Jimmy Evans Teaches Rev12 On Daystar Television!

Stop what you are doing and watch this interview.  Seriously.  This guy goes onto Daystar, a network that pretty much reaches every country on the planet, and teaches on the Revelation 12 Sign without holding back.  It is an amazing presentation about many of the things pointing to the nearness of the Lord's return and I just love how it was filmed from in Jerusalem and broadcast to the entire world!  Yes...it's that good... my only complaint is that it was only 40 minutes, I wish it was longer!!

So who can we thank for this amazing gift?  Well we can thank God first off, but also Jimmy Evans, head elder of Trinity Fellowship and also Founder of Marriage Today in Dallas, Texas.  Jimmy says he has been studying prophecy for 44 years and you could tell because he had some really insightful things to share in this interview with Marc and Joni.

Jimmy presented the information extremely well and even made some connections that I hadn't heard before.  I can't stress enough how awesome this was.  I am so grateful for Matthew who insisted I watch this.. It was dynamite! 

Outline of Interview (Skip ahead to the 19:09 mark to begin)

19:09 - Interview Starts
22:30 - Year 5777
24:06 - Feast of Trumpets / Rapture Connection
31:06 - Parable of Fig Tree / Last Generation
33:47 - Judah Ben Samuel Prophecy
40:47 - Temple Mount Discussion
42:27 - Eclipse / Hurricanes / Flooding
46:39 - Revelation 12 Sign / Google Sky Cover-Up
58:30 - Interview Over

Here is the link, you need to watch and share this:
Jimmy Evans Revelation 12 Interview on Daystar Television

Here are just a few of the quotes from Jimmy:
"The Blood Moons had to happen before the Lord could return, according to the Book of Joel."
"I believe that we're at the end of the end times.... I believe that the return of Jesus is imminent. I really do."
"Next Saturday, Venus Mercury and Mars align with Leo to make 12 stars over the head of the Virgin."
"The Revelation 12 Sign that hasn't happened for thousands of years, it happens in 10 Days... I'm saying this is a time to know Jesus Christ."

Here is the link again just to make it easy on you:
Jimmy Evans Revelation 12 Interview on Daystar Television

Jimmy, if by chance you have been reading this site..... AWESOME JOB MY BROTHER!!!!!!!


  1. WOW!!!! That was amazing! Thank u so much for sharing.





  2. Awesome, thank you Jimmy Evans!

    We are going home very soon, reach out to everyone you can, time is so very short now. God will open the door for you to share the gospel and his word will not return void.

    Titus 2:13

  3. Thanks for sharing Brad! Word going forth from Jerusalem....you can't make this up! So we LOOK UP!
    Shalom & Amien!!!! Marranath!

  4. Writing as I listen to this. The red flags start off small and just get more and more profound the more they talk.

    He gets into that "when you make Jesus the Lord of your life..." in terms of salvation.

    Jesus IS Lord, as in, He is THE Lord - it's a reference to His divinity on the Bible. We don't make him Lord, that's who He is. Whether or not we accept that fact doesn't change than He is God.

    It made me wonder what Gospel he preaches, so I looked on the website of Trinity Fellowship in Decatur, Tx, and it makes some very troubling statements:

    "We did nothing and could never do anything to deserve salvation. But when Jesus died on the cross, His goodness allowed us to be saved if we would have faith in Him and make Him Lord.

    "We did nothing and could never do anything to deserve salvation. But when Jesus died on the cross, His goodness allowed us to be saved if we would have faith in Him and make Him Lord."

    Again, we don't make him Lord. He IS Lord.

    "Faithfulness is trusting Him through it all and learning to submit our personal desires to His perfect will."

    The problem I have with this is the use of buzz-words common in Lordship Salvation, with the
    resulting potential mixing of works and grace. If my faithfulness is dependent on my submission, then do I really have faith WHEN I fail, as all believers do (even Paul in Romans 7:19)? It becomes a slippery slope, and in the end, many Christians end up putting their faith in their never-perfect works rather than faith in Christ's finished, perfect work on the Cross. All due to a muddy gospel of buzzwords that their speakers don't consider the implications of.

