Signs in Nature All Around The World | New Video

Many have noticed... the world seems to be going crazy. Fires, Floods, Hurricanes...Natural Disasters all around us... with more frequency than ever before.  God is getting our attention. There are now more powerful hurricanes forming in the Atlantic.... half of Bangladesh is flooded.  The west is on fire.  Luke 21:25 seems to be happening before our eyes.

Each week or so Jason A puts together various news clips from around the world with prophetic significance.  This weeks compilation is especially powerful and apocalyptic showing the scope of all that is happening around the world. Check out this 15 minute video and keep looking up... It sure seems like our redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28).

Washington Post Story
Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria could dance the Fujiwara!

Path of Maria...look familiar?


  1. I just watched Jason A latest last night. Wow!

    From Signs of the End on Facebook, "Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) slated for September 23rd. Thanks to Gary at Unsealed for the heads up!"

    These two Hurricanes look like they are going to hit New York near Sept 23rd.

    They are meeting in New York to talk peace and security, dividing the land of Israel! The storms will hit New York! The names, Joseph and Mary: can you get any more prophetic than that!! This looks like a final warning!

    1. The heavens tremble and the earth groans before the Great Day of the Lord. Maranatha Lord Jesus!

    2. We were all just having a good laugh about Joseph and Mary having to travel before the birth.

    3. Ha haaa exactly our thoughts when we saw the name of the tropical storm on waking this morning.

  2. It is known for a while now that fires burn hotter (and longer, more difficult to extinguish!) with nano metals in chemtrails which function as a kind of accelerator to fire. So when the US (and other governments worldwide) are in fact trying to geoengineer the weather they always end up in making things worse than ever before. The natural balance and weather patterns God created perfectly is completely out of order now worldwide, be it a hurricanes' behaviour, a monsoon season or a wildfire. But God is still in control, He only lets it happen now according to mans failure.

    In Portugal the recent wildfires in 2017 were caused by both effects of aluminium spray geoengineering but upon fast-growing eucalyptus forests being planted without leaving swaths to stop potential fires. So there was greed of forest owners to make quick money from eucalyptus wood, summer drought and aluminium particles being sprayed as fire accelerator. And then people wonder about this to happen?? Well, not even to mention nano aluminium particles in their brains left causing dementia and other illnesses...

  3. My brothers and sisters, please pray for me. Lately, I have grown weary with all of the worldly smear campaigns that are labeling us as crazy fundamentalists. It just gets hard to keep going when the world keeps pulling me down. I know Christ is my strength and I pray for him to keep me going in these final days. Thank you all in advance for the prayers. -Jon

  4. Lucifer is the Daystar "Star of the Morning" aka Zeus "Dyeus" and Jupiter "Dyeus Pater" about to be born on Sept 23. Jesus warned about Lucifer taking the title "Morning Star". Jimmy Evans uses Daystar studios in Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV He preaches we are at the "End of the End Times". The Great Tribulation begins with Rev 11, 12, 13; the Rev 12:1 sign is the start. Is 14:12 "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" "Lucifer" is changed in the Orthodox Bible to "Daystar".


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