More Ominious, 'Biblical' Signs In The Sky | WND

Mark Biltz believes 'tribulation could begin soon'

WND posted another article yesterday about 9/23/17 which is heavy on quotes from Pastor Mark Biltz.  This is encouraging because this is a prominent site (around 7 million unique visitors each year) and they are taking it fairly seriously and there is no mocking tone.  They also make a very clear and much appreciated distinction between Biblical Astronomy and astrology (a false claim that is still being repeated by some ill informed pastors).

Here is the link to the WND article:

Here is an excerpt:
But why should believers care about what is happening in the sky? Isn’t looking for such signs uncomfortably close to the practice of astrology?

Biltz points out Scripture itself speaks of the importance of signs in the sky. He also says there is a critical distinction between astrology and what he calls “biblical astronomy.”

“Biblical astronomy has nothing to do with astrology,” Biltz said. “The devil likes to pervert everything God does as a way of sidelining believers. In astrology, it’s all about you and interpreting the signs in the sky about how it affects your life. In biblical astronomy, it’s all about God. It’s an entirely different focus. God even stated the heavens are declaring the glory of God.”


  1. Thank you Jesus for allowing more visibility to the sign!

  2. It is getting really old to have ill-informed(kindest term I can think of) fellow believers hurl false accusations of astrology at those who study and consider what the Lord may be communicating to His people through His sun, moon and stars. Really old! Watchman35

    1. This false claim of astrology has 3-wise men rolling over in their graves....=0) Shalom, Dan

    2. "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise. There is none to raise her up" Amos 5:2 Why? Israel adopted the Six Pointed Star of Moloch and Chiun. Amos 5:26 Better read Rev 12 again; Rev 12:6 is clear, the Great Tribulation is starting.

  3. YHWH is El Shaddai; Why do Rabbis refuse to acknowledge JAH Ps 68:4 KJV is JEHOVAH Ex 6:3 is JESUS Mat 1:25 ?

  4. I am of course hopeful, and I know God can use all things to His glory but, really? Is this how God works? Through mainstream media? Satan's greatest mass weapon of deception?!

    One of the most amazing aspects of this journey in biblical prophesy for me has been the humble, non-celebrity of my teachers. Scottie, Brad, Adam, Jaco, Jeff, Gary, Barry, Zeus, Dolly, JD and on and on. I have learned from all of you that God uses His signs and moadim to declare His glory. I work in the MSM and know it for what it is. God has no need for it. Harvey, Irma, quakes and His wonderful canvas in the Shemayim are all He needs; and more specifically, what Scripture says He will use!

    The warning lights are all over this as I pray for guidance, wisdom and discernment. The humble, non-celebrity of my teachers seems somewhat lessened by all this. Every other end-times prophesy received much hub-bub in the news and the fact that Rev 12 has not, is to me, a sign in and of itself.

    Christopher Long, the head of AT&T AUDIENCE Network, who is producing this piece is quoted. "This documentary hits home. It will shift viewers from a place of fear to a focus on saving the world.”

    First, I'm not fearful...I'm excited to the extreme!!

    Second, Those fearful and running from the Lamb need to repent and turn to the Lamb immediately! Certainly not "focus on saving the world."

    This world is done is so Written. The whole concept of saving the world is unbiblical and anathema to the Book of Revelation. This quote is typical Oprah-esque empowerment and works-based slippery slope stuff.

    I'll watch because I'm a watchman, but this watchman advises extreme caution.

    1. William, I couldn't agree more. Media is a word derived from Medea, the Chaldean Magi of Persia. Bell Labs (Bel=Phoenician Lord; Baal=Arab Lord) formed AT&T and Lucent (Lucifer's Intelligence). HQ is 666 (Chalden STUR=Six Piointed Star of Molech aka Mark of the Beast) N Broadway NYC (Broadway leads to destruction; Narrow way is Jesus). Plan 9 Operating System is Nibiru aka Planet 9. Plan 9 from outer space was a 1957 movie about Aliens from Planet 9 turning the Earth into the Walking Dead. Planet X "Planet of the Crossing" is Jupiter, born on Sept 23; Planet 9 "Nibiru" means Marduk. Plan 9 Operating System was developed using INFERNO (Hell) programming and STYX (River of Hell) distributed operating system on virtual machines calld Dis (Disrespect/Blasphemy) using safe language called Limbo (Pergatory; Telestial Kingdom for Mormons). Getting pretty obvious folks! Get right with Jesus before Sept 23 please!

