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Jimmy Evans Teaches Rev12 On Daystar Television!

Stop what you are doing and watch this interview.  Seriously.  This guy goes onto Daystar, a network that pretty much reaches every country on the planet, and teaches on the Revelation 12 Sign without holding back.  It is an amazing presentation about many of the things pointing to the nearness of the Lord's return and I just love how it was filmed from in Jerusalem and broadcast to the entire world!'s that good... my only complaint is that it was only 40 minutes, I wish it was longer!!

So who can we thank for this amazing gift?  Well we can thank God first off, but also Jimmy Evans, head elder of Trinity Fellowship and also Founder of Marriage Today in Dallas, Texas.  Jimmy says he has been studying prophecy for 44 years and you could tell because he had some really insightful things to share in this interview with Marc and Joni.

Jimmy presented the information extremely well and even made some connections that I hadn't heard before.  I can't stress enough ho…

Alignment Update: 9-16-17

Here is a current screen shot from Stellarium showing where the planets are at. All of these items will move from right to left at varying speeds over the course of the next several days until they align perfectly on the 23rd to match Revelation 12:1-2. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to view this for yourself with Stellarium.

The software is free and easy to learn. I even did a page showing you how to do it:
A Step By Step Guide To Viewing The Revelation 12 Sign in Stellarium

Another option is to get up 60 minutes before sunrise and look straight East (if you are in the US).  You will see Venus, Mercury, and Mars above the horizon along with the king star Regulus.

(Mercury and Mars are overlapping at the moment in case you are wondering why it looks like you can only see 2 planets in Leo!)

Current as of September 16th:

For comparison, here is the final alignment on the 23rd that matches Revelation 12:1-2:

The Transition From Life To Heaven | Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Dr. John Ankerberg explain what the Bible says will happen when we transfer from this life to the next. I had to share this because I found this book at a garage sale last week for .25 cents.  I figured it seemed like a good time to for a refresher course!

This is a great interview and good information for all of us, especially now.  These guys know their stuff and they answer a lot of questions about Heaven that many of us may be pondering during this time.  Much of this info is presented in the context of death, but the majority of it also applies for those who experience the rapture. They even spend a segment discussing the type of body we will have in heaven!

The Handwriting is on the World - Daniel Matson

With the convergence of signs pointing to next week this article is an essential read for all of us. Whether you agree that there is a significant chance the rapture happens around the end of this month or not, there are many truths here that all of us would do well to take to heart.   Even if you believed there was just a 5, 10, or 20% chance Christ was returning very soon why wouldn't every believer be excited about that possibility?  With all that Daniel has uncovered through the years you can understand why he is making this heartfelt plea to watch and repent while there is still time...

Link to the full article:

Here is an excerpt:
The benefit to believing in Christ before the Day of the Lord is that all of the saved will avoid that period of judgment. While countless people will be saved during that time, following the Bible at that time will become illegal and the majority will suffer martyrdom for it. Of course, that will have its reward…

Excellent Rev12 Discussion - Practical Prophecy Podcast

Todd Hampson is a writer, illustrator and gifted prophecy teacher who has a website ( that unpacks Bible Prophecy in a very approachable and understandable way. His articles have been shared by Jan Markell and others over the years and I am thankful to call him a friend and a Brother In Christ.

Todd has been following the Rev12 Sign for quite a while and we have been in communication about it for several months now.   The time came for him to formally address the topic so he did a podcast that you need to check out.  It's about the convergence of signs and specifically the Rev12 Sign.

Together with his co-host (Brian Thomas) these two men of God dive deep into the convergence of signs and they give us their take on the 'great sign' in the sky due next week... something they are not taking lightly.

They give some practical tips for approaching this exciting moment and also give a plea for unity in the church because we are all on the same side... Hopi…

Review of 'The Sign' on DirecTV (It's decent!)

As most of you know, a much anticipated documentary was premiered tonight. I just finished watching it and as you can see above I am happy to report that I tentatively recommend it! 

If you are going to tell a non-believer or people who haven't seriously studied the Rev12 Sign for themselves you probably wouldn't want to use this as your only source of info (obviously).
UPDATE:  As of 9/21/17 this program can now be viewed for free online.  Click this link to watch it now...
A majority of the content is quite good actually, and the presentation is very high quality. No commercials (in the premier at least) which was great.  But there are differing viewpoints expressed (some for, some against) and a fair amount of them I didn't agree with... (but that's to be expected).  They focused quite a bit on Planet X, and a lot on Israel and the future wars.  The tone is fairly bleak (The end could be coming / prepare …

Rev12 Sign.... The Big Picture | Unsealed

Gary from Unsealed just released THE ARTICLE that needed to be written. Many people are waking up to the possibilities this sign presents and there is a lot of craziness going around. His article spells it out for you.  Confirmations are given.  Questions are answered.  This one is absolutely critical for supporter and detractor alike.

