe we should be on our knees.



  1. The collective weight of these converging signs is staggering. He may yet choose not to come in the air on this year's feast of Trumpets, but those who mock as "astrologers" people like us who place great significance on the Rev 12 sign while they chant their mantra of "no man knows the day or the hour" seem spiritually undiscerning to me. Maranatha Lord Jesus!!!

    1. The implications of all this are so huge that your mind does not even want to go there. But the "collective weight" gives you ample justification and assurance that yes, this could be it. Additionally, being able to go outside on any given night and SEE Jupiter inside the woman is extremely comforting and another factor that keeps me from drifting away from the significance of all this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Anonymous, 'undiscerning' implies the inability tell one thing from another, like poor spiritual eyesight. as I have commented numerous places, that does not describe their state. Willful ignorance is afoot here, not the lack of discernment.

    In fact, the scoffers' internal discernment that the Rev 12 sign IS worthy of study further intensifies their looking AWAY from it as they deeply understand that it will require a re-work of their doctrine, a challenge to their previous 'authoritative' messages and that it is awakening the Body of Christ to the point that they will have to do REAL WORK to stay abreast of what the Body is now digging from the Word in the Holy treasure hunt which the Holy Spirit has inspired amongst His People.

    What truly irks me, and which has broken fellowship between myself and some of these individuals, is the utter lack of simple intellectual or spiritual curiosity arising from humility. What do we call such a person with NO spirit of curiosity here? DEAD MEN'S BONES! Our Lord calls us to be like little children to even SEE the Kingdom (Mk 10:15 and others) and, in this case, to me, that looks like a wide-eyed little one of the Lord eagerly seeking, and asking questions with wonder and amazement, and from a place of knowing that the things being seen REQUIRE an open, humble mind, reverently aware of being overshadowed by the Almighty in the things being investigated.

  3. Hi Jimboni. I struggle to "classify" some of these folks who don't want to even consider what the sign might mean. Some of these people seem to be sincere believers and watchers for the Lord's return, yet have no problem shutting people down when we think there is something substantive and potentially tied to the harpazo. I have been threatened with removal from a rapture forum because I dare to suggest the possibility that this sign could, could herald the beginning of Daniel's 70th week and therefore our soon departure. All I hear is I'm a date setter, an astrologer, and a violator of their sacred doctrine of immenancy. I just think all of the converging signs make Yom Teruah in September a really high watch time. Many even reject the concept of a high watch time, as in more likely to occur than other times. I was also called out for that concept. Never thought I would be persona non gratis on a rapture forum board. That makes me sad. Yeshua coming back soon, on the other hand, makes me glad.

    1. Exactly, and I hear and share your sadness at this dynamic. Notice that the response is clearly a priori, that is, decided in advance. It is easy to see that these folks are trigger-ready for their reacti0ons and that their position is not in RESPONSE to anything you do or say, they are ALREADY set to shut the door the moment you 'trigger' them. Again, your words buttress my picture of WILLFUL ignorance or stiffneckedness in the face of challenging FACTS from the Word and the world. The idea of the Rapture ACTUALLY HAPPENING is much too upsetting, don't you know.

      We forget that Hal Lindsey turned the evangelical world on its head, years ago, and pretty much 'birthed' the current Evangelical End-Times watch by his correlation of then-happening world political events and happenings with the details in Scripture concerning the last days (Late Great Planet Earth, 1970). As Solomon informs us, there is 'nothing new under the sun' and we find the same correlation again setting the status-quo-ers ablaze and the more eager among us are having our hunt and our watch 'fanned into flame' burning brightly for these dark days.

    2. Dear Anonymous, how can a person be a 'sincere believer and watcher for the LORDs return' and yet 'shut down people (whom he calls fellow brethren in Christ then, compare Matthew 24,49) finding something potentially tied to the harpazo' in Rev12-sign? How can this be, can anybody tell me? This puzzles me seriously as it is a scriptural contradiction in itself. How can somebody claim to love the LORD Jesus and rejoice in anticipation of His return and at the same time is cussing at his own family when talking about this return? Shouldn't one date for Christs return be equally important or possible like any other date? So why does it already seem to be forbidden then to talk especially about September 2017 without any prejudice if ANY DATE is possible? Certainly, only God knows who is His and we cannot judge peoples' hearts but this behaviour is awfully strange to me according to scriptures. I can find neither love for Jesus to come back nor love for the brethren in there. The truth is: These people have in fact NO DESIRE for Jesus and HATE the brethren they claim to be part of a family they want to spend eternity with. At least, there must be a serious disturbance of their relationship to Christ with them -
      IF this relationship then really exists. So... CAN those people be true brethren at all? Do these 'sincere believers and watchers' REALLY LOVE His (soon) appearing? 1 John 4,20 / Matthew 25,24-30 / 2 Timothy 4,8

