Alignment Updates...

I am sure many of you are wondering where things are positioned... especially where the moon is at in relation to the feet of the woman.  I just made a series of screen shots from Stellarium in 3 hour increments that go throughout the day so you can have an idea of the Revelation 12 Sign is coming together.  I hope this is helpful... The time markers are for the Central time zone in the US.

If you want more detailed info, I would encourage you to download the software for yourself.  It is easy to use, fun, and we even made a step by step guide!
A Step By Step Guide To Viewing The Revelation 12 Sign in Stellarium 

I also want to remind you of this article we posted back on August 2nd:
September 24th - A More Perfect Alignment?

Alignment Updates throughout 9-23-17


  1. You could also install Google Sky or Sky Map on your smartphone and then point it at the sunrise this morning. God bless. Hope to meet you soon.

  2. Was there a solar eclipse in Israel and/or could the eclipse be tomorrow yet at noon?

  3. God has not appointed His followers to Wrath; there is nothing to suggest His followers will not go through the Trumpet Warnings in the Great Tribulation. Last Trumpet is the 7th and final warning; the 3rd Woe!

  4. When Daniel saw the vision of the evening ( moon under her feet ) and the morning ( crown of twelve stars) he did so from the Palace of Shushan/Susa in the province of Elam/Iran. At 12:15 P.M. 9/23/17 PST and 11:15 P.M. 9/23/17 in Iran the moon will be under the feet of the woman. This is the vision of the evening. At about 6 P.M. 9/23/17 our time and 5 A.M. In Iran the vision of the morning ( crown of 12 stars ) will be seen in Iran.

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    3. BTW the vision of the evening and morning is seen in Daniel 8. In the vision Daniel sees the rise of Persia, Greece, and the Little horn who casts down some of the host/even the stars to the ground and tramples on them.

    4. Are you schooldadwinchester? Heh. My husband was thinking that you are, Brad Hurst. =) We have really enjoyed your research.

    5. Tracy, Brad solicits money at GoFundme for his Systematic Eschatology site. He is a shill who adds and subtracts from scripture as he sees fit. BTW Dan 8 is 2300 Days; not Evenings and Mornings.

    6. Yes I am schooldadwinchester. Yes I have raised funds for the production of my book. I have not made one dime on it . it is free to everyone one who downloads it.

    7. You can call at any time to inquire about my research or ethics. 925 848 7188

  5. Keep up the good work you are doing. For as long as you are doing it as to/ for the LORD do it with joy

    We humans are so messed up in our thinking some times. We all need the Lord just to get through the confusion and perplexing times we live in.
    As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. No matter when he calls.
    For one day in His courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.
    See you soon!

  6. I think that only revelation 12 Verse 1 has been fulfilled; the rest2-5 is yet future. Christians do not need to bash one another about all of this. It is all in God's timing. I believe that the rest of the verses will soon follow.


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