Jeff and Adam Share Thier Hearts

Two of our brothers who have supported and encouraged so many of us on this journey shared their hearts today. I encourage you to check out what they shared...

Jeff from Unsealed
When September Ends
Excerpt: I would grieve without hope for two years after my dad's death, but I was being drawn by the Holy Spirit. Looking back, I can see how he brought a fella by the name of Seth into my life when I enrolled back into a community college. Seth came up to me after class one day and said point-blank, "I've been wrestling with God about this, but He wants me to come over and talk to you."

Adam- Parable of the Vineyard
Psalm 40 and the mystery of the Head and Body of Jesus Christ


  1. Jeff and Adam...absolutely awesome. Thank you for the love you both have expressed so divinely here.

  2. Encouraging new video for Robert this brother....

  3. I am waiting patiently for the rapture and looking up. I do not feel discouraged even when my MIL told me that she was discouraged that the rapture did not happen on the 23. I told her to patiently wait. God's timing is His timing. I have thought about something though the last few days and reflected on Matthew 25. I have a friend that is convinced that there is no rapture but she is a Christian. She has tried to force those ideas on my Facebook wall and I kindly had to tell her that I do not support those ideas. She loves to debate and prove her points no matter the cost even when scripture proves otherwise. My question is in regards to Matthew 25. If a Christian is not looking up and prepared as this verse states, will they miss the rapture? I spoke to my husband and he said that if you are a Christian and follow the ways of Christ then she will be raptured but in my mind, I have doubts. Please give me your opinions and what you feel about this. I would really appreciate it. Thank you

    1. Dear Suni, your hsb is right here. As we can't even do some telediagnosis because we don't know your friend at all in faith, daily walk and behaviour there is 1 Timothy 2:19 left for everybody: All those will definitely be in the rapture even if they don't believe there will be one. They will not left behind if they only cling unto Jesus = Acts 16:31. Much love, MARANATHA!

    2. Thank you, Annabel for your reply. I have constantly had her on my mind these last couple of days and wanted to see other peoples opinions on this. I really appreciate you answering my concern.

    3. Hi Suni. I would add 1 Cor. 3:12-15 to what Annabel said. I am certainly praying for those of my house in the same situation as your friend. Unfortunately, over my years, I have not seen very many churches try to instill a true love and desire for the actual Kingdom of God, but rather presented it as the preferred backup plan for this life. Very sad because I know these Christians will feel a great sense of loss when they stand before the Bema seat, never having realized the true work of God was to love Him and desire Him for His sake. Maranatha!

    4. Thank you, Sheila. Yes, It is sad. I have been praying for my two older daughters whom my husband and I have both raised in church and to love God. They have received Jesus. They are both married now and have turned completely away from God. This lays heavy on my heart!!

    5. Same here Suni. My beloved eldest daughter, baptized in faith as a teen, went off to college and along the way took some "comparative religion" courses. She now has 2 BA's and 2 Masters in the medical field and will no longer allow me to discuss the "foolishness" of Biblical prophecy with her and has actually suggested a brain scan for me to check for any neurological issues I might be suffering from. And to think I helped pay for that "education". But I know that she will believe, one way or another because she has been taught the truth, and I just pray by the grace of God, it will be very very soon. As mad as she gets at me, I just keep sending her and her husband these watchman messages knowing that the Word of God will not return void. Bless you and yours much and I will lift your girls up in prayer today.

    6. I am also believing as you that the Word of God will not return void. I will call them and mention the Lord but they turn a deaf ear and tell me to stop talking. But when my oldest needs something, she will call and ask me to pray for her which I reply that I can pray but if she is not walking in the ways of the Lord, she will not get the answer that she is wanting. Ex: She just got married but she was living with this man for two years before. She has been trying to get pregnant and asked me to pray that she would get pregnant during those two years. I would love to have grandchildren but for me to pray to God for this is hard to take. We can't put God in a box and pull Him out when we need something. Of course, God doesn't work that way. She called the other day and asked me that now she is married, will God bless her. That is not up to me. That is something that needs to be addressed to God Himself. Bless you as well and will be praying for you and your daughter.

  4. Watch this.

    Sound the Jubilee on the Day of Atonement 2017

    Titus 2:13


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