Alignment Update: 9-16-17

Here is a current screen shot from Stellarium showing where the planets are at. All of these items will move from right to left at varying speeds over the course of the next several days until they align perfectly on the 23rd to match Revelation 12:1-2. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to view this for yourself with Stellarium.

The software is free and easy to learn. I even did a page showing you how to do it:
A Step By Step Guide To Viewing The Revelation 12 Sign in Stellarium

Another option is to get up 60 minutes before sunrise and look straight East (if you are in the US).  You will see Venus, Mercury, and Mars above the horizon along with the king star Regulus.

(Mercury and Mars are overlapping at the moment in case you are wondering why it looks like you can only see 2 planets in Leo!)

Current as of September 16th:
Click to Enlarge

For comparison, here is the final alignment on the 23rd that matches Revelation 12:1-2:
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  1. I read that Jupiter left Virgo on September 9- so how does that affect the Great Sign next Saturday?

    1. Jupiter doesn't leave Virgo then... the constellation extends beyond the feet so it takes a while. But it did pass across that one line at Spica around the 9th. So in a way you could consider this time after it crossed that point a descent into the birth canal with the birth on the 23rd perhaps?.

      Another thought to always keep in mind is that this "heavenly dance" is depicting what will happen here on earth in the near future. The woman is Israel and we know her labor pains will be upon her during the Tribulation. But we also know that prior to those pains of labor, miraculously a male child (the body of Christ) will be born at the rapture. That child is born prior to the pain (pre-tribulation) just as Isaiah 66:7-9 KJV and Isaiah 26:19-26 describe.

  2. Take the man drawn lines and simply allow Yahweh to draw the women....and one might see that as a women is ready to give birth the line would be in another place....lower? The miracle is not in the hand of man but in the revelation revealed. Shabbat Shalom!

  3. How she in the sky... At night when the moon out

  4. September Miracle
    We're gonna need your encouragement more than ever if the Lord tarried past September 23...

  5. There is more, much more! Look at the video below, from 29:00m. The astronomic representation of the Abomination of Desolation event at the beginning of 2021, in 3½ years from now, in the middle of the Tribulation:

    There is another impressive video, mainly about the periodicity of the great conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn. Look this video below entire or, at least, from 12:00m:

    It´s amazing. Confirms all things !

    1. Leviticus 25:8-9 maybe we should be looking at October 3 because the last trump will be then

    2. I think that from now or the next weekend until mid-November, more and less, it is OK to start the Great Tribulation and have the correct number of days for the Lord Jesus Christ to return in 2024, to arrest satan and to begin the Millennium.

      If, in these meantime, Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 occurs (look at the current Middle East geopolitics!), it is really game over and the rapture can occur any second after that.

      I was impressed by the content of these "Revelationchapter2dotcom - Revelation 12 Berean Study" YouTube channel videos.

      I humbly recommend everyone to watch them all of them, as it is extremely instructive.

  6. Please pray for my daughters Ashley Brown and Alison Croce. We have lovingly informed them of this sign and the urgency of the hour. The seed has been planted.

    1. My wife has become interested in The Great Sign since I prayed about it. God is good! Maranatha

  7. The Sign has even made headlines on FoxNews...course they got it all wrong.

  8. Don't want to be the fly in the ointment but I'm perplexed about Leviticus 25:8-9. This is a Jubilee Year. If the child is caught up at the Great sign how do we arrive at the last trump if it's not blown until The Feast of Atonement?

    1. Hi there - first, we aren't 100% sure that this is a jubilee year. We are assuming so because of the pattern of events from the past, but this is just an assumption. Second, Yom Teruah always falls on Tisheri 1. It is only Rosh Hashana (the civil new year) that moves on the jubilee. The FoT is the same, always. And third, the rapture must fulfill FoT exactly to the day if the feast day pattern continues. We have no reason to suggest the pattern won't be finished. God bless! -Jon

  9. Remember, life starts at conception. 9 months for a delivery. This is a seed implant, a ZERA/SEED. As Abrahams seed, as Abrahamic Torah Covenant explains, we are a ROYAL Priesthood, a holy nation....... A NATION of kings and Priests as our high priest is YHWH ELOHIM Yehowshua.
    The nation of Israel, is NOT Israel, but JUDAH ........ Israel is all twelve 12 tribes in the land. Are we in the land? NO!
    Malki Tzedik/Joseph's coat of many colors. Genesis 12 & 15, Jer. 31:31 Exodus 19:5-24:11.
    Don't be discouraged ........ start the study, start by being obedient to the feasts and Sabbath of YHWH. Angles on Assignment, remember?


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