    It's also silly how Marcus the host uses Evan's words in order to plug their ministry and promote their faithfulness. Dude, haven't you read Ephesian 2:9-10? You can't boast.

    The problem with this prophecy of Judah Ben-Samuel is mentioned in this article:

    They praise Todd White, who is NOT a genuine bible teacher, he is false. He uses disproven con tricks like the leg-pulling "healing", and I have never heard him use a bible scripture in context, nor does he actually teach from the bible. Instead he uses "narcegesis" to interpret the Bible through the stores he tells, instead of exposing what the Bible is saying about itself and letting the hearer decide how it applies.

    My wife has also noticed how White's facial expressions rarely match his voice inflections. He often shows an expression of contempt before coming up with something "profound" that he then tries to overdo the smiles about. He will also criticize his congregation from the pulpit. And he loves to be seen doing all sorts of good works, some of which are obvious setups.

    More to follow...

    1. BTW, the site automatically linked Romans 7:19 to the ESV translation, which flips the actual Greek words "do" and "practice" which is what Paul wrote in the Greek here, the NKJV gets this one correct:

      There's two words relevant here, the Greek word for "do" or "commit", which is "poieo", and the word for "practice" which is "prasso":

      Poieo: https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G4160&t=NKJV

      Prasso: https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G4238&t=NKJV

      Many Bibles translate poieo as "practice" in 1 John 3:4-9, when it actually says "do", leading people to think you can effectively lose salvation (or never had it) if you "practice" sin, as in, your salvation is dependent on your works.

      Yet what John is talking about there is a contrast between the two natures of a Christian, that we who have been born-again all have. But since the translators of the ESV don't believe in, it gets warped to fit what they do believe, which again, leads people to believe a muddy gospel of "faith+works".

  5. There is no "Google Sky coverup". The picture used is from the IRAS satellite telescope, taken in 1983. The black spot, when you look at the year in Stellarium, is actually covering Saturn. They may have covered it because the Planet is represented elsewhere, or perhaps they did not take pictures of it because the intense light may damage the equipment. Either way, the Nibiru conspiracy has been around for years, and NO ONE has taken a clear picture of it. It is always "behind the sun", which is nonsense considering that as the earth has orbited the sun over the course of several years, a clear path to this thing should have and will have existed for months. Yet no one has a definitive picture of it.

    The supposed Red Dragon pic with the beady little eyes is also heavily doctored. John states the Sign of the Dragon is "pyhrros" i.e. fire-colored. Not only that, people claim that this dragon is in the infrared spectrum, and no one has managed to take another picture of it. Why? For one, infrared cameras represent images in gray-scale, so there is no way this picture can fulfill Revelation 12:3, since it is not fire-colored. Any color you see in these pictures has been added by someone looking to use it for their own agenda. Furthermore, no other pictures of this thing exists. SOMEONE somewhere has access to infrared imaging equipment and could take another picture. Most of the world is ignorant of Revelation 12:3-4 and would highlight the existence of such an anomaly if it was genuine. Thirdly, why would John write a description of a sign we are supposed to be looking for if we can't see it at all? At least you can see the crown of stars over Virgo in the early morning, and can calculate the movement in the skies. It makes little sense to me.

    We have to be wary of people looking to capitalize on the Great Sign. I think Jimmy Evans is sincere, but I have reservations on the hosts.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So pyrrhos, "fire-colored", has been used in ancient Greek writings to denote the color of gold, or yellow, not red:


      It could be that John is describing something with brilliance, i.e. luminosity, or even bright like fire. Something the faux red dragon picture is not.

      I'm leaning to this being a possible description of the constellation of Draco.


    3. Thank you for the information 4thPointOfContact. I agree with your assessment of the hosts, I was not particularly interested or impressed with them, something seemed a little bit off.

      After a couple of minutes I jumped forward to the interview with Jimmy Evans, I enjoyed that immensely. Since I am not knowledgeable about these things, I was not sure what to make of his comments about the dragon.

      I would really appreciate any information about this image from SkyView or GoogleSky and when and how it was debunked or how the image was accounted for.

      I did a Google search but did not find anything offering the information from your post, I might have used incomplete criteria in my search, resulting in articles that offered nothing concrete.

