Tim and Rob "Prepare The Way"

This video by Tim and Rob really moved me. These two guys were so impacted by the Revelation 12 Sign they decided to pool their money and efforts in order to start an online ministry spreading the Gospel.  Their impact has grown and grown over the last few months but from there they felt moved to have a local event.  They held it last Sunday and multiple people were saved and many were baptized. Its an awesome story and it was all documented in the video and summary below:

 Here is a summary by Tim.  Please like and read more on their Facebook page: Tim and Rob.com
Hello all! This past Sunday God called Tim and I to reach out to our local community and preach a message of repentance and prayer for our nation. We had about 40 people show up, 22 People baptized and 5 people who asked Jesus into their lives for the first time! Here's a powerful video highlighting the events of that day.
Here is the video from that amazing day. Baptisms always get me... but this video is extra special because it has quotes from some very some familiar voices talking about Revelation 12 Sign over it!  It really is awesome... Be sure to listen to it with the SOUND ON! Listen all the way to the end AND I DARE YOU NOT TO CRY!

Well done guys...you got me when you started washing their feet (tears)! I am so inspired by what you have done and are still doing! Praise Jesus!


  1. " But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation..." 1 Pet 2:9KJV You may want to get an Authorized Bible (KJV) "chosen generation" refers to baptism of the Holy Ghost and has nothing to do with water baptism. There is 1 Race of Man on Earth; Race in the bible refers to a contest of speed/endurance. There is no 7 Yr Tribulation, Pre-Trib Rapture or 2nd Dispensation for Israel, only a warning not to add anything to the prophecy of Revelation Rev 22:18. Time to wake up! 5 of 7 of God's Feasts have been fulfilled with Jesus' birth on Tabernacles, Crucifixion on Passover, Sinless body on Feast of Unleavened Bread, Resurrection on Feast of First Fruits and deliverance of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost. The only 2 left are Trumpets; 7 of which comprise the 3 1/2 Yr Great Tribulation and Atonement. As Jesus gave His body and blood, His followers will as well.

    1. The above comment is no different from spam. This person went to a site dedicated to the pre-Trib rapture in order to anonymously post a mid-Trib comment. In that comment, no evidence is offered that the mid-Trib position is true - the author just asserts it, baselessly. On top of that, there is very little evidence that the author even read the post. The post itself was about people being motivated by Revelation 12 to spread the gospel.

      I just don't understand why people would do this. Spamming sites like this is only going to irritate people and spread confusion and discord. It's not going to help your position at all.

      Why can't more people say "You know what? Jesus might be coming back soon, so let's spend more time spreading the gospel." How hard would that be? If there is even a small chance - even a 1% chance - then shouldn't we be doing all we can? Why not use this to motivate evangelism, which is exactly what this whole post is about? The response to this from the church at large has been completely baffling. The feeling I get is that many people actually don't want this to be true (which is a scary thought).

    2. I was talking about Anonymos, not Robert Mueler. Robert's comment didn't yet exist when I posted mine. Sorry!

      Robert, he actually does mention Tabernacles - he claims that Jesus fulfilled that feast at His birth, and thus fulfilled them out of order. That seems like another unsubstantiated claim to me. I am unaware of any Bible verses that make that claim, and it makes no sense that the feasts would be fulfilled out of order.

      Incidentally, that is why I think the rapture will happen on the feast of tabernacles, and not on 9/23. Since the church was conceived on Pentecost, which was the last festival, I expect the next festival - tabernacles - to be when the rapture occurs. (It would be very surprising to me if the conception of the church warranted a festival but the rapture and the resurrection of the dead did not.) As far as I know, 9/23 is not the date of any Biblical festival.

      I do think that Rev 12:1-2 will be fulfilled on 9/23. But I think the rapture could happen either before or after that date. I could be wrong, though; we'll know shortly!

    3. Jonathan.... How someone decides to hijack such a beautiful topic is beyond me... We have been fortunate so far to have limited disrupting comments like the first one above. I would delete it, but your rebuttal was SO FANTASTIC I can't bring myself to do it now! ( If get rid of that one then yours would go too). So it will stay.... Besides, God will judge all of us for every idle word we speak or type. This site was created for Him from the beginning, so I will let Him handle this one. ; ) He is more than able.

    4. Re: Jonathan's comments, is Rosh Hashanah not considered a festival? If it is, it's the next one this year, even if it does not turn out to be the date of the rapture. Jonathan could be right but I hope it will be on Rosh Hashanah

    5. Feast of Trumpets is directly related to the Marriage of the Bride. Please check this out!!

  2. Beautiful! God is wonderful. Amen!

  3. And there was rejoicing in heaven.

    Luke 15:7 and Luke 15:10

  4. Luke 12:45 comes to mind (Regarding the first post above)

    Those who rebuke the Revelation Chapter 12 Great Sign are either unbelievers or servants who say the Master delays His return. They say so because they DON'T want to leave this world, they are believers who are still concerned with this world. There is something here they still want and many of the people I work worth confess to love Christ, but they don't want the Rapture to happen yet. They want to see their daughter graduate, or they want a new boat, or they want a new house. I am starting to think such people won't be raptured, but that is only my opinion.

  5. Concerned with this world or not, born again and Spirit-filled believers will all be raptured simultaneously. Just like waking from real slumber, I believe wakefulness to the unfolding prophetic reality comes in stages. Some in my circle of family and friends may not be at the point of accepting the fullness of this so it's my responsibility to point them to Scripture with a renewed urgency, praying for the Lord to open their eyes to help them loosen their grip on earthly vanities to be watchful and waiting for their salvation to come.

  6. As I sit here watching these baptisms, I am tearfully remembering the great joy we had in my early walk with the Lord, coming up through the Vineyard movement in Cincinnati, and remembering the baptism services, the Watch of the Lord, all-nighter Rock & Praise & Prayer events and the simple, crazy joy we all shared in the Lord. Wow, I miss that so much. What a wonderful, incomparable experience we are all about to enjoy once the veil between us and our Lord, and between each other, is GONE! Maranatha!

  7. Beautiful Kingdom work my brothers. What a privilege we have been given to lead people to our soon returning King whenever that maybe. I don't entangle myself with pre-mid-post or never trib since I have passion for one thing: share the Gospel and make disciples. I'ts my pleasure to share this video message. Shalom!


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