Revelation 12 "Berean Study" Video Series

I recently discovered a video series on a new Revelation 12 YouTube Channel that is quite well done and packed with information.  I actually watched Part 3 of the series first, which I highly recommend, then had to go back and watch the other two parts because it was so well done!

If you have the time I encourage you to watch all of them... but at a bare minimum watch Part 3 which has to do with the network of signs in play at Christ's first coming.  I found it VERY informative and a great support for this recent article of mine:  Can We Really Know When Jesus Is Coming?

Lastly, I can't believe this channel has such few views... Please share his work and leave this hardworking brother an encouraging note for all he has done! He has put out 9 videos in the past month and  I hope he continues making more as they are quite good!  He has a pretty cool accent too!

Part 1: Supporting Scripture: Revelation 12 Berean Study (32 Minutes)

Part 2: Origins of the Mazzeroth: Revelation 12 Berean Study (28 Minutes)

Part 3: Did they miss or ignore the signs? Revelation 12 Berean Study (22 Minutes)


  1. I liked his ideas about the dragon. Having that big hole in the Rev 12 sign has bothered me. His thought is that we are not to know about the evil coming since we are taken before the revealing.


    1. Jennifer, wow. I haven't even watched them yet but from your comment I can intuit what is said. I JUST posted a reply at UNSEALED under the topic of the upcoming documentary but in reply, unpacking a dream Kris had. Like you, I have been deeply 'bothered' by the silent dragon n the room, especially being an avid follower of Daniel at informed... Go check out the dream and my thoughts and, if THIS spin on the dragon is correct it fits PERFECTLY with the dream and my thoughts on it AND THE ABSOLUTE IMMENINCY OF THE BIG ONE. MaranWOWtha? Maranatha!

    2. Where does he say we're not to know what the dragon is? I only heard him say in Part One that no one does know what it actually is , then he moves on to the next verse.

    3. This thinking does make some sense... If we knew for certain everything about the dragon...if it was as clear as verses 1 and 2 are.... perhaps our tendency would be to focus on that bad thing rather than the good. If we are taken out prior to it, then we shouldn't worry about it.... so to keep us from worrying about it perhaps God just keeps it hidden from us to spare us the anxiety? But of something does show up, I still believe we should see it as a confirmation and surely not fear but use it as a witnessing tool.

    4. Jesus tells us who the Red Dragon is in Rev 12:9 "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. This is equivalent with Satan cast out at Rev 9:11 5th Trumpet/1st Woe! exactly 5 months (150 days) before the 6th Trumpet/2nd Woe! and a total of 18 months, 1 Day (7th Trumpet is the Day of Body Resurrection), 1 Hour (God's Wrath/Judgment) before the 2nd Coming.

  2. Thanks for the YouTube references Brad. There is so much information online re rev12, it is hard to sift the good from the bad due to the sheer amount of info out there.

    1. What are you implying? Knowledge shall increase or something?

    2. Lol, as my brain capacity decreases...

    3. I have the same problem!! There could be multiple Rev 12 Daily Sites and we would still miss things!

    4. Oh my gosh this is a fantastic study! Totally going to be sharing this on my blog after I listen to them all (only on part two right now and I'm LOVING it)! Thanks for posting this Brad!!

  3. 1 Cor 15:52 "Behold I shall show you a the last Trump" Rev 10:7 "the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished"
    Body resurrection occurs at the Last Trump, Last Trumpet, 7th Trumpet, the "Mystery of God" finished just before God's Wrath on unbelievers. Read the Word Scottie. Tell Unsealed Gary Ray to do the same.

  4. Oh my goodness... the very same thing happened to me this morning!
    His part 3 video popped up on my You Tube recommended list; it looked interesting and after watching it, HAD to see the first 2 (as well as everything else he's done!)
    Thought just about everything already had been said on the subject, but he has even more for us! A true Berean he is!!


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