      Much blessings to you! :-)

    3. Annabel, I too believe He is making it increasingly clear that the Rapture will be according the Revelation 12 sign--not 100% convinced, because as mankind, we make mistakes, but it certainly seems God is telling us this. As for Rapture believers who strongly oppose us, I believe they have made a mistake of believing the "Doctrine of Imminence" (a doctrine which falls apart under proper scrutiny) on nearly equal footing with doctrine of Salvation. I am eager to know if my understanding is right or wrong, and am very willing to listen to those who have taught on the End Times credibly for decades. However whenever I have heard those who oppose, they actually add much credence to the truth of our understanding of Revelation 12, because every point they make is so obviously incorrect. They intellectually jump through hoops and do backflips to support their erroneous notions, proving their thinking to be unfounded.

      In essence, they seem to believe that expecting the Rapture to happen on a particular date is equivalent to belonging to a cult, and nearly treat it that way. But the timing of the Rapture has nothing to do with Salvation! Many Scriptures teach this, but Romans 10:9-10 are as obvious as any. However (and this is something else they don't believe, but it is increasingly clear through many Scriptures), Revelation chapters 2-3 clearly give the expectation to THE CHURCH that some are on track to MISS the Rapture, while others are promised to go if they do as warned.

      The "anti-date-setters" are to us like the anti-Pre-tribbers are to those who believe in a Pre-trib Rapture (which are many of the "anti-date-setters). How are they not concerned about being wrong? Because they are so convinced that whenever the Rapture happens, they are going. Therefore if they are wrong and the Rapture happens this Feast of Trumpets, "No problem--I'm going!" They MAY be disappointed! Regarding going, Jesus warned over and over to "Watch!" Even Revelation 3:3 warns the church in Sardis that if they do not watch, they will not "know what hour...". That certainly strongly suggests that if they DO watch, then they WILL know what hour! As for me, I want to be ready!

    4. Hi Unknown:

      I am more inclined to think that those "in the Church" who are left behind, as referenced in Rev 2-3, are more likely what I call CHRINOS (Christians in name only). I say that because I simply cannot reconcile the Lord Jesus only taking part of the body that is His Bride back to His Father's house. Can't imagine a Bridegroom showing up for His beloved Bride, only to intentionally leave part of her body behind. Maybe I am being too simplistic with the scriptural reference, but that's how it strikes me. I just think there are, tragically, going to be millions who are left-behind CHRINOS.

    5. Hi Anonymous,

      Like believing the Rapture will happen 9/23/17, I am increasingly convinced that my understanding is correct, but quickly concede that I may be wrong. I've been interested in these things since 1974 (in college), and held the traditional view (both "imminency" and that ALL Christians go in the Rapture) until recent years.

      There are many reasons why I have changed, none of which have to do with reading/listening to anyone else, but from my own Bible study and preparing to teach others. It would take many pages to go through it all, and these "replies" are designed for a brief format. Perhaps I could pick out an example or two. There are things that never made sense to me before...until I understand as I do now, and it suddenly all fits together like a glove.

      For instance, what kind of "hoops" do you need to "jump through" to get saved? How much effort does it take? None. (Again, Romans 10:9-10.) Believe (as stated there) and confess Him as Lord ("confess"--i.e. mean what you say). He promised us we will be saved!

      Now read Revelation 2-3 and tell me, to which Church did Jesus say (as churches and evangelists seem to teach today), "Just say the 'sinner's prayer,' then you don't have to worry about a thing! When the Rapture comes, you're going up!" It says nothing REMOTELY similar to that! But something close to that is taught all the time...I mean ALL the time! One of the main things Jesus stresses--not only in Revelation, but also in His teaching and parables--is to "watch". He says it in no uncertain terms. Tell me even once, anywhere that "watch" is a qualification for getting saved! It is not. But it certainly appears to be for the Rapture. Also to "be ready".