      To be honest, if the information comes from NASA, I might be a little suspicious about that also. I hate being so cynical... : /

      Thank you

    4. This is an old article that details the origin of the planet X stuff: https://web.archive.org/web/20100624035610/http://spider.ipac.caltech.edu/staff/tchester/iras/no_tenth_planet_yet.html

      This is a pic that shows that Saturn is what's behind the black square: https://imgur.com/FhrAY0k

    5. Hello 4thPointOfContact,
      Allow me to address some of your comments. It will be lengthy but I seek to provide resources and links as I make my comments to you. I am the author of the visual chart that was present at the end of the interview. I don’t have an agenda. In fact this study on the ‘Google Cover-up’ as I labeled back in 2008 was what led me to the research of the Rev 12 alignment. My only quest was and is to seek the truth and to be led by the Holy Spirit to have discernment for the edification of the Body of Christ to alert it of such issues and anomalies as they are best discerned. Last time I checked, fire has red in it. The pyros John referred to is the ‘glowing’ which would match what will occur with the ‘wings’ of the disk when they will be flared up due to the Sun’s solar wind. There is no sensationalism or ‘agenda’ as all my charts and research is provided for free. http://www.postscripts.org/revelation-12-sign.html

      This is what I published then, that the coming Sign would be 3-fold, a ‘retroactive prophecy’ of a past, present and future’ infused as one, a literal, ‘Back to the Future’, etc. You ask the good question as many do, ‘where is the Red Dragon’. The sequence of occurrence as described in the text does not mean all that convergences will have to occur on that precise time and date, etc. I do appreciate your skepticism as I am one too but you verge on being judgmental. Skepticism is good, and it is healthy to have in this age of mass communication, psyops, misinformation and disinformation. However do ask questions, as we should but be more objective. Ask the original sources about it. I am here. Apply the Biblical principle, if you are Christian, of going first to the source for any issue of concern, etc. I just find it rather odd that out of all the known Universe that was taken pictures of in the Infrared by IRAS, only this part is patched-up. Actually since then there has been another one in Orion. Which according to my theory, matches the possible orbit of Planet X. Consider the following chart:

      The following is my free resource page on my studies of the Planet X phenomenon.

      This anomaly also led me to write a sequel to my Rev 12 book, entitled Planet X, the Return of the Dragon. You and all the readers of this site are welcome to download it for free for your consideration and discernment. It is based on circumstantial evidence as best we can determine with what little information we have to go on.
      Book: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=F18D5BF95B5644F2&id=F18D5BF95B5644F2%216130&parId=F18D5BF95B5644F2%216153&o=OneUp

      As a skeptic, I also would highly question the theory of the ‘double exposure of Saturn’? Really? Ok, perhaps but why not other planets, Jupiter, etc. Even if that was plausible, Google stated that the ‘patch’ was a ‘glitch’. So Google that has billions of dollars, in research, etc., cannot ‘fix’ this yet after nearly a decade; the most powerful programs, with all its high tech and A.I. on the planet? One would think that perhaps they could smuggle or blend the area as they do for Mars and the Moon anomalies, no? The reverse psychology applies here too, in that the counter arguments cannot be proven just the same, yet some are dogmatic that it is ‘truth’.

      I highly recommend Sky Watch YouTube Channel to at least listen as the author attempts to explain our current weather turmoil. It appears because we are experiencing an Earth wobble due to the approaching ‘Dragon’. The magnetic north is shifting rapidly, etc. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39a7nbf8ro4

      Blessings as we wait and see and watch,
      Lu Vega
      Psalm 27

    6. Ron,
      Here is my original chart and posting where I show you step by step on how to look up images on NASA's SkyView. If you have any questions let me know.



    7. Lu, please refrain from self-promotion and answer the questions directly. I'm not reading a 500+ page book to answer a few simple questions the author can in short post. I'm not impressed by slick graphics that don't show any actual evidence.

      I didn't say it was Saturn that was double-exposed. It was something else. The blotting out of Saturn in GoogleSky is a seperate issue from the fake dragon picture, which MAY be a double exposure.

      As for not fixing it, you're trying to argue from silence. It doesn't prove a conspiracy. Maybe they left it up because they like to laugh at the conspiracy nuts, who now have used Revelation 12:1-2 to promote themselves.

