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The Probability of Fulfillment - Article and Video

I found many interesting tidbits of info in the article and video by Dale which I am sharing in this post.  Among other things, info about the probability of this alignment and also details amazing characteristics of the retrograde pattern of the elements of this sign. I am not in total agreement with everything here, but I do think it is good to view this type of info and investigate this sign from multiple view points to be as well rounded as we can be.  In my view he needs to be a little more precise with his language as to not cause fear or confusion among the brethren, so if you have questions ask them below in the comment section and I will try to straighten things out.

One of the main issues I have is that he says that some "believers" will not be raptured.  From reading his writings, what I think he means is that some people who SAY they are believers, or are believers IN NAME ONLY, will not be raptured.  That would be a more precise way to express that thought.  Lik…

Amazing Testimony Pointing to the Rapture and Eclipse

After an especially horrible evening witnessing her father beat her mother, this woman was given a dream of the rapture which happened a period of time after an eclipse. Years later, she realized that the eclipse of 2017 was the same one referenced in her dream. Once she realized that she felt and intense calling to share her message... a message and a dream pointing to this time in history.

The Revelation 12 Sign is 33 days after the eclipse.... we should all be watching this period of time very intently.

Here is the video, listen to her heartfelt words and her plea to be ready... (20 min)

Procession of the Moon | Lu Vega

Lu Vega created an awesome graphic showing the position of the moon on these final days leading up to the Revelation 12 Sign on September 23rd.  I love it, thanks Lu! It's like watching the second hand of a clock ticking down to the start of a big event!
Conjunctions of the Lesser Luminary
Lu Vega

The following is the trajectory of the Moon, the Lesser Luminary in the Heavens as it reaches the point of maximum to configure the Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017. The illustration will depict the line that the Moon will take starting from the constellation of Taurus on September 12, 2017. The timeline will highlight certain key conjunctions and alignments that appear to be interesting as the different phases of the Moon will also be illustrated, as it will look on that corresponding day against the sky.

Time Schedule of Moon ProcessionCountdown to Revelation 12 Sign Astronomical Alignment

September Day   …

Prophetic Significance of Israel's Massive Air Strikes in Syria

We have had it pounded into our heads that even though there will be many signs around us... the KEY to end time prophecy is Jerusalem. We been told to watch Jerusalem, watch Israel. Well Amir knows Israel as well as anybody and I urge you listen to what he has to say about the recent military action which has taken place over there.

Listen to the seriousness in his voice.
Listen to the words he uses.
Listen to how close he seems to think we are to the rapture.

Amir has been somewhat outspoken about the Revelation 12 Sign, but don't let that stop you from hearing what he has to say on this important matter.  Everything seems to be converging and it is impossible to keep up, but this info is a key piece of the puzzle...check it out.
Amir's breaking news update on Israel's strikes in Syria overnight, Sept. 7, 2017. (18 min)

More Revelation 12 "Berean Study" Videos

Back on August 23rd we did a post listing 3 videos from the "Berean Study" Video Series which dive deep into the topics surrounding the Revelation 12 Sign. These videos were very well received and I am happy to share that 2 more videos in this series are now available!  If you missed the first three you find them in the original post: Revelation 12 "Berean Study" Video Series

Below are the latest videos.  Feel free to watch them in order, or just skip to the topic that most interests you.  Beware, once you watch one it is very likely you will want to watch the others as well! did a post about this video series as well, here is the link:

Thanks to everyone who made me aware of these new videos and recommend that I do a post on them!  A lot of people are very encouraged by this information and he did a great job!
Part 4: Signs, Stars and Missing Planets: Revelation 12 Berean Stu…

Birthday Break-away: The Perez Prophecy and the Male-child of Revelation 12:5

I doubt the connections made in the link below have ever been shared before.  Jeff from illustrates how the story of the Church and Israel are told through real life examples of twins in the Bible... Examples that create a pattern we are a part of today! 

I wanted to give you a excerpt, but I can't do it because you need to read the whole thing in order. You will be blown away, but you must know it is one of those that you need to read slowly and thoughtfully.  Read it in a way that will allow the words to sink in so you can feel the magnitude of what is being shared.... then sit back in awe of what God has revealed in this late hour! 

