Peace and Safety Before September 23rd?

The Peace and Safety connection has been quite well covered and I know most of you are aware of it.  To help share the info with others I made the graphic below to help illustrate the idea.  Like many of you I think it is quite interesting that just 2 days before the Revelation 12 Sign the United Nations is holding their International Day of PEACE. If that wasn't enough, it is quite interesting that for the first time in a long time the title for the day also includes the word SAFETY....

"Together for Peace, Respect, Safety & Dignity For All"

In my mind the UN represents the world... and we know they have a very anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Christ agenda. The UN's expressed purpose is to represent the people of the world and be the spearhead for Peace on the planet (often times the do they do the exact opposite however).   Anyway, could the United Nations (represented by PEOPLE from the across the world) and the Rev12 Sign be part of what is eluded to in the following verse?
While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
1 Thes 5:3 NIV
Peace and Safety on the 21st, Labor Pains on the 23rd.... Since the Revelation 12 Sign has to do with a woman in labor I can see why a lot of people think this connection makes sense!

Here is the new graphic, download and share freely. No credit needed.
Click to Enlarge. Then Right-Click to Save.

It is interesting to note that this "Day of Peace" falls on the Feast of Trumpets this year as well ( the first time that's happened I believe).

Also interesting to note that this "Day of Peace" was previously on September 11th, but they moved it to the 21st after that fateful day back in 200 from that point forward.

With a prophecy like this we won't really for sure how it will all play out until we actually see it happen. But when dealing with all the things surrounding this sign we never quite know how much time we have left so we are simply making you aware of this potential fulfillment / interesting connection.  I'm not one to believe in coincidences so with everything else happening in the world right now our eyes should be wide open. But as always feel free to determine for yourself how relevant you think this is.  To me it's at least possible that this is what is being spoken of.

As a final note, most of you are aware that the calls for peace and safety have been ramping up majorly in the past few years.  It seems that this phrase has been uttered by world leaders repeatedly for the last 5 years or more.  I think the possibility exists that the 21st is the culmination of all that just prior to the appearing of this sign we see in the Book of Revelation.

We shall see what happens.... but a certain verse in Luke strikes a cord with me when I see all these things coming together...
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
Luke 21:28 KJV
UPDATE: Ok...since we are talking about the United Nations I feel like I need to add this. Angela shared this on our Facebook Page . It's a screenshot from the United Nations Facebook page. Read their message... They could almost cut and paste this for the rapture! Thanks for sharing Angela!


  1. We, you all reader in this blog, will witness the great destruction.... be prepare, we all will walk through great chaos in tribulation, before Jesus sends His Angels to seal and gather Jews then rest of Multiple people to Him... Vision I saw in 2003 soon will fulfill in 6th Seal through whole chapter 7 of Revelation. God has been confirmed me that there is no pretribulation rapture since 1997.

    1. Andrew, you received the 11:17 sign which means the doctrine you perceived is the very doctrine that sows discord. You need to overcome your brain and listen to the spirit and reject this doctrine.
      There absolutely is a pre 70th week rapture and anything less than that is simply changing God's character.
      When God looks down onto the world, he sees me in a white robe, sinless, like a lamb among wolves. He has greater affinity for the children of the world. You see, He must remove us, He has no choice because He can not allow His children to be devoured.
      Climb on board and sow no more discord. Sow the comfort that Paul told us to sow when speaking about escaping all these things and been snatched up to God as His throne. REV. 12:5.

    2. Andrew, you received the 11:17 sign which means the doctrine you perceived is the very doctrine that sows discord. You need to overcome your brain and listen to the spirit and reject this doctrine.
      There absolutely is a pre 70th week rapture and anything less than that is simply changing God's character.
      When God looks down onto the world, he sees me in a white robe, sinless, like a lamb among wolves. He has greater affinity for the children of the world. You see, He must remove us, He has no choice because He can not allow His children to be devoured.
      Climb on board and sow no more discord. Sow the comfort that Paul told us to sow when speaking about escaping all these things and been snatched up to God as His throne. REV. 12:5.