      I'll write one more "Reply" for my second example, so this "Reply" isn't too long.


    6. Anonymous,

      (Original "Reply" listed me as "Unknown".) Jesus repeatedly taught about "the few" and "the many" (e.g. Matthew 7:13-14). Until recent years, I never understood that, but now it makes SO much sense! When I was a young man, Billy Graham was still going strong--absolutely packing out huge football stadiums with people, then giving an alter call, with the football field filled with people giving their lives to Christ. Then Reinhardt Bonke moved to Africa, and had crowds of millions in person, giving their lives to Christ!

      I saw a Gallop Poll in which almost half the United States said they believed Jesus was returning in their lifetimes! How in the world could "few" be going to heaven?

      Ask Christians what Matthew 7:13-14 (read it, and tell them to explain it). They are familiar with it, and will usually tell you what they THINK it says. Few are going to "heaven" and many are going to "hell". It doesn't say that at all! It says few are going the way that leads to LIFE and many are going that leads to DESTRUCTION. Of all of human history, no one has gone to heaven without dying...except Enoch and Elijah. But they may be the two Tribulation witnesses, in which case they will have to die after all. So ONLY those going up in the Rapture will never die! In all of human history! All others go through destruction...those going to heaven do so as their bodies are destroyed to the point that it can no longer support life, such that they leave it. In the Tribulation, people will still go to heaven from there, but only via destruction!

      Now it makes SO much sense! Think of 2 Peter 3:9 "The Lord is...not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance"! While this doesn't mean no one is going to hell, I think it's a strong indication that more than "few" will be going to heaven! (If He's "not willing", don't you think He will somehow accomplish His will?)

      Now put it together: Jesus said repeatedly, including in Revelation, to "WATCH". Now forget the world for a second. Think only of the Christians you know. How many are "watching"? I take that to mean studying the Bible regarding His return, study what's happening in the world, and diligently "watch" these things so you will know when He comes and be ready. By doing so, we have recently found Revelation 3:3, suggesting we will know the hour IF and ONLY if we are watching (and repent...i.e. change direction, which I needed to do regarding "imminency" and thinking "all Christians will go"--how about you?). I can find SO few who are willing to watch! So few have ANY interest in watching! Even dedicated Christians just don't want to learn about these things! I have a group that loves to come to my house to learn, but otherwise locally, truly few who have any interest. I cannot find anywhere for me to go to learn locally. There are many of us across the U.S. and around the world, but I think wherever you go, in any local area it is only the "few" who care at all about watching. I am so thankful for the Internet, which enables us to learn from each other as the Lord reveals some things to one person (e.g. Scottie Clarke) and other things from others (such as this website, and plenty of others).

      I've barely scratched the surface. Let me know if you want more. There is so much to learn in the parable of the ten virgins, for instance. If you think: "All Christian are going in the Rapture", that certainly won't keep you from going! That is, UNLESS because of that you cease to watch! Then I would not boldly state you won't go...but I wouldn't want to be you (and take a chance)!!!

      God bless you!

    7. I believe all Christians will be raptured, even those who are not watching, as long as they have a genuine relationship with Jesus. The reason is because Paul tells us in 1 Thess 5 "9For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, 10who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him." If you read the preceding verses, it seems to suggest that "sleep" in this context means those who are not actively watching for the Lord's return (as opposed to those who are physically dead). That suggests to me that on the day of the rapture, those who are raptured alive off the Earth will fall into two categories: those who are watching and not surprised by the rapture event, and those who are not watching and are completely surprised because they were "sleeping". God in his infinite mercy will none-the-less bring them to heaven, not because they deserve it (none of us does) but because He has paid for their sins and they have accepted his gift of salvation, even though they are sleeping.

    8. Bruce dear brother, you're totally right on this! Once saved / sealed, always saved / sealed - if "sleeping" or not. Think about the rapture at night-in-bed-scene of Luke 17,34 = global event, some people work, some are asleep because of day/night situation: "sleeping" can also be literal! This much is absolutely true, please check out Barry Scarborough defending OSAS doctrine against current rising legalism (YouTube). Much blessings to you! :D

    9. Great discussion guys. I too believe all Christians will go in the Rapture. Sadly, God's definition of a Christian is much more specific than the worlds.

