Free PDF of Revelation 12 Sign Book Now Available!

A few days ago we put up a post about a new book that was written about the Revelation 12 Sign.  A few commenters and others questioned the motives of the author, and 'David 'even left a nasty review on the Amazon page stating something to this effect. 

Personally I think that is an unfortunate thing and hope that we could all pray about this and perhaps those negative thoughts would be removed as they have proved to be untrue and could actually be used by the enemy to keep someone from looking into this amazing sign. 

Believe me, nobody is going to get rich from a book like this unless you have a very big name.  It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to write something and have it come out half-way professional sounding (speaking from experience here).  Let us remember that we should be slow to speak when talking negatively about a fellow brother no matter our initial reactions.  He wrote a book about the Revelation 12 Sign... He is helping us!!

Anyway, the author was kind enough to post a few comments below that article stating his intentions and revealing his commitment to donate the proceeds to a Christian ministry dear to his heart.  For most, that would have been plenty to ease any concerns... whether justified or not.

Fast forward to today...  This morning Phil apparently learned that his publisher would allow him to distribute the e-book / pdf file for FREE if he wished to do so.  And that is exactly what he has done...  Below you will find a short email from Phil with the now freely available Revelation 12 Sign book below.  Thanks from all of us Phil!  Thank you for doing whatever you can to get the word out with time so short!

Here is the email from Phil:
I found out this morning that it is up to me if I make the book as an e-copy free to all. I am please to be able to send it to your web site first. I pray this book is widely distributed in its full and unedited form and that it blesses everyone who reads it. Again God put it on my heart to write the book to fill a particular niche for people who want a hard copy to read and get themselves prepared. The end of the book has a section on what one must do to be saved. Blessing to you Phil
Revelation 12 Sign BOOK - Phil Moser  (Also available for download on our Google Drive)


  1. I must admit that I was one to jump to conclusions and criticize Phil for his intentions without knowing the facts. For this I was wrong, and I do apologize. Phil, please accept my apology. I thank God for Phil and his work, and I pray his book gets into the hands of those who need it.

    1. Excellent!! I echo that prayer as well my friend! Same goes for all of the solid material now becoming available!

    2. Hey Unknown and Brad, Glory Be to YAHSHUA. Thanks for the encouragement we are all watchmen on the wall. Again the hard copy book is for those who prefer something tangible and could even be a witnessing tool to any souls left behind after the Teknon/Kodeshim are snatch out.

      Blessings to all, Phil

    3. I was in the same boat with Unknown, Sorry Phil. Excellent work! Thank you!

    4. Sorry my name is not showing. Unknown = Jon 🙂

    5. I too, apologise to Phil for my previous comments. I bought your book some time ago and this post prompted me to re-read it and it is an excellent piece of work. I recommend that we all read it and encourage others to do the same! Thanks Phil. Mark.

  2. God bless you Phil.

  3. God bless you Phil and I pray that your heavenly reward is tenfold of the time and money you have put into writing this book and having it published.

  4. Thank you for your work in making this book, Phil. And thank you for making it available to everyone! I am looking forward to reading it!

    1. You are welcome. I pray it blesses you and that it brings glory to the Father in the name of YAHSHUA!

  5. Thank you for this ebook. I have sent it to all my sleepy Christian brethren and unbelieving family, friends and colleagues. With my personal testimony, months of admonishing people to look into this sign and others, providing the best of the best of the best website links and youtube videos and now this very comprehensive ebook, there is little more one can do at this point but what many are being called to do -- which is now a call to repentance, prayer and fasting.

    Have many of us fulfilled the commandment of Ezekiel 33:6? I do think so.

  6. Just downloaded. The Lord bless you Phil

  7. It brakes my heart how you people trash this quality piece of work. I know this much - I SOON WILL BE ON THE JUDGEMENT SEAT next to Jesus, and if you don't make it, I'm not taking pity on you. It SICKENS me how judgmental people who wrongly profess to be Christians really are. This book is incredible, now a few nitwit idiots, or perhaps even just one who shall go unnamed for the sake of saving that person the notoriety he is not deserving of has an issue and it tarnishes the whole image?? What sort of amateurs are we even dealing with in the Body here anyway people? Many of you have LOTS of self-examination to do and not much time. I've been walking DAILY AND EVERY DAY in the truth, most of you just pretend. Better get to work and quit your backbiting and moaning. God does NOT like it.



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