  2. I am personally firmly assured of this connection, even Mark Biltz noticed it in one of his videos! Additionally, please note that since 2004 (which makes 13 years now, pay attention to the number!) the ecumenical World Council of Churches (!!) has joined UN peace day with an International Day of Prayer for Peace = Jeremiah 6:14 + 8:11! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the different mottos in Peace Day's history since 1981 if "peace and safety / security" in 2017 is really a unique one. Did anyone figure it out yet?

    1. It is unique, dear sister Annabel, just try to get the blogtalk radio of Mark Biltz with Paul Begley (of which there is a video here somewhere) Mark Biltz lists a whole bit of stuff on this upcoming "day of peace", Shalom on your house! Daniel

    2. Daniel dear brother, TY for this hint, will take a look! Much love & blessings to you and yours, see you soon! :))

    3. Here Anna,

  3. I'm curious what exactly was your vision?

    1. Thewaythetruththelife, forgive me, I thought it was vision, but I recalled its strong dream in 2004 not 2003. The dream I was stood in mobile home and walked toward to the opened entrance door to outside I saw most beauitful night sky with filled stars above mountian, I felt peace, moment later, suddenly whole of stars fell down with arc lines downward mountain. I said "Wow!" Then turned to left side of door with Digital Clock showed "11:17pm" Dream ended.

      I woke up with huge stirred in my heart about it and perceived that it was from God, I remember two scriptures in 6th Seal, and other one in Revelation 12, did not fully understand. I remember that in that time I knew I would witness the great shaking in Heaven in 6th Seal and Rev 12. I asked God for full understanding about this dream, however He did not answered me about, which means I had to wait for His Timing until He will let me know then I would understand clearly.

      13 years later, I just found out after God led me to guy in youtube about September 23, 2017, I began to understand clearly what this dream was meaning that we ALL will witness the Great Chaos in 6th Seal while mystery giant object (plant) that will elicpise between sun and earth/moon for 3 days. After this giant object passed, it will gravitational pull earth so harder to shift it up, moving shift by 1/3 of axis. It will affect earth lands into great earthquake, and all mountians and islands out of place along with moving clouds so quicker. I got confirmation from God about it with peace.

      He did revealed me strong dreams like 3 days before twin tower fell down in NYC, Two Hurriance (Rita and Karita) hit New Orlean, etc. If you dont believe, then put my words on hold until it will come to pass and you will recall my words that its fulfilled.

      Read rest of my comments in link:


    2. I remember now about 6 months ago, its digital clock "11:17" in strong dream I saw, it kept bugging me for long time, until I shared it with faithful friend, then he began perceving its somewhere in scripture, and found one and show it to me. I read and got full peace with confirmation by Holy Spirit.

      It is Luke 11:17 "But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them. "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house fallenth." That is all I write.

    3. I had a vision of a clock while praying in the spirit last Summer. The clock says 12midnight then I heard the Lord says pray there is still time then the clock's minute hand return to 11:45 pm. It seems to be God is giving us 15 mins more. God is good and worthy of our praise! But I believe He is coming back soon. Let's all watch and be ready.

  4. Oh Brad, TY for this stunning update, please share with the YouTube brethren they can make a video about this!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE, JUST PERFECT PREPARATION OF THE PUBLIC!!! I hardly could believe it if I couldn't see this FB post with my own eyes! You know, this issue of "enforced disappearance" and "vanishing of people" (without a trace) will be what is the MOST terrible event for mankind. This is just unbelievable how Satan prepares them to what only we know yet.

    BTW I myself found this Hopi prophecy (please listen carefully in the HS) so weird, this must be exactly the message Satan will tell to the world left behind and they WILL believe 2Thess2:11 after we're gone! Much love :)

    1. Brad, I have to update myself: the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances has already taken place on 8/30 and is an annual event since 2011. Sorry...

