Clothed In The Sun

Most of you reading this undoubtedly know that Revelation 12:1 begins its description of the 'Great Sign' by saying that a woman is clothed with the sun.   Some may ask what exactly does clothed with the sun mean or how is it fulfilled in the Rev12 Sign?"

While I believe those are fair questions, to me the phrase seemed pretty straight-forward the first time I read it in the context of the Rev12 Sign.   I basically asked myself: "Is the sun there?  Yes it is,  check!" What I found later was that the more you dig into this text the more jewels you find...just like the rest of God's Word! (Proverbs 25:2)

So this post is basically an attempt to point out multiple levels of fulfillment to this seemingly straightforward aspect of the Rev12 Sign.   I am comparing static images of the sun on 9/23/17, side by side with different images showing various types of fulfillments.  Some of these are fairly obvious, others are quite interesting.  Combined I think they should remove all doubt regarding this specific aspect of the sign for any skeptic.

Let's now take a VISUAL journey looking at this aspect of the sign and examine just how perfectly the Sept 23 alignment fulfills this requirement in 4 DIFFERENT WAYS!
Fulfillment 1: Clothed with the sun simply means that the sun is in the constellation of the woman (Virgo) during the alignment.
Explanation 1: This the most basic and most common explanation.  The sun is within the boundaries of Virgo, which is the only woman constellation it ever passes through.  This happens every year for about a month, usually around mid September. This is clearly a reasonable fulfillment.

Fulfillment 2:  Clothed in the sun means that the sun / sunlight covers the woman just like clothing covers a person.  You can't see her, she is covered with "clothing" consisting of sunlight.  
Explanation 2: The woman is dressed in light.  When you look at woman who is fully clothed, you do not see her body, you see the clothing on her body.  When you look at this area of the sky you do not see the stars of Virgo, you see the clothing (Sun /Sunlight) covering that area of the sky. 

Fulfillment 3:  The placement of the sun on the shoulder of the woman is similar to how ancient Romans and Greeks wore their clothing. 

This one is pretty cool, so before I get going I need to give total credit to commenter "Blood Red Moon" who by his comment on this amazing article by Unsealed opened up my eyes to this line of thinking. Here is an excerpt from his awesome comment:

"The woman "IS ABSOLUTELY" clothed with the sun because in ancient Rome and Greece, you were clothed because your clothing was held together by a shoulder clip, brooch or knot. You can see it in these ancient Rome and Greece statues..."

Look below and you will see that this commenter is absolutely correct...

He even pointed out how this similar type of clothing is used on our very own Statue of Liberty!

Explanation 3:  I love this line of thinking.  Not only is the sunlight covering her like clothing... The actual Sun is the beautiful brooch holding the clothing together... a style especially common when the book of Revelation was written!  Additionally, this style of fashion is still somewhat popular today, but instead of an essential element to the clothing, it is simply pinned on in a similar location as a jewelry accessory.

Fulfillment 4: The placement of the sun is identical to a common photography technique in which the sun is placed in the neck/shoulder region of a subject to allow the suns rays to wash in front of the subject and create a beautiful effect. 

Here I must point out that George H made the following comment on the same article as linked above to make me aware of this idea.  Here are George's own words describing this incredible layer of fulfillment:

Great Article! A quick comment on "clothed in the sun". As a wedding and engagement photographer I "clothe people in the sun" all the time. Where do photographers put the sun to do this? The neck, head and shoulder area. The location of the sun in the Revelation 12 sign looks perfect to me!

Explanation 4: I personally loved this comment.  While the "Roman Clothing" explanation above makes all the sense in the world to me, someone could say that the sun is too high off the shoulder of the Virgo artwork to count.  That point of contention takes nothing away from items #1 and #2 of course, but that supposed flaw only strengthens the case here in #4.   So no matter how you slice it, God had this aspect of the 'Great Sign' totally covered!


I am hoping that this helps put to bed the notion that the Sept 23rd Alignment somehow fails to meet the clothed in the sun requirement and also gives you guys some additional imagery to use when describing the Rev12 Sign to others.  As alluded to above, many of you surely remember that this topic was expertly addressed by Gary in his now legendary Celestial C-Section article at back in May.  My goal here was to simply shed some additional light on the topic with the side by side visuals, highlight some great points made by commenters, and overall bring some additional points of discussion out into the light of day!  : )

In closing, with these images in mind head over to Gary's article, scroll down to item #5 and read how someone really smart deals with this subject!


  1. 5) Virgo is not clothed with the sun on September 23, 2017.
    It makes sense the Revelation 12 woman is clothed with the sun. And that the sun appears to be on or just above her shoulder. Think about it - our clothes hang from our shoulders. The "clothed with the sun" ouftit seems to be gathered or clasped at the shoulder, golden, brilliant raiment cascading, flowing down over her chest, pregnant tummy, hips, thighs, legs ... seems one could easily visualize this.

    The above comment was posted a couple of hours before Blood Red Moon's comment on the Unsealed article.
    Thank you, great article!

    1. Yes, that is a great comment as well! Thank you for sharing! What a great visual!

  2. Fabulous Brad, thank you for gathering all these aspects here! I like this 'shoulder brooch' thought especially when looking at Adam Finks video on the sign comparison of different dates in history on Stellarium: mostly, the sun was hardly reaching the 'shoulder' area but the 'stretched arm' only. Anyway, ALL details have to come in ONE sign at a time and that is what the debunkers (willingly) overlook here. Much blessings, dear brother! Your site and all the comments of the beloved brethren are so much uplifting and strengthening faith while waiting and enduring until September... ;-)

    1. Good point... I feel that only after looking at many of the "other dates" do you really begin to appreciate how truly precise the alignment is this year!

  3. Hey Brad, thanks for the shout out. I'm thinking about doing a post on the number of stars in Leo.

    1. Do it! That one needs more depth as the pregnancy is pretty well documented and the moon is very straight forward.

  4. Also in Greek the word for sun is interchangeable between (sun and sunlight)


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