New Printable Gospel Booklet, Website and Videos

Our dear brother Daniel from Canada has been hard at work for the past several weeks creating a Gospel Booklet , Videos, and a website for sharing during these critical last days. He has poured his heart and soul into this work and sent it to me earlier this week to share.

Daniel has meticulously formatted the booklet for easy printing and given you all the steps to make them at home.  He has even provided an information sheet on how to print and bind the booklet.  Here email is below, along with the link to the new website. 

Please check out all of the work he has done and freely use these resources in any way you can to share the Gospel.

Dearest brother,
Thanks to and Glory to YHWH Finally gave birth to my electronic testimony. I entrust into your faithful hands for promotion, it is all at

Really my most ever worthy fruit is the booklet "How Jesus Saves" which with its companion files "booklet home-printing guide" and "even pages" and "odd pages", allow everyone with a printer to produce professional looking 5X8 booklets, as they need, for 25¢ each. I gave all I had in it and YHWH supplied the rest.


It starts with YHWH explaining Salvation,  explains repentance/faith from the Bible, then salvation summaries from the Bible, and finishes by 4 concrete examples of salvation from the Bible. It is high on Bible and low on Blah, Blah.

Then the 5-minute video: the great wonder in heaven, also I gave all I had in it and YHWH supplied the rest. In the shortest form, with the shortest most powerful collection of verses, we learn of the sign, of the rapture and of salvation. Then the 10 minute one: Two comets, condenses the conception comet video, adds the second comet as a witness and give a tutorial on how to enter the orbits of comets in Stellarium.

You will notice, brother, that in my website, in the BOOKLET and on YouTube I send the people right back to you who want to go further, because you faithfully gather the pearls of the brethren.

My part, and thank YHWH was to supply all brethren with the best gospel tract I could find / produce, and make it handy to print and share all around us. Thank YHWH He has supplied.

May you be blessed of YHWH, and thank Jackie for me. I will rest for a while now.

Here are the 2 videos Daniel has produced.

5 Minute Video: The Great Wonder in Heaven of Revelation 12

10 Minute Video: The Two Comets of the Great Wonder in Heaven

I pray that souls will be saved by your efforts! God Bless You Brother!  Thanks for sharing these resources with all of us!!


  1. I really liked the section in the track about the thief on the cross hanging beside Jesus.

    Might I suggest this free .pdf book titled "Dictionary of the Gospel" as well?

    May God bless your course of ministry, as you share the gospel with others in these last days.

    1. Thank you brother, I have read this Dictionary of the Gospel, and find it's approach quite good: to explain all the words of Salvation, but still it is 54 pages 8X11, while "How Jesus Saves" is 20 pages 5X8. Ô that the lost would read and be saved! Shalom on your Heart. Daniel

    2. Daniel,

      Don't get me wrong. I like your track. I just thought if people are looking for resources to better understand salvation, then the one I posted is another noteworthy read that has at least been a blessing to my life.

      Regardless, thank you for sharing your material! I hope that many who are dead will find life by reading it. =)

    3. Don't worry dear brother, your book IS, good, I was just pointing the differences in use. I do believe that knowing all the words of salvation: propitiation, imputation, reciprocal indwelling, redemption, etc. Helps believer and unbelievers find rest and security in Yeshua's Grace. All Glory to YHWH and Yeshua; and peace on your heart and house. Daniel

  2. Thanks for sharing this information . Where can I download Ebook "How Jesus saves"


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