“As in the Days of Noah” - Daniel Matson

I have had people email in asking about the day counts in Noah and how they could relate to the 'Days of Noah' we are now living in. Genesis 7 and Genesis 8 are filled with day counts and lists many specific days during the flood account. Why would God include such detailed information? Daniel Matson has been pondering this for years and recently put out a new article on the subject. Could all this be pointing to September of 2017? Here is an excerpt, graphics, and a link:
Jesus said the end times would be like the Days of Noah in the same manner of immorality or apathy towards God before the Flood. That should not be surprising if the world is to suffer its greatest judgment in its existence since its creation. However, there is also much detail in the Flood account that was also given for our instruction. God inspired Moses to write down the days of Noah giving specific dates and time spans between events. Many have wondered how this all plays into the end times. Those times have been discussed here previously, but the discussion needs more consideration and review.


  1. WWHHHOOOOAAAHH!! Daniel, I love this! You're so much blessed with maths and numbers... But let me ask (all of you): Our great God loves numbers in detail so much as you clearly demonstrate: so how should we not be able to read His calendar which is so precisely "just in time"? 9/21/17 FoT MARANATHA!

    My personal idea on 9/11 this year is: Could this be the deadline "getting into the ark" (spiritually) i.e. end of preaching the gospel in public / end of people responding to it? Or perhaps we can already see the "red dragon" (celestial body) standing visible in the skies and threatening us on earth around that day?

    One little comment on the 'left behinders': they will perhaps still remember our preaching but they will be definitely UNABLE to convert / respond to it because of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. Sad but true.

    May Jesus bless you abundantly, brother! :)

  2. Very good read. Thank you Daniel! I'm convinced FoT is most likely it!

  3. Daniels research is mind boggling. I just read his website data but I will have to re-read again a few times to let it truly sink in and grasp the range of it all.
    I have been interested in eschatology since I was a child. The future is so incredible and yet so rarely discussed in the pulpits. The Apostle Paul was correct in 1 Corinthians 2:9, in our mortal minds, we cannot fathom the complexity, wisdom and power of our Savior and the future he has prepared for us. And yet, the answer for us is so simple: Choose Christ. Just believe in Him. The power and glory of the Lord God Almighty accessed with simple, pure faith in a risen Savior. The Lord has made it so simple for us. (Steve)

  4. I think a very important scripture to describe these "days of Noah" today is Genesis 6:5 = "wickedness of men is GREAT and EVERY imagination of the thoughts of their hearts are ONLY evil CONTINUALLY" (i.e. 24/7!). This is a condition of completion of wickedness 100%. State of affairs TODAY. Not even Christians can do anything about it yet to improve the situation as they are so much minority (like Lot in the city of Sodom and his future sons-in-law laughing about him when he talked to them about judgement). Yes, and some other characteristics of Genesis 11:6 (AFTER the flood!) is today: "men have NOTHING restrained from them what they have imagined to do". Not even at Martin Luthers or Charles Spurgeons time it has been that way; even after WW2 there was still some revival. But today only lies and agony in the church as well as politically, worldwide! Nobody can and will do anything about it yet but betray himself saying 'peace! peace! when there is no peace (Jeremiah 6:14). Divine intervention is the only solution to the evil mess humanity has put itself into in EVERY aspect of life and environment. No way out but Jesus.

  5. Daniel...
    please contact me mtgutwein@hotmail.com


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