How Many Stars in Leo?

One of the most common critiques that has been raised about the legitimacy of the Rev12 Sign is this idea that Leo has more than 9 stars.  This argument is used to claim that the Rev12 Sign is false because the math is wrong and the crown of 12 stars is not accurately formed on 9-23-17.  This idea has been mostly perpetrated by a very disingenuous article by Answers in Genesis in which they leave the realm of scientific apologetics and jump into the midst of eschatology (not even following the scientific method in the process, go figure).  Their article has been spread far and wide across the world and even planted seeds of doubt in my friends and family. Even though it is late, I felt called to look into this claim further and address it for them, you, and even myself. What I found follows...  Their biggest point is that Leo might have more than 9 stars.... what do we see when we look into that claim further?  What I found even blew me away...

This will not be my prettiest (or most proof-read) post... Just getting it up here in a very hurried fashion because if it bugged others, it probably bugged some of you, so I want you to be assured and have full confidence in our studies.  This confirmation of sorts helped me a lot and I hope it helps you too.  Again, sorry in advance for the rushed nature, time is short.

If interested, here was my original response to the debunking article that keeps getting passed around...
Attempted Debunking by Answers in Genesis | From June 7th

First Things First

First off, Leo is a huge constellation.  It is has MILLIONS of stars within its boundaries.  Look up at Regulus (the brightest star in Leo) with binoculars and you will see many stars all around it.  This is not surprising as the entire sky is filled with stars beyond number (Just like the Bible says in Jer 32:33, Gen 15:5, Ps 147:4-5, etc).  So we must understand that we need to limit the definition of Leo for the purpose of this sign to the standard, most commonly visible and MOST COMMON GROUPING of stars in that constellation. That just makes sense, right?  Let's focus on which stars are most commonly linked and can be most easily seen with the naked eye.

Star charts do this for us.  They connect the dots of the brightest stars in each constellation so that we can pick each group out visually in the sky easier.  These key stars are landmarks in a sense.  They form a picture.  Some constellations are drawn fairly consistently from chart to chart, others are much more varied.  Leo is more consistent and you will see usually has exactly 9 stars connected in a very similar fashion.

How many stars are commonly shown?

We have 2 physical star charts in our home and they both show Leo with 9 stars.  Stellarium also shows Leo with 9 stars which most of us are familiar with.  If you look on amazon, the most popular star charts show Leo with 9 stars (that's where we bought ours).  The vast majority of online charts you will find in an online search for "online star chart" also show Leo with 9 stars as well.  This constellation is amazingly consistent, especially among the most popular resources.  Don't believe me?  Keep reading!

Can you find charts that show more? Occasionally, Google Sky is a popular one.  The few that I found usually show Leo with like 17 stars because they decide to get cute and draw the legs?  But the stars they are connecting are way too dim to see easily in real life with a naked eye.  It might look nice on a computer, but the stars are outside.  Go outside and look up... most people will not argue that in Leo the same 9 stars are what you see!!

Think about this.  Are these skeptics really expecting God to not only give us this sign, but also ensure that EVERY single star chart ever made only has 9 connected stars?  Is that what they want in order to believe?  Is that even reasonable?  Would they then suddenly believe?   Or is it enough if 9 stars is by far the most common and typical arrangement for Leo?  It sure should be.

If we have any faith at all it is enough.  Getting every single chart in the world to be the same would be a bigger miracle than the sign is even!  Seriously, we can't even agree in the church about essential doctrine anymore, but we are expecting secular astronomers to 100% agree on how to draw a lion in the sky?

This is the most typical way Leo is represented.
With those thoughts in mind you are ready to see what I found.  The results of this analysis are pretty clear.  God is that good.  You can do this study for yourself in about an hour.  I am confident you will find similar results.  The google links in the graphic are in order....they are the most popular links.  I tried to be as fair as I could and went right down the list.... something the guys at Answers in Genesis failed to do obviously.

Overview of What I Found

Click to Enlarge

I think it is amazing that 9 stars is as prevalent as it is!  Look at that's overwhelming! Google it for yourself and pull up the charts...   You will see that you can be confident that this is what God is pointing to, the information is accurate, and that the Rev12 Sign is LEGIT!  Rapture or not this weekend... THIS IS THE SIGN.

If you want to see the 2 charts in the graphic above that do not show 9 stars in Leo, you can view them here:|10.289839494777311|dec|16.800559123407396|fov|44

Here are examples of the charts listed above that show Leo with 9 connected stars!


God, in His perfect wisdom, gave us an overwhelming majority of star charts that are freely available and accessible showing Leo with 9 connected stars.  It is the clear majority.  It takes more faith to believe otherwise than admit this simple fact.  I am more convinced than ever that the crown above the woman is being fulfilled.  The 3 additional bright planets make 12.  God's word is true and in his sovereign power he has directed the steps of men to create charts that reveal his truth.  He has done it and to deny this is affront to Him and His amazing power.

I hope this blesses you today.  Even if Jesus doesn't return this weekend, we can be fully confident that this is the sing in the sky John was describing in Revelation 12:1-2.

To learn more about Stars and Constellations in the Bible, see here:


  1. And to think I used to support them...extremely disappointed to say the least. They have suppressed knowledge, either wittingly or unwittingly, that could have woken up the church. Sad!

    1. Many ministries I have loved and supported dropped the ball in a big way on this one. AiG is another.... truly sad. They could have been a big help in all this.