You can tell that Jeff invested hours and hours of study into these words.... Soak them up.  Don't rush it.   I was so blown away by this article even though I was there when the idea was conceived!  To see this amazing picture laid out in such a beautiful and understandable way is mind blowing!  Enjoy and be so utterly comforted…

Solar Flare 2017 Update

Much attention has been given in the last 18 hours or so to the huge solar flare that was discovered yesterday. It was massive and from all accounts the effects of the ejection is headed right for us. Nobody really knows what effect it will have when it hits our planet, if anything.... So please don't panic.I just want you to be aware in case something does come from it.

The most dramatic effects I have heard range from power outages, disabled satellites / GPS to trigged earthquakes and volcanoes. I have also heard it will be unnoticeable and have very little effect. I will let you make up your minds  but here are two resources that I found helpful on the subject. At the very least this is another "sign in the sun, moon, and stars" as to the lateness of the hour.

1. Daniel Matson found a striking pattern in the timing of this solar flare, which is just two weeks away from Feast of Trumpets and matches a similar pattern to the largest solar flare ever observed. He ex…

"The Sign" on DirecTV - NEW TRAILER!

UPDATE:  Just watched it and its actually decent.  See my thoughts here...

UPDATE 9-13-17: I am recommending that we all hold off recommending the DirecTV documentary titled 'The Sign' (set to air for the 1st time tomorrow evening on Sept 14th) until it can be reviewed. It is extremely unwise to use a show nobody has seen as a witnessing tool. for such an important message. You must realized that if the show happens to be good ( I hope it is) you can point your friends to one of the 10 additional showings over the course of the weekend But until you or someone you trust has actually seen it, please do everyone a favor and do not risk recommending it to others until we can verify that the message is fair and worthwhile. 
For more info see here:

Please know this... if the show is good I will update this message and do a…

Luke 21:25-26 Going Viral!

A simple observation on Twitter about the recent catastrophic signs we have been seeing is not going unnoticed by the world. A late night tweet by Julee Dao on September 4th has been retweeted over 70,000 times in just 2 days.  I find it so amazing how God can use everyday people to spread His message, a message that seems to tie into Luke 21:25-26 just as this young lady noticed thanks in part to Google.

Just think of all the people that are reading that verse and making a connection to the lateness of the hour.  Think of how few of those people probably rarely open their Bibles, yet God is still reaching them with HIS WORD... right where they are! I can't even imagine how many seeds of faith have been planted with this one small tweet!

God is so amazing... So many big names have failed to spread the message about the lateness of the hour and the Revelation 12 Sign coming on 9/23/17... Yet God is able to use the most unlikely sources to get the word out... and by doing it in …

Jaco Prinsloo Completes His 9-Part Series

Jaco Prinsloo has been putting out extremely detailed videos on the Revelation 12 Sign for quite some time. His videos are approaching 2 million total views, which is quite astonishing considering that most of his videos are an hour in length or longer. Anyone who has watched his work can tell you that the information he provides and theories he puts forth are very well explained and from all accounts Part 9 of this series is no different!  This video completes his series and puts the capstone on an amazing body of work.  On behalf of all of us, thank you brother for all you have done.

If you are not familiar with Jaco, here is a link to his channel where you can find all of his videos:
God's Roadmap to the End | YouTube

Here is his latest video:

The Hope of Glory - Pete Garcia

This is a great read for all of us as we move ever closer to what sure seems to be the Revelation 12 Sign.  A fantastic article, balanced and hopeful... just like how WE should be! Thank you Jan Markell for sharing this and thank you Pete Garcia for writing it!  I am encouraged to know that many of the debunkers are reading these words and those of us who truly believe that this sign on the 23rd of this month is an alignment straight from the Book of Revelation should do the same.

