Power of God Radio Interview

Listen to our brother Ron explain the signs of the times, Revelation 12 and more in this podcast from yesterday.    I haven't been able to listen to the entire thing just yet, but from what I have heard so far it is absolutely EXCELLENT!

 Ron goes very in-depth on all the topics we cover on this site... So I am sure you will be very blessed by it.   From what I have listened to so far he is much more well spoken than I was in my talk a few weeks ago, so if you enjoyed that I am sure you will absolutely love this!   Please give it a listen and share your thoughts below.  Tomorrow is a busy day, but perhaps you could download the MP3 for your ride home from the eclipse (when you are sitting in traffic)!

Thanks to Gary from Unsealed for bringing this to my attention!


  1. Hi Brad. More than a little surprised (more like a mild initial shock) to see this radio program show up here. Grateful you found value and truth worth sharing with this community. Much of what I shared were things I learned here on this site from others much more knowledgeable than I am. May the Lord be glorified. Watchman35/aka Brother Ron.

  2. Hey Brad. Wanted to give you a heads-up and clarify something regarding the link you included on your 8/20 post. That Spreaker link will only go to the same show until next Saturday night (8/26) at 6PM, at which point it will automatically link to the newest show recorded. Here is a permanent link to the iHeartRadio archive of the show (which I am pretty sure you have to have an account for).

    Program Name: Smokehouse Studios: Front Porch Show
    Episode Name: "The Power of God"

    The other option, which Gary suggested and I think he is going to try on the Unsealed Discussion Board, is to download and save the current file before Saturday night, and then re-upload it permanently as a file rather than a link (I hope I said that correctly). Anyway, just wanted to make you aware of this. Thanks again for sharing the show with the rest of the online community here. Watchman35/aka Brother Ron

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jeff. I appreciate the kind words. Watchman35/Ron

    2. Ron, left you a note below another one of your comments, but again, fantastic job... I LOVED the manner in which you expressed your thoughts. Well done!

  4. Hi Brad. Thanks for your kind words above. Gary did end up downloading the whole program off the Spreaker link as a file and then re-uploading as a static file, thereby eliminating the dynamic element of the original link that will cause it to be associated with a totally different show as of this Saturday night. Just want to be sure you understand the situation I am trying to describe so that the integrity of the content you allow on this site is protected (not that I expect the host to do anything inappropriate, but I simply do not know for sure what that content will be after Saturday night). I'm sure Greg at Unsealed could give you his saved file if you wanted to use it to replace what is currently posted here. Totally up to you. Just do not want you to be blindsided. Watchman 35

    1. Hey Ron,
      I swapped it out with the YouTube Video of the audio made by Gary. Are we in good shape now?? God Bless You Brother! Again, fantastic job.... : )

    2. That's perfect Brad. Good to go. :)

  5. This is Greg, I'm the one who had Ron on my show. Thank you so much for sharing this. What an honor! Pleased to be doing God's work. Also, wanted to share that the Spreaker link is a direct link to that show and will take you to it each time. I made sure that direct link could be shared. I hope many listener's will be blessed as I was. We constantly learn so much including myself. Thanks again for your faith in God and in those who do his work.

    1. Thanks Greg!! I loved the show! It was the first time I had listened to you and I plan to tune again. I could almost smell the BBQ through the airwaves... Awesome job my brother! Thanks for checking out the site! Keeping looking up!!


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