Read. This. Article.

Here the link:
The Big Picture & Questions Answered - Unsealed

Here are some excerpts:
Honestly, it is hard waiting, not knowing exactly how or when things are going to unfold.  We have to trust the LORD with the timing.  As I've said before, I am now convinced that the literal fulfillment of Revelation 12:1-2 occurs next week and to be honest, the connection of Revelation 12 to the rapture seems to be pretty clear at this point.  That said, I refuse to set dates.  I know exactly when this sign occurs, but I don't know exactly when we go home.
The second thing I wanted to remind you of is not to overlook the …

A Final Plea For Pastors...

Our brother Steven reached out to me with a some documents he created that he plans to give to churches in his area. Perhaps you have felt called to do something similar so I wanted to make these resources available.  Steven encourages you to use these words and documents freely.  Thanks Steven, you have given us a wonderful example to follow!
Here is his email to me:
Hi Brad, we have one Sunday left before the sign and I feel it's time for the big push. Maybe people could ask their local Churches to pray over all of this. I'm putting these three easily printable items in and delivering them to some of the Churches in my area, as requests to pray over. I think that if people want to get involved they can send prayer requests with multiple items/links to the online prayer request sites that most Church websites have as well. If Pastors are asked to have the Church pray over this, maybe they will feel compelled to mention it regardless of there position. And lets face it brother…

Anne Graham Lotz - "His Coming Is Imminent"

The following article and quote by Anne Graham Lotz is on the Fox News website...
Read this and let that sink in.
Heaven is waiting! Jesus is coming! The signs He gave signal that His coming is imminent. On that day, don’t be left behind. Be ready to meet Him face to face. Turn to Him now. Place your trust in Jesus. Billy Graham's daughter is sounding the alarm about the lateness of the hour even though she doesn't mention the Revelation 12 Sign. God is spreading the message from all sources and if you are watching you know signs are all around us (and above us).

 The Revelation 12 Sign is only days away... Are you ready? If Jesus came tonight would you be ready? Are you spreading the message?   From here on out we should all be clinging to him and urging others to do the same... 

Here is the article... read all the way to the bottom.

Many thanks to Unsealed…

A Word of Caution About 'The Sign' Documentary

Please use extreme caution and wisdom if you decide to use tomorrows DirecTV documentary titled 'The Sign' as an opportunity to share the message of the Great Sign with your friends and neighbors.

I caution against such a move as using this as an evangelism tool before you see it's content first is not very wise.It is a very risky move to tell someone to watch a show we know very little about.

UPDATE:  Just watched it and it's actually decent!  See my thoughts here...

Trailers can be misleading and even though Scottie is in the program now (a last minute add) we have yet to see how much of his message gets out.  The truth is we DO NOT KNOW if the show is balanced, accurate or the least bit Biblical.  For all we know it could have a horribly mocking tone and cast all those who believe that this is an important Biblical event in a very bad light.  If that is the case and you invited over a g…

Revelation 12 Poster

Another new graphic about the Rev 12 Sign. This one is geared for the younger crowed. Will be sharing this no Facebook to help get the word out. As always, feel free to copy, download and share without credit need. Just spread the word!

A Rev12 Poem for the Pastor

Many of us have been disheartened for years at the lack of urgency in the pulpit regarding Bible prophecy.  When news of the Revelation 12 Sign came along many of us hoped this would wake up those silent pastors asleep at the wheel.  Instead the opposite happened.... Those silent remained silent and even the vast majority of those preaching on the end times ignored or disparaged the great sign.

There is one more Sunday before the sign appears...  We don't know what will happen or when, but surely this alignment straight out of Revelation is worthy of attention.  If not now pastor then when? Did not God place you there to teach and to lead?

Our sister Sue gives them this one final plea...

What if what you believe, suddenly becomes unbelievable? Why must the Word go from strange to inconceivable? The Great sign of Revelation is here, so what will you do? I say to the pastor, not the choir nor the pew. It’s true, I’m not famous. Not of the Christian elite. Neither was the woman, who an…

Is Joel 2 Being Fulfilled Before Our Very Eyes?