  2. Is anyone one else excited to see what may unfold in the next 24-36 hours?

    Since the new moon was sighted in Israel about 22 hours ago a couple hours after sunset, we are now on the 1st full day(sunset to sunset) since its sighting was confirmed. This day will then end on the 23rd with the completion of the Rev 12 sign.

    1. I have no doubt that many people are interested in seeing what happens tomorrow.

      The Church at large could have handled this sign so much better than it has. Years ago, when this sign was first discovered, the churches could have said "Hmmm, it looks like there's a potential for Rev 12:1-2 to be fulfilled on 9/23/17. We don't know what that means, exactly, or if the theory is correct, but it could mean something. Just to be on the safe side, let's really focus our efforts between now and then and live for the Lord like we never have before. If something happens on or around 9/23, no problem; we're ready and will have no regrets. If nothing in particular happens and life goes on then we're not going to be sorry about our faithfulness or our mission efforts. It's a win-win situation!"

      But as we all know, that is not remotely what happened. Which is sad.

      Earlier I was on Slashdot and the random quote at the bottom of the page said "The world ends this evening". Then, a few minutes later, I got a text message advertisement on my cell phone that said "The wait is over". It made me smile. I really do hope the wait is over. If not, that just means we have been given more time to preach the gospel - and that is not an evil thing.


    2. Great second paragraph, be blessed of YHWH. Daniel

  3. I studied astronomy before Google was a gleam in someone's eyes. And there are 9 STARS. Amazing how quickly people will try to disprove <------- the Bible, rather than believe. But the Lord warned us that those of our own household would do so.

    1. Oh ye of little faith.... You can rationalize away anything now days... but in their position they should be ashamed of themselves for such a blatant mishandling of God's word and His sign.

  4. I dont know how to post a screen capture from my phone. But SkyPortal (app by Celestron, the telescope company) also shows NINE STARS!

    1. Awesome... Celestron is a major company and considered experts in the industry for sure! I have some of their stuff and love it. Thanks for sharing. I could post it but I think the point has been made! Isn't God awesome! The mocking really is ridiculous when you examine thier claims closer... Every single one fails miserable! Uniqueness, Astrology, 10 stars, Past Event..... This was the one claim I thought has some merit... BUT IT TOO IS EASILY DISPROVEN.

  5. (Even If by MercyMe)
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  6. My utter disappointment in AIG, having been a passionate supporter of them for years, attending their museum opening years ago on Day-1, is tempered by the fact that our Lord, ALONE, decides who sees what here. Funny that I have used AIG's materials a long, long time to confront lazy, classical church goers about the scientific validity to all things Scriptural and now Ken Ham goes all Pharisee on us, wow. The fact that this is like watching HSLDA lobby for legislation outlawing homeschooling is simply more proof that the ONLY way to SEE this moment is by our Lord's Grace, period. Fortunately, the events ahead are not at ALL dependent upon our thoughts, or anyone else's, but only the Will of our YHWH, Praise Him! (Numbers 14:28, Isaiah 43:19) Maranatha!

  7. Jupiter is not Jesus. Leo is Horus, not Jesus; Pharaoh's wore the Double Crown seen in the 9 Stars of Leo. Jesus said never call anyone Rabbi (Mat 23:8) Why would He choose the Rabbinical New Year and Feast of Return?

    1. All I can say to this view is that yes, Satan has managed to corrupt the whole earth and the understanding of the heavens as well as God's purposes for the Feasts, but for those who recognize the true ownership of all these ordinances, The Lord God Almighty will give them the eyes to see, ears to hear, and the heart to understand what He has purposed for said ordinances. The Book of Job is a good place to start asap if God's truth is what you seek.

    2. Yes I agree Sheila. God's New Year is 1 Abib, the New Moon following Spring Equinox; Rabbis corrupt this with Rosh HaShanah which has nothing to do with Feast of Trumpets.
      Hanukkah and Christmas overlap the Roman Saturnalia; Jeremiah warned of celebrating by decorating Trees (Jer 10) yet many Christians do exactly that. Hanukkah replaces Jesus between 2 Thieves which represents the 7 Branch Candlestick with an 8 or 9 branch Menorah with Jesus replaced by Shamash (Sun).
      How can you get a Rapture without seeing the 1st 6 Trumpet Warnings listed in Revelation? Last Trumpet is the 7th Trumpet; the Trump of God seen in 1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:16; the 3rd of 3 Woes! is the fall of Babylon (Rev 18:19).

  8. The sign is clear. And the Rapture has not taken place on 9/23/17. God is delaying the rapture for a few reasons as He has told us in His Word. We are blessed to share these reasons and did so on our website 15 days before 9/23/17 with this article and then made it a video (link also included). For those who have believed a teaching that "no man knows...only God knows..." The third and forth link are what God's Word says about that. Unfortunately, the church has been mislead, which also fulfills Prophecy.
    Article: 9-23-17, Revelation 12, The Stars, THE RAPTURE DELAYED BY GOD? When IS The Rapture?
    Article: Mark 13:32 Jesus Can't Be Trusted
    Article: How the Greek Confirms This Better Understanding

  9. Mark 13:32 is about the end of the world, has nothing to do with the rev 12:1 sign.

    it's 11:05am as i write this, virgo is still giving birth.

    KING HAZeus AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Uranus Bless America.

  10. Watch as nothing happens, and the Answers in Genesis article he criticizes turns out to be true.

  11. Wow. You and i really need to talk. I was born 8 17 90 and all your information is TRUE.
    I am.

    Name is Angelina
    Born at 10:22 am.
    In future union with a capricorn male born 1/9/79


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