Revelation 12 Video: The Throne Room, The 2 Witnesses, The Coming of the Anti-Christ

I highly recommend the video below which was uploaded by The Return of the King about a week ago. This brother in Christ takes great care in examining clues in Stellarium and points out MANY interesting points he found in these celestial signs.  I really appreciated the insights he shared throughout this video and can tell he has done his homework. Many of the other watchmen like Gary and Daniel are praising this work and I would encourage you all to watch it as well.  Understandably some of his thoughts are speculation, but much of what he shares just seems to fit!  (Length: 35 min)


  1. Brad, just a short notification for you: the recent video #4 of YouTube channel "REVELATIONCHAPTER12.COM" is extraordinary too! Just wanted to share. YSIC :)

  2. I'm not so sure about God's Throne actually in Jupiter as he explains it..
    The heavenly bodies are the 2nd heaven. God's throne is in the 3rd Heaven, where Paul was taken as well as John (and the sky/atmosphere is the 1st heaven)!!
    Many , many, many souls that the Lord has granted a visit to heaven via an NDE or an actual death and resurrection testify that they are taken up through a "worm hole" flying at beyond light speed , past all planets and space and then come to the 3rd heaven where it is glorious!!
    Sorry, but I dont agree with God's throne being in Jupiter - maybe a "symbol" , yes I can see that, but where we are actually taken too.... umm.. doesnt seem biblical in this video.

    1. Thanks for commenting Sam. If I remember correctly, didn't he say that it is just a picture of the throne...not the actual throne itself? Just representative of it... In other words, just like how the Great Red Spot on the side of Jupiter represents how Christ was pierced in the side, or the Stripes of the planet represent the stripes on Jesus from the lashing he took for us.... so the many moons circling the planet represent those around the throne of God, focused on the KING who is the center of it all.

    2. Brad is correct, its not the actual throne room, but a symbolic representation, just like the stripes. I'm the producer of the video! Making a video takes more work than you can imagine! I don't know how you do it, running a blog like this, it takes a lot of work! We are blessed by your work Brad!

      This was my first try at making this type of video, so it was a very slow process. The number of views has gone beyond my wildest expectations, and I hope that it will a blessing to many.
      I'm hoping to do one or two more, but we are running out of time. 2 weeks!

      Here's a link to the main image you see above on my google drive. I use it as a background on my computer.
      One version is an "Out of the Office: returning on Yom Kippur 2024". I plan on using this as my background at work, so should we raptured, they will know when I'll be back!

      Hopefully we will all be meeting soon in the Throne Room! If not, we will continue the good fight!

    3. George, send me an email if you get a chance... it's on the sidebar.

    4. George, send me an email if you get a chance... it's on the sidebar.

    5. Ok! thanks for clarifying guys! (sorry for misunderstanding.. I did rewind the video a few times to try and listen to what was "meant" but I guess I missed that part?..)
      A+ on the video!!! ;)

  3. Thanks Brad..also there has been some work done on the Orion alignment, pyramid alignment also aligning with ground zero new York city world trade center buildings....just not sure what to make of it but the overlay is nearly exact...have you seen it?........since Satan counterfeits maybe it's his giza alignment that he made to counterfeit Yah. I can't wait until he is slain for good!

  4. Great job, George! I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I was especially rejoicing at the part where you previewed the sun rising in the East, which turned the crown of 12 stars into gold! Awesome.


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