    2. Dear sister, I believe Mark Biltz goes into even more details on a recent youtube video. Anyway he says "Day of peace" was on a fixed weekday, but had to postpone because of 9-11 and they turned it into a fixed date, of which only THIS YEAR falls on Yom Teruah, then he lists all the recent "yearly peace day slogans" that all have some variation on peace, and blah blah for peace and etc, then only this year does it comprise both PEACE AND SECURITY. Then he says that the activity at the UN that day, is a CONFERENCE, so exactly and precisely when they say, speak and proclaim PEACE AND SECURITY FOR ALL, it will be on the day (Yom) of trumpets, and Jerusalem time should be 7 hours later than Eastern Standard Time...

      Shalom on you and all the brethren here, thank you greatly Brad. Daniel

    3. Thank you so much, Daniel! Peace and grace unto you! YSIC

  5. Those "enforced disappearances" refer to stuff like Pinochet murdering political dissidents and dumping the bodies in the Atlantic Ocean, never to be found. No way the UN is going to claim that all the Western democracies decided to suddenly imprison or kill a large percentage of their population. It would have to be something more plausible, such as space aliens or a mysterious shift in some sort of vaguely-defined mystical energy frequencies, as predicted by the New Age movement.

  6. Here is some additional, more detailed background on the International Day of Peace. Based on internet research (which is always tricky business), it appears that this day started with a UN resolution back in 1982. It use to be observed in synch with the start of the UN General Assembly, which still begins on the Tuesday of the 3rd week of September (with a week being considered any Sun-Sat time period that includes even a single day of September--that is how September 11, 2001 could be the Tuesday of the third week of September when the General Assembly convened that year. Look at the calendar visually for that month and you will see what I mean. That same logic still prevails today, as I understand it, which would account for a start date of 9/12/17 this year. Keep in mind, there is a difference between the start date, or day the General Assembly convenes, versus the day that formal debate actually begins. Again, it is the Tuesday of the 3rd week, very different from the third Tuesday of September.)

    For reasons that I have not yet been able to identify, a decision was made and a resolution introduced in 2001, prior to the start of the General Assembly that year on the infamous 9/11/01, to move the International Day of Peace to a permanent date of 9/21. The first year that was actually implemented was reported to be 2002. Since then, it has continued to be observed on the permanent, recurring date of September 21.

    From the research I have done, it does not appear that since the change was made back in 2002, that the 9/21 date has ever fallen upon the astronomical new moon of Yom Teruah (the night where you would expect to see no part of the moon reflecting any of the sun's light)... until this year. Make what you will of that, knowing that the first crescent will likely not be visible to the naked eye until at least the night of 9/21 (which is the start of 9/22 for Israel) if not the night of 9/22 (which would be the start of 9/23 for Israel).

    A couple of other thoughts on the this year's theme: "Together for Peace, Respect, Safety & Dignity For All". I appreciate that Brad's original post on this thread spelled that out in full and accurate detail. I have heard other well-known prophecy teachers, using less-than-precise language, give the impression that this year's theme is "Peace and Safety". As you can tell from the title of the actual full theme, such a characterization is NOT accurate. We all, myself very much included, need to make a genuine effort to be precise in our communication, and not fudge a little for the sake of making a point seem more dramatic or impactful than it might otherwise seem were it stated in full truth. It is true that the words Peace and Safety are part of the theme, which appears to be the first time that has happened since as far back as I could find the themes, going back to 2006. But the theme is not "Peace and Safety". Not intending to strain at gnats here, but I believe our God is a precise God and values precision and accuracy in our communication, especially if we are functioning in any sort of teaching role.

    So, in conclusion, we have the following tied to this year's International Day of Peace:
    1) For the first time since being moved to 9/21 back in 2002, it falls on the astronomical new moon
    2) It would not have fallen on that date, had the UN, for some reason that I have not yet been able to identify, decided back in 2001 to move it to 9/21 permanently beginning in 2002.
    3) For the first time that I could find, the official theme specifically includes the words Peace and Safety.
    4) And, for the cherry on top, in the year that it falls on the astronomical new moon for the first time, it also happens to be just two days in front of that the once-in-7000-year Revelation 12 sign that occurs on 9/23/17..

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm... Maranatha, Lord Jesus!!! Watchman35

  7. Daniel Matson wrote a short notice on this in April:
    Yep, interesting days we are in...Tryphosa


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