Image just posted another article showing how ancient prophecies seem to be coming to fulfillment in these last days at a blistering pace. A very familiar prophecy,  Joel 2:30-31 is the latest that seems to be in the process of being fulfilled just in the last month.  The wildfires in the western US (sending smoke across the whole country) and the total eclipse of the sun bring the words below to new light.
And I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
IF the great and awesome day of the Lord does come, would there be any denying that the Lord's word above came true? We have seen wonders in the heavens and will see another on September 23rd.  We have seen fires and columns of smoke turn the moon to a blood red color. We all heard about the eclipse which darkened the sun and brought a swath of darkness across the…

Tim and Rob "Prepare The Way"

This video by Tim and Rob really moved me. These two guys were so impacted by the Revelation 12 Sign they decided to pool their money and efforts in order to start an online ministry spreading the Gospel.  Their impact has grown and grown over the last few months but from there they felt moved to have a local event.  They held it last Sunday and multiple people were saved and many were baptized. Its an awesome story and it was all documented in the video and summary below:

 Here is a summary by Tim.  Please like and read more on their Facebook page: Tim and
Hello all! This past Sunday God called Tim and I to reach out to our local community and preach a message of repentance and prayer for our nation. We had about 40 people show up, 22 People baptized and 5 people who asked Jesus into their lives for the first time! Here's a powerful video highlighting the events of that day. Here is the video from that amazing day. Baptisms always get me... but this video is extra speci…

3 Articles You May Have Missed

Here are a few links from the day I didn't get to post on, although most of these were shared on Facebook. I cannot believe we are almost halfway through September... the days are going by so fast! Anyway I hope you all are doing well and growing closer to Christ each day.  Please check out these links but also feel free to post your feelings below and we can fellowship with each other and encourage each other here as we see The Day approaching (Hebrews 10:25).
Link #1  - The child is the Church. Douglas Woodward, a prominent prophecy teacher and author of countless books, bucks the trends of his peers and says flat out that the Male child is the Church... and thus the Revelation 12 Sign is related to the rapture in some shape or form.  He also gives a much deserved endorsement to Gary and the crew at!


Link #2 - Board the Ark Now Speaking of Unsealed, Gary put out another article pleading with people…

Printable Rev12 Sign Graphic! Save, Print, and Share!

Many of you have requested a new graphic designed for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 (letter sized) paper. This image is set up with a white background (minimal ink) and has a very easy to understand layout.  It also includes 10 key points about the sign and points them to additional resources for further study.  It looks good when printed in color or Black & White.

Please save this image to your computer and print it off over and over! 
(More ideas on how to share this are below....)

Here is the image, follow this link if you want a pdf version.

Where to share this printout...
Share this at work,
at home,
at church,
at school,
or at the store.

(Basically anywhere with a bulletin board!)

In the break room,
in the locker room,
at the community center
or at senior center.

Staple it to a telephone pole.
Print it on a T-Shirt.

Make it into a card,
or be like that one guy and put it on the side of your car!

Perhaps you are too cool, and those ideas are lame.

Then attach it to a Tw…

If You've Been Waiting for a Sign...

Earlier today we posted the following on our Facebook page. It is a humble attempt to create a shareable image and message that will grab the attention of our family and friends on Facebook. Please free to share that post or this graphic as much as you can.  No need for credit, just get the message out there.  Thanks again for all the community on this page as we wait eagerly for the appearing of our precious savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! : )

Most of us have been looking around at the world lately and shaking our heads in disbelief. Things are getting crazy out there but many of you haven't seen the half of it. In addition to looking around it may be time to look UP...

Here is something amazing to consider:

Did you know that in a matter of days a 2,000 year old prophecy from the Bible will be fulfilled in the sky above our heads? Yes, this prophetic alignment of stars and planets actually happens this month on... Saturday, September 23rd. The alignment in the attached grap…

Pastor Charles Lawson Flips on the Revelation 12 Sign!

Pastor Charles Lawson, a popular Baptist minister from Knoxville, Tennessee came out a few weeks ago dismissing the Revelation 12 Sign. In a shocking change, according to his sermon today he did some more reading and has changed his mind!!  Start at the 30:20 mark in the video below and listen.... he has clearly flipped his position!

If you have listened to Pastor Lawson before you know he is not one to pull any punches. He is a very strong teacher and well.... you just have to listen to what he had to say!! 

Truly a
wesome stuff here and many thanks to Ron for sharing this! 
Here is the video, skip ahead to the 30:20 mark to hear his AMAZING comments:

More Ominious, 'Biblical' Signs In The Sky | WND

Mark Biltz believes 'tribulation could begin soon'
WND posted another article yesterday about 9/23/17 which is heavy on quotes from Pastor Mark Biltz.  This is encouraging because this is a prominent site (around 7 million unique visitors each year) and they are taking it fairly seriously and there is no mocking tone.  They also make a very clear and much appreciated distinction between Biblical Astronomy and astrology (a false claim that is still being repeated by some ill informed pastors).

Here is the link to the WND article:

Here is an excerpt:
But why should believers care about what is happening in the sky? Isn’t looking for such signs uncomfortably close to the practice of astrology?

Biltz points out Scripture itself speaks of the importance of signs in the sky. He also says there is a critical distinction between astrology and what he calls “biblical astronomy.”

“Biblical astronomy has nothing t…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.