In the article Pete lays out a fantastic defense for the legitimacy of the sign (read the article) but then balances it out with the following words of caution:
The negatives than are that some will be convinced that something will absolutely have to happen on September 23rd. If September 23rd comes and goes without anything major or significant changing, many who planted all their hopes and dreams on that date will become disillusioned and drift away from the faith. Those who are not Christians will inevit…

Prayers for Paul

Brothers and Sisters, our beloved Brother Paul from the Zeus Mossbender Channel had a heart-attack on Monday. This man who has prayed for so many of us is now in need of our prayers.   He is still in the hospital but is doing better and in good spirits. He may need to remain there for the rest of the week as they do additional procedures to remove more blockages.  Lord willing it seems that he will fully recover even though the attack was quite serious as they had to use the paddles on him.  He is doing better though and the last I heard he was in the Cardiac ICU somewhere in FEMA Region #3.... (I had to throw that in there Paul!)

Please join me in praying for Paul and for his family.  Please pray that they would gather together and feel the presence of Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit all around them...

Lord, please use this trial for your purposes so that YOUR name would be lifted high. Please bring healing to Paul and thank you for not letting this heart attack be more da…

Revelation 12 Video: The Throne Room, The 2 Witnesses, The Coming of the Anti-Christ

I highly recommend the video below which was uploaded by The Return of the King about a week ago. This brother in Christ takes great care in examining clues in Stellarium and points out MANY interesting points he found in these celestial signs.  I really appreciated the insights he shared throughout this video and can tell he has done his homework. Many of the other watchmen like Gary and Daniel are praising this work and I would encourage you all to watch it as well.  Understandably some of his thoughts are speculation, but much of what he shares just seems to fit!  (Length: 35 min)

The Last Remaining Light | Revelation 12 Song

Our brother William shared the following song with me.  Listen and being encouraged.  I loved the lyrics and passion!  Great job William!  Here are the lyrics and the video of the song is below: The Last Remaining LightCover with Harpazo Adaption William O. Wright
Hold me with your golden seal Wake my bones or watch them heal Crown me at your perfect face Where I watch and I wait And pray for The Day    
Cure what’s broke or breath again Feast at trump and angel shout Through heavn’s signs and every word Where I watch and I wait and yield to the truth
And if you don't believe The son did rise Stand alone and greet the coming night In the last remaining light
4 blood moons greet one black sun Heaven waits for those who run Drown your winters or Come from neath your graves Where you watch and you wait And pray for The Day
Yeah And if you don't believe the son did rise Stand alone and greet the coming night In the last r…

Right for the Wrong Reasons? | Greg Lauer

I found the latest article by Greg Lauer fascinating.  I have listened to countless hours of teaching on this sign and must admit that in this piece I learned a great deal about the Feast of Trumpets which I was not aware of.  Some of it might be shocking in a bad way, other parts shocking in a good way.   All in all, this is an article that should move to the top of you priority reading list.  The ENTIRE article.  Don't stop if you read something you might disagree with, don't gloat if you read something you love.   My goal has always been to find the truth... and I believe there is much truth to be found in this piece.

In addition to his main focus on the Feast of Trumpets throughout the article Greg sprinkles in many other valuable insights for those of us watching this sign and eagerly waiting for the Lord's appearing.  This is his last article before the sign appears he made sure it packs a punch. It is not a short article, but it is a must read.

Here is the link and…

Peace and Safety Before September 23rd?

The Peace and Safety connection has been quite well covered and I know most of you are aware of it.  To help share the info with others I made the graphic below to help illustrate the idea.  Like many of you I think it is quite interesting that just 2 days before the Revelation 12 Sign the United Nations is holding their International Day of PEACE. If that wasn't enough, it is quite interesting that for the first time in a long time the title for the day also includes the word SAFETY....
"Together for Peace, Respect, Safety & Dignity For All" In my mind the UN represents the world... and we know they have a very anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Christ agenda. The UN's expressed purpose is to represent the people of the world and be the spearhead for Peace on the planet (often times the do they do the exact opposite however).   Anyway, could the United Nations (represented by PEOPLE from the across the world) and the Rev12 Sign be part of what is eluded to in the f…

Colossians 3:2-4

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Philippians 3:20-21

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.