      Bottom line is that there is no hard evidence for "Planet X" as stated. My logic still stands. The lone claimed picture of this thing is heavily doctored and does not meet the description in Rev. 12:3. Period.

    8. 4thPointOf Contact,
      My 'self promotion' is not on your behalf but for the benefit of others who have similar questions. Your line of questions have been asked for about a decade now and here and in other sites, it has been addressed as Brad for example, referred you to a posting by Unsealed. I didn't say I provide 'evidence' as I tried to explain, we can't know for sure; such is pure conjecture until proven, which it could or would be but the powers that be who do know will not tell you or me.

      You are more than welcome to your opinion, just please let us have ours, may we? The Bible says we are 'fools for Christ' and if one is not used to such ridicule, mocking and laughter for preaching the Gospel and much less as for all this secondary topics of discussion, then one is not preaching, teaching Christ. You be blessed. Lu

    9. Lu, you're getting mad but not answering the questions. The Planet X/Nibiru false teachings are leading Christians AWAY from the gospel based on deliberate deception due to lack of evidence. Jesus flipped tables because people brought filthy lucre into his Temple, and people are profiting off bad eschatology like this issue, as well as promoting false teachers like Todd White. Other people don't benefit by what you're promoting, they're deceived by it.

    10. LOL,
      I’m not getting mad, if I were, I would not be follower of Jesus Christ. With all the hate mail, threats and explicative I get, yours is tame in comparison. I just find it amazing that you were there when I captured the shot to make the chart and have seen that I doctored it and you know me so well as to determine my own heart motives to have concluded I am now deceiving people and have a hidden agenda. Jesus was called a bastard, evil, possessed, liar, deceiver, much like I see now you are calling me; we can expect no less from the Pharisees of our day who call themselves ‘God’s People’.

      I can’t speak for those you mentioned, so I don’t know them and can’t answer for them as I stated prior. The only reason I replied to your accusatory replies is that you accused the maker of the chart with altering the image and having a hidden agenda. Thus, since you are omniscient and all power to know, holier than thou, I ask you, what is my hidden agenda?

    11. Are you going to actually answer the questions and provide proof of this mystery planet no one can seem to see?

  6. I can't remember when I woke up to the reality that we really are the generation. Literally. Was it The Star of Bethlehem documentary or when Trump threw a donation into the communion plate at church? There's no doubt there was a dramatic shift in my views when I discovered God speaks throughout His creation in ways that this human has a hard time comprehending. I was suddenly living in a time where the world flipped upside down. I started thinking I was the only one who read the Left Behind series. Then I "stumbled" on the Daily Crow. He has a unique way of looking at deeper meanings in everyday occurrences. It was entertaining at first, then I started paying attention. I have been blessed greatly by your ministry. With the upcoming UN assembly, I took the time to listen to a video where Netanyahu quotes Isaiah 62:1 10/3/2014 https://youtu.be/4jYvu0qmhBw

    Had he kept reading, he would have seen this:

    5 For as a young man marries a young woman, so shall your sons marry you, and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you. -
    Isaiah 62:5

    Notice rejoice(s).


  7. Thanks Brad! Jimmy Evens speaks plainly, efficiently, and covers what needs to known at this time, we are here folks.

  8. Thanks, Brad. That was good... but too short! Glad he mentioned that the Rev. 12:5 child IS THE CHURCH!

    1. Wonderful! Loved it! I'm mailing the mortgage payment today but I don't plan to live in my earthly house much longer! Looking up for my redemption draweth nigh...

  9. Lucifer is the Daystar (Star of the Morning aka Zeus "Dyeus" and Jupiter "Dyeus Pater") Jesus warned about; Jimmy Evans uses Daystar studios in Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV He preaches we are at the "End of the End Times". The Great Tribulation begins with Rev 11, 12, 13; the Rev 12:1 sign is the start.

    1. huh?? "We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:" II Peter 1:19

  10. I saw the whole video. Sense when do we build any biblical or prophetic scenario based on what Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel ( a Jewish Mystic ) said or any other non believer. I can just see me going to my pastor with the this interview only to be hit over the head with the hammer that Evans just gave every critic in the church to hit us with.

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