Koinonia House Video Reponse Is Huge

Yesterdays video posted by Koinonia House regarding the Revelation 12 Sign has generated quite the buzz!  As of the writing of this, their YouTube page had 656 comments on the subject and Facebook post had 272 comments.  Our posts here on this website and FB combined for another 121 comments as well!  I am sure there are many many more discussions going on around the internet.  The good news is that Koinonia House has responded and will be interviewing Scottie Clarke on the matter in the near future.  This is excellent news!  I was quite let down by the poor nature of their video which left out much information and extremely relevant scripture passages, but the fact that they are willing to bring Scott on and allow him to respond in person shows great humility. I am looking forward to this event and according to Scott they will be doing a video interview tomorrow and Ron assured him that he would give Scott "run of the floor" without a "debunking agenda".  Here is there original interaction from the comments section on YouTube.

If you haven't watched the video yet, or are behind on the comments, here is the link...

As for my main objections to Ron's video, they were this: 
He presented a very one-sided argument under the guise of presenting all the information and letting the viewer decided for themselves.  Here is a sample of the info that was left out:

  • Gen 1:14 - God made the stars for Signs
  • Rev 2:26-27 - The Church will rule with a Rod of Iron as well
  • Micah 5:2-4 - Woman in labor sign is key indicator of start of new dispensation
  • Amos 5:8, Job 9:9, Job 38:32-33 - Bible lists Constellations and God takes credit for them
  • He also failed to mention the 9+ month retrograde loop of Jupiter in the "midsection" of the woman.
  • Claimed that Stellarium can't be trusted and that we could not know how to use it properly since we are not professional astronomers.
  • Failed to mention the Biblical precedence for Heavenly Signs such as the Magi at Christ's birth.
  • He said nothing of any importance happened on 12-23-16 (9 months out from sign), but what about this unprecedented event directly related to Israel?
  • He claimed studying this is Astrology.
  • He claimed that all constellation lines had to be identical in order to ever use them.
  • He did not mention any of the collaborating signs of the times that also converge on the this time period.
  • Lastly, he never even mentioned that Chuck Missler himself taught on multiple occasions the Child from Rev 12:5 could be the Church, and that the passage could be describing the Rapture!
There are other things I could get into but most of those are addressed in the comments section of yesterdays post. Ron was nice enough in the video and I appreciate him bringing attention to the topic.  I highly respect their ministry and to see how little relevant info was brought to light only gives me confidence that we are on the right track.  Reading the comments from everyone has been a joy, and I am happy to say I have seen very few "personal attacks" and a much more reasoned and Biblical response to this.

Steve Sewell also posted a video responding to this latest video.  It is very straightforward and worth listening to as I think he makes a couple interesting points.

Gary from Unsealed.org also just put up an article in response to this. Here is the link:
Why The Revelation 12 Sign Can't Be Debunked


  1. Go Scottie! It will be awesome to get him on there to "clear the air" :)

    1. Isn't God amazing... now thousands of additional people will be tuning into this because of the original video. If Ron had just invited Scott on from the get-go many K-House followers would have just tuned out because they had never heard of him. Now they will be all ears!!

    2. Praying for Scott, for peace, love and sound mind, and for the Holy Spirit's anointing to speak what God has given him to speak. May hearts and minds be open to the truth from the Holy Spirit, and for everyone involved to show humility and love toward their fellow believers in Christ Jesus. Amen. God's will be done! Maranatha! YSIC, Kay

  2. Wow, awesome! Let's be praying for Scottie!

  3. Scottie, Blow that Horn! Praying for you Scottie!

  4. Excellent news indeed! I hope both Scottie and Ron will pray for discernment.

  5. not sure how the unveiling of Rev. 12 should produce "anxiety and anger"....let that sink in...who gets angry when we proclaim the work of the Lord?

    1. It's a great excitement and joy and I hope it's true! Maranatha Lord!!!

  6. ASTROLOGY???? WHAT?? It is NOT astrology! Look up the definition of BOTH astrology and astronomy! Astrology is the enemy's twisted attempt to pervert God's magnificent creation and perfect alignments in the heavens. DISCERN !

  7. ASTROLOGY???? WHAT?? It is NOT astrology! Look up the definition of BOTH astrology and astronomy! Astrology is the enemy's twisted attempt to pervert God's magnificent creation and perfect alignments in the heavens. DISCERN !

  8. At least some difference in Christian behaviour between Billy Crones of 'Prophecy Sleepers' (who just took off their video from the channel after being proven false) and this Ron Matsen of KHouse (who allows Scott Clarke to explain more)... Praying for an edifying outcome!

    Nevertheless, Ron could have spared all this upset by informing himself better about the whole topic and at least about their own teachings at KHouse (Chuck Missler about church = male child and constellations = mazzaroth). This was an 'epic fail' indeed for the KHouse ministries' reputation, very inconsistent and ridiculous even at first sight. Not very clever to have to pick up the shards now...

  9. Just a side note, as of this morning of August 3, #4 program of the Forge has 27,647 views ; #1 - 12,893 views ; #2 - 8,261 views ; #3 - 5,208 views. This topic has certainly put Ron Matson's name out there.

  10. One thing which was VERY telling here is the likes/dislikes. I find it extremely encouraging that, as of today, 8/3/17, there are 499 likes and 452 dislikes. Fascinating that it is so nearly split. The very high number of dislikes, relatively speaking, says volumes about the Spirit's work to get the Word out about impending events and it also speaks to His Body's focus on these things and taking them before the Lord in prayer and study. Maranatha!

  11. I am amazed at the people I thought would have heard of this (REV 12) already and just look at me with a blank stare as I ask them their thoughts. Even my own family. My wife and children listen to me but they don't really go study themselves, rather, they let me study and report (which is ok). Sometimes I feel like I'm on an island of strangers whom I thought would have surely heard of this. Many want to just sip the "milk" and don't want to move to the solid foods...aka...."the meat of the scripture". The Lord is truly amazing. Is it any wonder it will take all eternity to experience the joys of the Lord?

  12. The entire book of Revelation is of the FUTURE, so the child is clearly NOT the Messiah. And even if it could have referred to the Lord, He was not immediately caught up to heaven while His mother ran into the wilderness, chased by a flood produced by the devil, which the earth opened up and swallowed, etc. The Rev 12 sign is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT, as it is the ONLY "wonder" in the entire bible labeled as "great". Jesus clearly wanted us to take note and watch for this.

  13. BRAD IF YOU READ THIS: THE VIDEO #5 The Forge IS OUT! Very quick job though. Plus apologies to Scott. Well done.


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