    10. While I cannot be dogmatic and always open to truth, my understanding of who watches and who doesn't is this. Those watching and listening, God will give wisdom and understanding. They will not be surprised as they see the day approaching. Others who are not watching but are saved .... some who never hear of the rev 12 sign.etc. Will go in the rapture. Others still who are not watching will go but suffer the loss of the crown of righteousness. Some who claim to be saved but are fighting tooth and nail against the signs, will (maybe) be left. We cannot receive anything from God without faith. If one has not the faith that the lord is coming...who don't believe in a rapture are, in my opinion in danger of being left behind and may lose there head over it all. To sum it up......it depends on the attitude of their hearts. There may be various levels of classification on this? All I know is I am watching, and believe his coming is this September 21-23. I do not want any man to steal my crown. If I am wrong....and we are still here in say....October. Then some embarrassment, but will continue to watch...howbeit more quietly.

  4. Hi Annabel:

    I feel like I need to clarify the particular situation I described in my previous post. (It is more than a little ironic to me that I am "defending" the folks who essentially threatened to kick me off their rapture forum for implying that the Rev 12 sign on Yom Teruah might actually mean something prophetically regarding the harpazo. But in the spirit of truth and full disclosure, I feel like it is the right thing to do.)

    These folks, as best as I can tell, love the Lord Jesus and seem to be very much looking forward to His return at the harpazo. They believe in the rapture and I would also say they believe we are close to going home. They are simply stuck on the idea that "no man knows the day or the hour" and adamantly refuse to allow anything that even hints of date setting to be posted on their web site. I believe they do so, right or wrong, out of a sincerely held conviction that to set a date or even suggest that a certain span of time is a "high watch" time violates scripture. They would say, I believe, they do not want to dishonor God with wrong dates and contribute to the next chapter of the Harold Campings of the world.

    They have no room for the possibility that Yom Teruah 2017 is seemingly pregnant (choice of words intentional on my part) with the potential for the harpazo and the start of Daniel's 70th week. Could the Lord come before then? Absolutely. Could He delay until some point after this year's Feast of Trumpets? Of course. He is God and He obviously does not need my puny approval for anything He does. I will say that, in my humble opinion, whatever day the Father does choose to send the Son back for us, there will be absolutely nothing random about it from God's perspective. I'm sure you would agree with me that He has proven Himself over and over again far too precise in everything He does to leave such a momentous event to some insignificant or "random" date.

    The real struggle that I had in my particular situation is that the moderators of the board seemed quite willing to post an article which, if not explicitly, certainly implicitly indicated that people like me who placed any type of spiritual significance upon the Rev 12 sign must be dabbling in astrology. Such prejudicial thoughts are just laughable. The reason satanic astrology exists is because divine astronomy is real. Furthermore, I am not one who holds in any way dogmatically to the rapture occurring on September 23, although I will readily confess that the window of time between 9/20-9/25, if we are still here, holds much higher than "normal" levels of anticipation for me. So far, I have no conviction from the Holy Spirit that such thoughts are wrong, sinful, or offensive to our God.

    So, in charitableness to the specific people of whom I speak, I would say I do not question their salvation over what I have observed. Perhaps a misplaced doctrinal zeal that does not serve them well. I will also say, having posted online in rapture forum settings for a couple of years now, I do not envy the role of a moderator. I personally do not feel like I would be qualified for such a job, nor do I have any aspirations for such a role. LOL. It is not an easy role to play.

    In the meantime, I cannot help but be utterly amazed over the collective weight that all of the signs we see today carry, especially in the context of a potential harpazo on Yom Teruah. Will I be disappointed if we are still here in October? Not going to lie. I would be. But I am still fighting to recover from a horrific Job experience, so my perspective is undoubtedly biased in my yearning to be healed physically and done with with deep emotional anguish. Sometimes I think God removed His hedge of protection to bring me to a place where I no longer hunger and thirst for the things of this world, but rather for His presence and His righteousness. Most of the time I can say with Job, though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Maranatha, Lord Yeshua!!!

