The Divine Message Of The August Eclipse | Unsealed

Is the Solar Eclipse that cuts through the center of the United States a divine warning of judgment soon to come?  Is it an indicator that the 70th week of Daniel is soon to begin and the Age of Grace soon to end?  Is the fact that it is just 33 days before the Rev12 Sign and 40 days prior to the Lords Feast Day of Yom Kippur mere coincidence?  These questions and more are tackled in the latest fantastic article by Gary over at  If you haven't dove into a deep study of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, ("The Big One" as the secular media has called it), now is a great time to start as this awesome event is less than 2 months away.  Soon it will become the talk of the nation, study up now as this is a great way to bring up the Rev12 Sign with your friends and family.

Here is another graphic I put together a while back when studying Mark 13:24.  I can see how this Eclipse could be a fulfillment of prophecy IF the Rev12 Sign (which comes shortly after it) kicks off "The Day of the Lord", otherwise known as Daniels 70th week.


  1. I believe it is clearly a warning of God's coming judgment upon our nation. Amazingly, seven years later in, I believe, April 2024 another total eclipse crosses our country in the same way, only this time from the southwest (starting in Texas) to the Northeast as compared to the one in August that runs northwest to southeast. I suspect on this site that many already know X marks the spot on the New Madrid fault where Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois come close together. You have to be spiritually blind to miss the implications. Thank you Lord, that far be it from You to destroy the righteous with the wicked. We claim Your righteousness by faith in Yeshua, confessing we have absolutely no righteousness of our own. Thank You for rescuing us Abba. We thank You today in faith knowing You are faithful to Your Word!!! Maranatha, Lord Yeshua!!!

    1. These eclipses are so rare, especially in the USA. The fact that there is another one 7 years later forming an X on our country is impossible to ignore. We will see what happens, but like you I can't see how this is a 'good sign' for our nation, so to speak.

    2. eclipses are not rare. it is only rare that you can see it, because the majority happen out over the ocean. You can go to an astronomical website, and see how many will happen over the next 1,000 years. It's not like they happen out of nowhere.

  2. The awesomeness of the 2017 eclipse is being lost due to ignorance.

    In keeping with the spirit of Jeremiah 32:20, the main theme of the Nazca lines is the coming seed of the woman. It has astronomical markers for when the promise was made and possibly when it will be fulfilled. The lines also have several depictions of the Inca version for XY in the genetic code. XY is the male chromosome. According to German astronomer Maria Rieche the lines also foreshadow a major solar event where in there will be two eclipses on the same day. What has been mistakenly thought to be a spider is actually three images put together. It is composed of 1 head of hydra, a Meso American image of the sun, and an image of the moon just before it eclipses the sun. There is even a marking that accounts for procession since 4004 b.c. telling us where the sun will be at when the eclipse occurs. According to Riche the eclipse will occur in what is called the 5th sun ( wich is august if you start from nissan). The images of the eclipse and assciated lines tell us where the ecplipse will start ( off the cost Orgeon) where it will be at maximim eclipse ( kentucky/ tennese ), how long for said max 2:46 seconds and finally where it will end off the cost of south carolina. When the Solar eclipse completes another minor eclipse will occur and is also depicted in Nazca. This eclipse will be over a star that the maya called center. We know it as regulus. When the this minor eclipse is over, a constellation known as the swooping eagle will be just above the north east horizon as seen from nazca. What he been mistakingly called the humming bird is in reality this constellation with a line pointing from it's head to where it will be seen above the horizon if one stands in the head of the so called humming bird. The swooping eagle is swooping down on the head of draco whose head is being crushed by the reaper. It is important to note that there are two depictions of hydra ( the seven headed dragon of the sea) that are ascociated with the eclipse. The first image has only six heads. It is in a position of being before the eclipse. The 2nd image shows hydra with 7 heads. The imagery is telling. Before the eclipse the beast has only 6 heads. After the eclipse the deadly wound of the 7th head is healed and is present.

    Final note. The nazca lines are difficult to understand outside the biblical world view of the 2nd comming. If we overlay the prophetic narative it fits like a glove. These same lines also have their version of the revelation 12 sign and where it will be on 9/23/17 from the view of nazca. When I began to first look at nazca i had no idea as to what I would find and did not go looking for something to fit. I simply used google earth, stellarium a compass, calendar and began recording observations. 1 by 1 the peices came together and what was once very confusing began to call out like a clarion call. The lines are even more stunning than what I have preseted here. I have been purposfully brief here but can provide much more to any who would inquire. The Lord has set signs and wonders in egypt, israel, and among the nations by wich he would make a great name for himself jeremiah 32:20

    1. Brad, thank you for sharing. I know those markers in South America have baffled people for many years. The idea that they point to this eclipse is mind blowing!

  3. wow, I've been a Nazca-file for over 35 years and had no idea. It makes perfect sense. It would be a tremendous treasure to the Body to have these details more fully laid out, is there a site(s) we can look into? The alignment of the Giza pyramids to 9/21/17, as I recall, was referenced in Alan Horvath's update, as I had seen elsewhere. For another ancient marker to be pre-set to the 9/23 Phenom, and from an entirely 'different' part of the planet, would be wonderfully significant. Of course, with the looming DNA finds with the Paracas' skulls showing Mid-Eastern area lineage in Peru (ala L.A. Marzulli & Ancient Aliens), these spots are likely not as sociologically disparate as the 'history' foisted upon us all by TPTB would lead us to understand. Nonetheless, for many in the Body, such additional corroboration from such a culturally and geographically removed source would be very encouraging and persuasive.