  5. I am curious. Do you all practice/observe the Feasts of Israel? Because Mark Biltz has said in his teachings on the ten virgins, that the five wise practice/observe the Feasts of Israel & will be raptured but the five foolish do not & will go through the tribulation. He then adds that it's ok because they will still go to heaven.
    I've asked this question of several of those I am following re the Revelation 12 sign but haven't gotten any responses. Thoughts?

    1. Jesus fulfilled every Jot and Tittle of the Law; attempting to live under the Law is deadly Spiritually because any infraction brings guilt of all the Law. Jesus will judge every Soul; the only way to pass Judgement is accept His shed blood (Deut 21:23) as payment of Sin. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles and circumcised in accordance with Jewish Law on the 8th Day of Tabernacles. He presented Himself 33 1/2 years later as the Passover Lamb, was Crucified and laid in the Sepulchre on Passover Eve, remaining there 3 days, Feast of Unleavened Bread-Feast of First Fruits, rising the 3rd Day and delivering the Holy Ghost 50 days after the Crucifixion on Pentecost. The only Feast remaining is Feast of Atonement; as Jesus gave His body and blood, we will likely be required to do the same. Be careful with Mark Biltz; El Shaddai is not Jesus Christ

    2. I believe most of what you have stated as well, but believe there are three Feasts remaining yet to be fulfilled & do believe in the pre-trib rapture of believers at the Last Trump in that period called "the twinkling of an eye", however I was stunned upon hearing Mark Biltz statement in the clip at
      My first response, spoken out loud to my TV was, "But what about Colossians 2:16???" Of course, my TV didn't answer, but then neither have others I've queried. Thank you for responding.
      Though, again, I am curious, what are your thoughts on the "identity" of the ten virgins?

    3. For me, the 5 foolish and 5 wise virgins symbolize Laodicean "Luke Warm" Church. Being forgiven of Sin and purchasing more Oil is a bit like going to Sunday Church; What if we die the day after? JESUS wants our Sins brought to Him constantly in our "Prayer Closet"; our Lamps constantly refilled with anointing oil free of charge. Col 2:16 is repeated in Amos 5:21; every day is a Sabbath, washed free of Sin through the Holy Ghost; 1 Jn 5:7KJV Jn 1:1;14 state the Holy Ghost is Jesus, the Father and the Word, written from the start of creation, not subject to the least bit of change or private interpretation.

    4. As the ten virgins are only mentioned in Matthew prior to Jesus death on the cross, I believe this was specifically spoken to the Jews about those who would receive Jesus as their Messiah as opposed to those who would reject Him, thus His statement, "I don't know you". The five foolish depict those who still persist in the self-righteous pride which first caused the Law to be given. They have LONG anticipated the advent of the "Promised One", yet, in spite of "practicing" in preparation, as Mark Biltz calls it, they utterly missed His First Coming, expecting rather the Conquering King. Whereas the five wise speak of those Jews who became part of the one new man Jesus created in Himself on the cross & who was conceived at Pentecost.

    5. Virgin refers to Spiritual Adultery; want to be in the Wedding of the Lamb? Live the first Commandment in the Old and New Covenant "Have no other Gods before me" and "Love God with all your heart and soul". You can't buy Anointing Oil, it's free. The Pharisees Jesus condemned to Hell were selling Doves and Sacrificial Animals at the Temple, turning it into a "Den of Thieves"; these Spiritual gifts Jesus provides free of charge simply by asking.

  6. Regarding Israel now read this too: As a German I have now to study foreign press at zerohedge to know what my own country's politicians are doing because MSM won't report such thing! These informations the article contains are IMO highly prophetic. This is sth God will NEVER tolerate. Im out of 9/24 elections for sure LOL :=}} MARANATHA!


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