    1. Beautiful discussion.... loved reading everyone's thoughts. Thank you. If someone has an extra long / powerful study to share with the group, (as George hinted at) feel free to email it to me and if appropriate I have no problem sharing it on the site. Thanks again!

    2. Dear Anonymous, I fully understand what you wanted to say about these 'unintentionally zealous' people who claim to love the LORD but think they do Him a favour in beating their fellowservants if the date question of Rev12-sign comes up (which, as I said, must be equally possible as date or timeframe as any other from a logical point of view). But again: what is about LOVE towards the brethren then here? 1 John 4,20!

      If I am confronted with new knowledge about e.g. former teaching errors like the 'day no one knows' topic or how the church was 'born' (instead of actually 'conceived') at Pentecost, I will certainly NOT beat the brother or sister who told me that but rather PROVE it according to 1 Thessalonians 5,21. If it makes sense to me and does not contradict scriptures, I will be HAPPY to have learned sth more to be able to GLORIFIY the LORD Jesus to a greater extent. But I will certainly not stick to my former (lower) level of insight!

      My question is: How can I claim to love the LORD Jesus but am not willing to KNOW Him better nor to LEARN more about Him; and if my brother comes and tells me BEAT him or KICK him out from community?? (John 9,34 but read also what Jesus tells them in verses 39-41!) As I said before, this is not about the "little ones" the baby Christians and those who lack knowledge but are saved and with us on whatsoever rapture date. This is about the ones who HATE their brethren for telling them.

      I have very early experienced similar sacking like you in diverse places. The first web forum I had to leave was run by a reformationist Christian who firmly believed that God would ONLY speak to men through scriptures. So when I got to post sth about the Holy Spirit and talking of God in various ways he would kick me out. I recognized this guy was some scholar or scribe perhaps, but not born from above in the Spirit. I recognize these people only by applying scriptures to them. So you can recognize every "Chrinos" from the bunch of bridesmaids in Matthew 25 without oil in their lamps by treating you like they in fact do treat GOD: unloving and with despise! How can such a person honestly be saved?

      In Revelation 3,9 Jesus tells Philadelphia about some that claim to be 'Jews' (compare Romans 2,28-29) but are not. Such are those who ATTACK us in a spirit of murder and hate thinking they do God a service with this behaviour (= John 16,2!!). You may think they are just 'zealous' for God in their own way but this is what truly is behind because this is WRITTEN. You cannot hate your brother and behave like they do and at the same time claim to love God.

  5. @ Anonymous again: I'd like to comfort you in your personal situation (recovering from horrific work experience) with Joshua 1,5 being very much convinced everything God leads us into He will lead us out again without any harm and blemish. Me and my hsb are in a similar situation being both pulled out from workplace in 2016 but at the same time (!) being provided with enough money to make it roughly about 2 years living frugal but without lacking needs through legacy. Like you, we can now concentrate more on preparing into His kingdom instead of too much struggling with the world outside. I think there are even more than us God works in a similar way now, preparing them prior to our departure from this world. (My work was by the way quit because (!) of sharing the gospel to patients in a rehab clinics for about 3 years...) I KNOW time for departure is very near. Jesus would NEVER forsake us nor lie about His return date if He even told us so often and urgently to watch for it (John 14,2 b); Mark 13,37 = this He explicitly said to ALL and not only to a special group of 'watchers').

    Hold on, beloved, be not afraid nor frustrated; even if we fail about the exact day or hour we have increased our insight and not lost our salvation (but I am very convinced about Feast of Trumpets 2017 anyway). And Jesus will ALWAYS care for His on earth as He said in Matthew 28,20 which I find some what chronologically too - spreading the gospel first, then fortify the flock by teaching and at last confirming His presence with us in the last days when all the preaching and teaching is done and ENDURING in faith during the last waiting period has become most important for us (Luke 21,19) to save our souls until the very end, when mockers, debunkers and deceivers are increasing and the true gospel isn't accepted anymore worldwide. If He cared for us in the past He will do so now and in future. What a father would God be NOT doing to His children He loves? Be blessed and ever protected in Christ Jesus! MARANATHA

  6. Brad,

    I'd be happy to email you, but I don't know how. I can't find your email address on any tabs of the homepage of this website.