    1. Here is the link to Daniel Matsons Pyramid article which Alan referenced....

    2. Awesome article on the Pyramids (Giza) and nice to see so many details assembled in one place, a fine resource for the toolkit. What I am looking for in my question is that same type of resource unpacking the Nazca details touched upon here.

  4. Speaking with a brother, this morning, and citing some verses concerning the validity of looking to the heavens to unpack the things of YHWH and noticed something really cool. You will all immediately recognize the verse as relevant but note how it ends:

    The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day
    uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language,
    where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the
    end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom
    coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. (Psa 19:1-5, KJV, emph mine)

    Never noticed the allusion to the Sun being like a "Bridegroom coming out of his chamber". Wow. We await THE Bridegroom, to depart from His chamber, for us, soon, and its all tied to the details of the 'tabernacle' which the sun dwells within, set by YHWH to tell HIS story (Mazaroth). Coincidence that He puts a BRIDEGROOM right here in THIS verse? uhm, no.

    Why would a bridegroom "rejoice as a strong man to run a race'? Because the Lord is telling us that the SUN is the runner on a SPECIFIC track, that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was built to create a SPECIFIC course for our sun, and a SPECIFIC ending, where HE catches His bride!!!!!

    He 'rejoiceth', from the START of the race, as he knows that, at the end, he gets his bride. It's not about the race, its about the catching at the end! He is the 'strong man' to remind us that He is MORE THAN ABLE and that, like the favored, champion stallion, he bolts from the gate already knowing the race is his to win.

    Maranatha - Jimboni

    1. Interesting, in stellarium, from Jerusalem, the sun catches up to Jupiter on 10-27-2017 @ 10:00:00

      10-27 is the fast of Zedekiah

      Just tracking that one down... not sure if it means anything.

    2. Well, what first comes to mind is that BOTH the Sun and Jupiter carry the identity of the Lord and King and, Jupiter, especially, also the Church inasmuch as She is the Vessel of the King. In other words, on 10/27/17 the King catches up with . . . HIMSELF.

      Going deeper, this is in keeping with Scott Clarke's analogy of the Body of the Christ being joined (birthed) to the Head of the King, Christ, at the rapture. Being the source of energy & light and the "Star" of the Mazaroth, the Sun is best seen as the Lord and Jupiter as His Body, with its 'stripes' and 'large wound' so clearly visible as noted elsewhere and which will STILL be visible as we are gathered at His throne (Rev 5:6). Also, the Head (Sun) is chasing down the Body (Church) for the joining, quite appropriate.

      If, as we are seeing, the Rapture is the opening bell of the Tribulation of Judah, what do we find out about Zedekiah in this regards? (Following comes from Wikipedia)

      According to the Hebrew Bible, Zedekiah was made king of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar II in 597 BC at the age of twenty-one. (9/21/17???) The kingdom was at that time tributary to Nebuchadnezzar II. Despite the strong remonstrances of Jeremiah, Baruch ben Neriah and his other family and advisors, as well as the example of Jehoiakim, he revolted against Babylon, and entered into an alliance with Pharaoh Hophra of Egypt. Nebuchadnezzar responded by invading Judah. (2 Kings 25:1). Nebuchadnezzar began a siege of Jerusalem in December 589 BC. During this siege, which lasted about thirty months,[5] "every worst woe befell the city, which drank the cup of God's fury to the dregs". (2 Kings 25:3; Lamentations 4:4, 5, 9)

      At the end of Zedekiah's eleven-year reign, [11 being the number of chaos and destruction, a good picture of things immediately after the Rapture, especially if Nibiru is involved or other global calamities] Nebuchadnezzar succeeded in capturing Jerusalem. Zedekiah and his followers attempted to escape, making their way out of the city, but were captured on the plains of Jericho, and were taken to Riblah.

      There, after seeing his sons put to death, his own eyes were put out, and, being loaded with chains, he was carried captive to Babylon (2 Kings 25:1–7; 2 Chronicles 36:12; Jeremiah 32:4–5; 34:2–3; 39:1–7; 52:4–11; Ezekiel 12:13), where he remained a prisoner until he died.

      After the fall of Jerusalem, Nebuzaradan was sent to destroy it. The city was plundered and razed to the ground. Solomon's Temple was destroyed. Only a small number of vinedressers and husbandmen were permitted to remain in the land. (Jeremiah 52:16)

      The flight from Jerusalem [ala Petra] , capturing Jerusalem with a 30-month siege versus the Anti-Christ using a 'covenant' and deception to do the same over about the same time frame, the utter destruction of the Holy City under Israel and looking at Nebuchadnezzar as a type of the Anti-Christ makes this very interesting as it relates to the Time of Jacob's Trouble, agreed?

      As 10/27/17 doesn't ring any bells on any timeline I can recall, this seems more like a poetic clue and confirmation of things than a specific indicator of an event. However, worthy of being called an "eyes open" moment.

    3. Wow that was in depth. I agree. It looks verrrrry poetic!

    4. Just found out, coincidentally (?), that Scripture records the sacking of Jerusalem (above) as happening on the Tenth day of the FIFTH month (Jer. 52:12).

      07/25/17 is the 1st day of the 5th month (Hebrew Calendar)

      see 16 Signs, Scriptures and Numbers leading us to July 25, 2017

  5. Quite interesting "coincidence"? Just found some conference announcement to a REFORMATION & LAND OF LUTHER STUDY TOUR in Wittenberg (GER) that exactly ENDS on 21st August!

    To all the "hidden saints" in Reformation Sardes church: Revelation 3,3-4! MARANATHA


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