Steve Cioccolanti's Latest Sermon | New Video

In his latest sermon Pastor Steve covers many of the recent (and developing) events and also dives into an interesting study on intellectual / spiritual faith related to the Rev12 Sign. This video has gotten a lot of high praise so if you haven't seen it check it out. After this video went up YouTube apparently de-monetized their channel... (that usually means it's good!)

Video and the description (1 hour 3 minutes):
"How much proof, how many prophetic signs would convince you? Are you expecting? There is now a convergence of signs, though skeptics are still mocking."


  1. Thank you Brad.

    I watched this last night, someone warmed my decaf up with loaded coffee, lol.

    The elite/globalist/TBTP (the powers that be) are doing everything they can to shut God's people up, they know what is coming and are trying to stop anyone they can from learning the truth and coming to repentance in Jesus. Their bunkers are ready, their plan is ready, they are evil beyond comprehension but they will lose and lose bigger than they ever could have imagined because God is in control and always has been.

    Titus 2:13

  2. This is a terrific video, I'm very your sharing it. God bless!


    1. *I'm very happy you're sharing it* Tried to "swipe" with my phone instead of typing...


  3. it was a good recap on what has been going on. Shame about the 'Trump/Netenyahu peace deal at the UN' comments however.

  4. He said if you are only praying in english, you are not praying in the Spirit, hogwash!

    1. I agree with you, "anonymous". Daniel

    2. I agree as well. For those who are confused by that statement in the video, understand that the "sign gifts" (assuming he means speaking in tongues) are a matter of theological disagreement among the brethren but should never divide us.

    3. I agree, too. That statement could throw off a baby Christian who may think their prayers are insignificant if they're not speaking in tongues. (I don't, and my prayers are in the Spirit and certainly heard!)

    4. Thanks for clarifying Robyn. God Bless.

    5. Agreed, this was the one thing that really irked me.

  5. Interpreting Dan 9:24 "70 Weeks" as 69 Weeks of Years an open ended Age of Grace and 7 Yr Tribulation requires reliance on Persian Kings Lists, an assumption of Jesus' birth date, and a new Dispensation for Israel when God is clear this will not happen (Amos 5:2). God does not have an open ended Age of Grace; He promised to return when Creation is exactly 6000 Years old (2 Pet 3:8).
    Revelation describes a 1260 day Great Tribulation as does Daniel but not once a 7 Yr Tribulation or Pre-Trib Rapture

  6. In general, aside from the 'tongues" issue, I thoroughly enjoyed what he had to say about the Pharisees at the first coming, how the church would have probably sided with them and the intellectual vs spiritual insight. (I hope I got that right, I watched the video as soon as it came out). I see this type of division in my own life and church. Prophecy is called a distraction from the main thing. In actuality, I find myself sharing the gospel more than I ever did. Why do the intellectuals presume that the command to "go into all the world" has more validity then "look up, be watchful", "be alert and sober, praying" "as you see the day approaching." (I cobbled a few verses together there). The body of Christ is diverse in its giftings. Wouldn't it be nice if we valued each other's expertise and gifts. Soon, we will truly be in unity and one with the Lord. Marantha

  7. Quote from video:

    Some people are saying: 'First there has to be antichrist'
    --I got that
    Maybe it's a representation of the false king first, but whatever it is, this is the king planet
    So surely there is an antichrist coming surely millions will be deceived
    Whatever is being conceived and being delivered is going to be delivered around the 23rd of September.

    On an earlier video this man was adamant that the child is a collective entity ie the church.
    Now he's suggesting the child could be the antichrist


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