Prophecy In The News - A Revealing Rev 12 Discussion

This video is AMAZING!!!  Douglas Woodward was invited onto the very popular Prophecy In The News program and was allowed to discuss the Revelation 12 Sign in depth!!  Check this video out right away! Doug also spends time discussing our glorification which will take place around the time of the rapture... hopefully something we will experience firsthand very soon!  This is a very informative and balanced discussion which should open plenty of eyes and help prepare us for what could be soon to come!

We posted an article by this gentleman previously, if you missed it you can see it that here.


  1. Doug emailed me yesterday. He wrote, "I spoke with *** today at Prophecy in the News and pitched the idea of you coming to OKC to record (probably with me as host, or Kevin Clarkson hosting the two of us with the focus on you) two programs."

    What do you think, guys? Should I go on PITN if they approve? ;)

    1. Ok. I'll be that guy. No, you shouldn't go. I don't know why though.

    2. James O, you crack me up!

      Go for it, Scott! This is exciting news!

    3. Scott, whereever possible get the message out!! 27 days and counting... FoT 2017 MARANATHA! :)

    4. Scottie....what a great inspiration for all of us who are watching with you and DOUG WOODWARD.I believe that program would be instrumental in breaking the ice among the frozen choosen.Doug would do a great job as host or otherwise.GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

  2. As an OKC resident, I say absolutely!

  3. I just caught the craftiness of your title, Brad. Smooth ;)

  4. Surely that would get the ball rolling. Since you are there Scottie, I poured all my heart and YHWH's inspiration into a gospel tract, different from all others, and made it easily home-printable into a 20-page, 5X8 booklet; to fullfill our duty as ambassadors, its been discussed here:

    It would mean the world to me and surely life eternal to someone somewhere if you would read it, then hopefully adopt it and promote it. It is at . It is called "How Jesus Saves" it is about 85 % Bible and 15% commentary.

    After all salvation is the main thing we received, and were asked to share this good news first and foremost. Thank you really, for all those years, and be greatly blessed of YHWH and to Him the Glory. Daniel

  5. Wow! This was truly amazing!!! The Revealing is a good name for it, as that's what Abba continues to do thru His Called-Out Ones at this time.
    This puts Gary Stearman and his crew to shame!
    Share this all around as much as possible!

  6. FINALLY a really sober and friendly conversation totally lacking irony, haughtiness and disdain and what is more even enlightening and inspiring with new ideas about Ephesians 3 and Zechariah 2, stuck to pure scripture: Thank you PITN!!

  7. BRAD!! OFF TOPIC HERE BUT READ THIS!! ULITMATUM: Palestinians give Trump 45 days to support two-state solution This makes 5th October from to-date and exactly on the Feast of Tabernacles!! MARANATHA!

    1. Thanks Annabel.... perfect timing for the "covenant with many...." Great find!

  8. That is awesome Bro. Scotty, go for it. :)

    Your Sis in Christ,

    BlessedWifey :)

  9. Absolutely! Publicity for God's Kingdom.


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