Printable Rev12 Sign Graphic! Save, Print, and Share!

Many of you have requested a new graphic designed for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 (letter sized) paper. This image is set up with a white background (minimal ink) and has a very easy to understand layout.  It also includes 10 key points about the sign and points them to additional resources for further study.  It looks good when printed in color or Black & White.

Please save this image to your computer and print it off over and over! 
(More ideas on how to share this are below....) 

Here is the image, follow this link if you want a pdf version.

Where to share this printout...
Share this at work,
at home,
at church,
at school,
or at the store.

(Basically anywhere with a bulletin board!)

In the break room,
in the locker room,
at the community center
or at senior center.

Staple it to a telephone pole.
Print it on a T-Shirt.

Make it into a card,
or be like that one guy and put it on the side of your car!

Perhaps you are too cool, and those ideas are lame.

Then attach it to a Tweet,
Upload it on Instagram,
Pin it on Pintrest,
or post it as the profile pic on your Facebook page!

Or...... if you are really old school and daring you could...

Mail it with a note to a long distance bud,
(even one you haven't seen in a while).

Or hand it out IN PERSON with a joyful smile!!! : )
I don't know what happened but this post turned into a really embarrassing poem!  Anyway, please know that any and all sincere attempts to share and warn will surely be blessed and rewarded by The Father. Pray to the Lord and He will lead you....  You can do it!   Maranatha!


  1. Replies
    1. All... Jeff found a small typo under item #3. If you downloaded it already double check that word 'period' is spelled correctly. If not, download the new version above! Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I could just hug you!
    This is so much easier than the ones I have been writing by hand and much more detail too.
    Printed 16, saved the link too.

    Titus 2:13

    1. Nana, make sure you have the updated version without the typo in note #3. : )

    2. Thank you. I corrected the ones that I printed.
      Must be the old teacher in me still, lol, I thought black pen not red.
      Titus 2:13

    3. haha! I need lots of correcting!! ; )

  3. Maranatha - Theme song for this season

    1. Another one, from "LOTR: Return of the King" ;)

  4. Jupiter/Zeus/Marduk/Horus born of the virgin "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 clothed with the Sun (Solis Invictus) under a Crown of Leo (Double Crown of Pharaoh; Leo of the 2 Horizons Aquarius and Leo is Horus the Sphinx), standing on the moon (Arab moon god Sin) on the Rabbinical "Feast of Return". And this how is this representing Jesus' returning for the Rapture?

  5. "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 So how exactly does the Woman (Virgin) represent Israel again?

  6. I've been seeing a lot of 9-23 lately. Even in the Revelation 12 Sign.
    Leo has 9 stars.
    2 constellations make up the sign.
    3 stars are required to complete the crown! 9-23!


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