Rev12 Documentary Coming to DirecTV on September 14th

UPDATE:  Just watched it and its actually decent.  See my thoughts here...

UPDATE 9-13-17:
I am recommending that we all hold off recommending the DirecTV documentary titled 'The Sign' (set to air for the 1st time tomorrow evening on Sept 14th) until it can be reviewed. It is extremely unwise to use a show nobody has seen as a witnessing tool. for such an important message. You must realized that if the show happens to be good ( I hope it is) you can point your friends to one of the 10 additional showings over the course of the weekend But until you or someone you trust has actually seen it, please do everyone a favor and do not risk recommending it to others until we can verify that the message is fair and worthwhile.  For more info see here:

Please know this... if the show is good I will update this message and do another post urging everyone to watch it.  Until then tread carefully and please do not rely on this show to inform someone about the Rev12 Sign.

Set your DVR's for Thursday, September 14th as there is a documentary about the Rev12 Sign hitting the mainstream.  A few of us were aware of this upcoming documentary a while back and had some mixed feelings on it.  The initial thought was that since this was being shown on a secular TV station (Audience Channel / DirecTV) it was likely going to be a hit piece mocking the Bible and those of us who take this sign seriously.  I am happy to report that those thoughts seem to be unfounded as the director of the film is a Christian who understands the Revelation 12 Sign and is very excited by it!

Scott Clarke will actually be a part of the film as he was interviewed this weekend at the Hear the Watchmen Conference.  He became friends with the director and film crew and Scott believes that this 90 minute documentary will be a very beneficial production.  He said the director, Josh, is the "real deal" and "get's it."  Along with Scott and many others, Pastor Mark Biltz also plays a prominent role in the film.

If you or someone you know has DirecTV, try to catch "The Sign" on the Audience Network, channel 239... which will air on 7:00 Central on Thursday, September 14th.
It is unclear if the film will be made available online after that date.

Another trailer should be released soon, I will post that here when it's available.

Unsealed has provided more details on this documentary at the following link:


  1. Wow that's YUGE! I am so psyched I can't believe it! Way to go Scottie and everyone else putting this together!!!

  2. I think it will be quite well done... I just hope its made available online so that it can be viewed and shared by a wider audience in those few days remaining leading up to the sign.

  3. Josh and Bobby (directors) showed me the second unreleased trailer before they interviewed me. Mark Biltz is in it. It's AWESOME! We are staying in touch. I even received some texts today. I will keep you informed.

    1. You think they can hook you up with Mark Biltz? I know you would love to talk to him one on one.

  4. Wow, think of the lives this will touch! Excited for Scottie and everyone involved!

  5. 1 Cor 15:52 "Behold I shall show you a the last Trump" Rev 10:7 "the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished"
    Body resurrection occurs at the Last Trump, Last Trumpet, 7th Trumpet, the "Mystery of God" finished just before God's Wrath on unbelievers. Read the Word Scottie. Tell Unsealed Gary Ray to do the same.

  6. Very cool, can't wait to see this. Thanks for letting us know Scottie, looking forward to seeing you in it with the rest of "the Watchers".

  7. Notice the channel number?
    239? 9/23. :D

  8. I am of course hopeful, and I know God can use all things to His glory but, really? Is this how God works? Through mainstream media? Satan's greatest mass weapon of deception?!

    One of the most amazing aspects of this journey in biblical prophesy for me has been the humble, non-celebrity of my teachers. Scottie, Brad, Adam, Jaco, Jeff, Gary, Barry, Zeus, Dolly, JD and on and on. I have learned from all of you that God uses His signs and moadim to declare His glory. I work in the MSM and know it for what it is. God has no need for it. Harvey, Irma and His wonderful canvasse in the Shemayim are all He needs!

    The warning lights are all over this as I pray for guidance and discernment. The humble, non-celebrity of my teachers has somewhat lessened.

    Christopher Long, the head of AT&T AUDIENCE Network producing this work is quoted. "This documentary hits home. It will shift viewers from a place of fear to a focus on saving the world.”

    First, I'm not fearful...I'm excited.

    Second, Those fearful and running from the Lamb need to repent and turn to the Lamb. Not "focus on saving the world."

    This world is done is so Written. The whole concept of saving the world is unbiblical and an anathema to the Book of Revelation. This quote is typical Oprah-esque empowerment and works based slippery slope stuff.

    I'll watch because I'm a watchman, but this watchman advises extreme caution.

  9. For those who don't have DirecTV, here's a link to watch the film for free!


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