Coma Bernices... A Dollar Store Diadem.

I have occasionally heard skeptics bring up this idea that the constellation Coma Bernices is somehow related to the crown of 12 Stars. Some even say it represents all 12 stars, thus making the Rev 12 Sign completely ordinary and very common.  Daniel Matson has recently addressed this topic and I must add that anyone who allows those words to leave their mouth has never stepped outside and actually tried to look at this constellation.  I tried one night... and I must report to you that this is an exceptionally dark part of the sky. 

How dark?  I can tell you from personal experience that the 9 main stars of Leo all looked brighter than even the "brightest" star of Coma Bernices.  I use the term "brightest" very loosely because I had a very hard time seeing even one of the stars in that constellation.  One of the stars for Leo was slightly hard to see, but even than one seemed brighter than anything in the region of the sky holding the infamous Coma Bernices.  And yes, in case you are wondering, I was looking in the correct spot!  So with that experience under my belt I must say....
If this is the crown, I have seen some from the Dollar Store which look more impressive!
Price: $1.00
Ok, you should know that the location I was in had some light pollution, but not so much that I couldn't clearly distinguish the main stars of Virgo, and more importantly the 9 principal stars of Leo.  I also spent quite a bit of time looking, my eyes were adjusted and I was using a star chart.  It was essentially invisible.  Needless to say, after that evening I was thoroughly convinced that any such rebuttal is utterly preposterous.  Anyone who says such a thing should instantly be asked if they have ever gone outside and actually looked at this supposed constellation.  A crown in a Great Sign should clearly be something GREAT.  It's laughable to suggest that a nearly invisible constellation could somehow qualify.

So on this topic Daniel Matson has written a new article and provided another series of arguments against this often repeated point.  He admittedly dives much deeper than my simple "look and try to find" approach and brings out some great counter points.  Hopefully combined with my experience above this information will put this issue to bed once and for all in your head.  Here is an excerpt and a link.
One point that keeps cropping up in the rebuttal videos against the Revelation 12 Sign is trying to use the constellation of Berenice’s Hair instead of Leo. The  Revelation 12 Sign that will form on September 23, 2017 has Leo as the crown above the head of Virgo. Those who argue against the Sign say the crown should be Coma Berenice in that it has 12 stars and even one is referred to as a diadem. If that is the case, this would reduce the Sign to an ordinary event...


  1. Thank you Brad. We all definitely need less screen time and get ourselves.out to look at the stars for real like you did.

    1. I used to be really bad about that... too busy now though! ; )

  2. If the original (Egyptian / Sumerian) version referred to a "mother-son" godess picture, this could also only be Ashtaroth (Semiramis) and Tammuz (= the pagan version of Mary and the infant Jesus) which is of Babylonian origin. It would be a false pagan Messiah then if not Leo with Regulus do represent Jesus Christ the lion of Judah.

    As Daniel explains, the same problem with Coma Berenice not having wandering stars in it to make it EXCLUSIVE (because it is part of the "fixed" Mazzaroth) we do see with the constellation 'Draco' some discuss to represent Rev12:3-4. But this cannot be for the same reason as Draco is fixed in the Heavens annually.

    To make Rev12-sign a once in human history event it has to combine fixed constellations with wandering stars in such a manner that they will never align again this way. Thus, the DRAGON has to be a wandering star = planet that suddenly appears and somehow "stops" right in close proximity to earth for the same reason: it has to be an exklusive event and prophetic picture, not an ordinary annual Mazzaroth 'indicator' of season (with its annual meteor shower following). Jaco Prinsloo with his 'Gods Roadmap to the end' youtube videos has probably the best outlook and idea on that matter.

  3. According to E.W.Bullinger's book "The Witness of the Stars" here we have an obvious corruption of the original meaning of this decan (Coma) of Virgo. Additional to Daniel Matson's great article is worth mentioning that the greeks had the word "Có-me" for hair. This makes the point of the corruption really clear. In my eyes, the hebrew meaning of Coma=desired seems far more appropriate, if we remember i.e. Simeon in the temple waiting for the Messiah. Or read Psalm 63:1, Haggai 2:7, Isaiah 53:2.

    Awaiting his return


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