    1. Freegiftmn@yahoo.com

      Good catch George! Hard to send email with no address. Hope you don't mind Brad! LOL. Add your contact email somewhere!

    2. Thanks Frank. It's on the side bar. It shows up if the screen is wide enough, or you can hit the 3 bars in the upper right of the main page. : )

  7. Had a pastor of a church I use to go to never preach about prophecy and the last days. He did, however manage to mock 88 Reasons Why Jesus is Returning in 1988(if you can find a copy today, I am sure it is very budget friendly..lol)

    Never read that book, but recently read am article that looked at the reasons. Some were incredibly flimsy and many seemed like the writer was scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel to meet the requirement of his book title/marketing campaign.

    By stark contrast, the reasons we give serious consideration to September 2017 as a serious possibility of the harpazo are so much more substantive and weighty. It's like a box of ping pong balls vs a crate of gold bars.

    Not even remotely close. There are so many compelling reasons cited in this article that I do not understand how anyone seriously watching for the Lord's coming in the air would not give SERIOUS consideration to the possibility that the harpazo is this September.

    Maranatha, Lord Yeshua!!! Watching for You and longing to be in Your presence!!!

    1. Renee Moses said (if I remember correctly--it's been a couple years now), that the Rapture would be on the Feast of Tabernacles, September 25, 2015--as a certainty. She told of events that were prophetic fulfillment, such as fulfilling Daniel 12:11's "abomination of desolation". She also based 9/25/15 on prophecy given to her. She validated this by things the Lord told her prophetically personally earlier in her life that came to pass. Falsely prophesying..."false prophet", eh?

      Contrast this with others who are wrongly accused of being "false prophets". This seems to happen whenever someone does their best to understand the Bible and relate it to events in their lives, however they are not prophesying anything themselves, but rather stating what seems to them to be true based upon their studies and observations. That does NOT make them a "false prophet"! That just means they were wrong about that understanding.

      Let me give an example: Martin Luther said that the pope in his day was the Antichrist! Not "like" or "a type of", or "an antichrist", but The Antichrist. Obviously he was wrong. Do we therefore cast him aside as a "false prophet"? If so, does that make the entire Protestant Reformation false, as well...leaving only Catholicism? Obviously not. God gave him profound insight and boldness, that made a profound difference for the Church. (Martin Luther was also seriously wrong on some other things, as well! I won't go into these now, but some were despicable! God still used him mightily.)

      I do remember back when the book "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988" first came out. Recently I happened to wonder about that again, and found the book online. It is not as people assume. Edgar Whisenant was the author. (I didn't remember that, but found out quickly online). He did not write the book to make money! It cost him to do so. It didn't cost him as a mistake, but intentionally. He was a former NASA engineer. He mailed 300,000 copies of the book free of charge to ministers across the country. If he wanted to make money off it, that's not what I would think he would do. I read some of it, not that much, but enough to be amazed to find out that he was talking about the Biblical feasts way back then, which most Christians interested in End Times didn't think about until sometime this past decade! (He also had many complicated calculations of this and that...like others who believed wrong dates in the past.)

      The point is that I don't think he was "a false prophet". I think he based it all on his studies and astronomical knowledge he learned due to his work in NASA. He was wrong. But so are denominations who conflict on various doctrines, which is why we have many denominations now.

      I believe the Revelation 12 sign. I am not 100% convinced that we will gone by September 23, however if we're still here thereafter, I will be very disappointed. But I don't know any of us who believe this because of any modern-day prophecy, but rather because we see (e.g. in Stellarium.org) as fact what is stated in the Bible. As a result, it seems some want to label us as heretics prior to September 23! But should we even be labeled as heretics or "false prophets" by Thanksgiving if we are still here? NO, we should not! If we do go 9/23/17 (or 9/22 or 9/21), should those who stood against us because they cannot break from "no man knows the day or hour" be labeled "heretics" the day after? Again, NO!

      Separate Salvation doctrine, upon which the Church agrees, from our understanding of other things which have nothing to do with eternity in hell vs. heaven! This is likely one reason why pastors "run scared" from covering prophecy, especially the Revelation 12 sign. They don't want to be labeled "heretics", and especially don't want to be proven so by October this year!


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