Scottie Clarke's UPDATED Hear the Watchmen Presentation!

As most of you know, Scott Clarke was invited to present at the "Hear the Watchmen" Conference last weekend. That conference included many big names and prominent teachers and is very well attended by people from across the country.  I was very happy to hear that by all accounts Scott's talk was very well received. In fact, a pastor from my church was even at the conference and said his presentation was excellent!

As some of you know a day or two ago a video of Scott's presentation was released on YouTube. That video was great to see, but it contained many advertisements and the graphics didn't always line up with what Scott was discussing. But true to form, Scott has created his own video, in HD with updated graphics and no advertising!

If you haven't seen this yet you must take the time to check it out. Lots of amazing information is presented here and much of it may be new to you. This is the first time Scottie has given a public speaking style of presentation so it is also great to see and feel the excitement and passion The Lord has given him for this epic time and information!

 Here is the video:


  1. Praise Christ Jesus for Scott Clarke.... off topic I noticed something this morning. On google sky everyone knows "they" have blotted out something in the constellation Virgo where the dragon should be... but I noticed a new more obvious blotting out.. this time look in the Constellation LEO by the main star REGULUS. There appears to be a bright blue star that has been scratched out. Can anyone explain?

    1. I checked it out... I doesn't look like another blotting out to me... but it does seem to be something "new" very close to Regulus. I am not sure how often they update the infared, but I it does look kinda strange. Thanks for sharing.... perhaps others will know more. Perhaps its just one of the planets.

      Here is a link for those of you who are curious: New Google Sky object by Leo?

    2. Wow, interesting! Following!

    3. Brad, if it's looking new AND kinda strange: even the better! Pointing to the "dragon" now... ;-)

    4. It's me again: To anyone who was (like me) wondering if Nibiru/Planet X was visible during the great American eclipse this recent video clearly proves the anomalies discussed here. Skywatch Media News is certainly not Christian but this is about facts in space only, not about faith. Watch and learn! ;-)

  2. Thank you Brad, for all your hard work. Can't wait to download, put full screen and ENJOY! Thanks to Scottie, and Glory to YHWH and love to the brethren. Daniel

  3. That is interesting. It looks cold on the infrared band.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Brad!

    1. Super excited for people to watch this!!!!! Loved your passion!!

  5. My family and I are so very grateful to Scott for his love for Jesus & his diligence to seek out wisdom & understanding. I thank God for placing Scott in our lives, all of us, that our spiritual ears could "hear" what the Holy Spirit was saying & likewise our Spiritual eyes. God "IS" Good!! He had a plan for each of us since the beginning & to place each of us directly in the others path inadvertantly or not, so as to see what we needed to & hear what was necessary still blows my mind!!! We are indeed that "Generation" that would be witnesses to the prophesies happening now makes me feel so ...
    "Deeply Loved"
    I know I'm not alone in feeling that way ...
    Can I get an "Amen" or a "Hallelujah"!!?! ...
    ~Thank U God~

  6. Brilliant? Have you not read in Revelation chapter 6 toward 7?

    Read careful.... 1st through 5th are fulfilled since Roman Empire announced he was professed christian, yet he persecuted christians began in around 200 AD toward present. One of Seals has not break and opened: 6th.

    Seal 6th is link directly to Revelation with stars fell down to earth I saw powerful dream about more than 10 years ago, I knew it, however did not know when. Until this September 23 I perceived it would come....

    Again, NOT ONLY 144,000 are sealed, but along with Multiple people, read whole chapter 7 careful, ALL of them will be Sealed of God BOTH Jews and Rest of whole people in earth.... DO NOT FOCUS only JEWS, but both Jews and ALL people.

    How do I found out about from 6th Seal toward Chapter 7 with Revelation 12? I prayed God for Understanding not relying nor agreement with people's opinions about it... He was glad and answered my prayer with understanding and wisdom, I finally understood clearly.... yet l later read many people shared about ONLY Revelation 12 and rapture to escape Great Tribulation...

    Read again 6th Seal toward Revelation 7, which God showed me that ALL of US will face Great Earthquake and Heavenquake same time! There is NO WAY for us to escape from it! God will test our faiths whether we read His Words careful or not, and whether we will survive with our faith in Him during GREAT CHAOS everywhere in earth same time in 6th Seal. That is early Mid Tribulation, NO pre nor post Tribulation God neither said nor mentioned about, I did asked Him about pre-tribuation, but He was grieved did not answer a word about it! I understood why....

    Until its Mid-Tribuation, He was rejoiced and filling me confirmations constantly! If not sure, ASK HIM NOT people nor compromising with them neither.

    1. You must be new here. Start reading everything & may you have ears to hear and eyes to see.

    2. Scripture isn't of private interpretation. Once you start saying you base your exegesis on dreams and "a priori" prayers you're open to rebuke. Sorry man, humble yourself.

    3. Anonymous, exegesis? you seek Him not me. He stirred my heart to warn you all.

  7. God spoke me saying there would be full darkness on whole earth for 3 days. I was puzzled and remember its in 6th Seal.... Giant object like Planet would come and eclipse to both earth and moon (between first quarter, full and 2nd quarter) would turned blood. I never thought of 3 days darkness, I was not sure, then He stirred me to search in bible, He put "Moses with darkness" I was wondering and checking in scripture... I found one with 3 days darkness I did not know nor overlooked it. It was very new to me... I began to see clearly picture what He showed me 3 days Darkness in 6th Seal, that linked to Revelation 6.

    I got full peace what He was showing me... asked Him for full confirmation. Later He led me first more than couple people who received the full warning to be prepare last Winter... then final recently one about last week, it was very ultra clear message of warning with full confrimation in my whole heart. Then I got strong dream I saw FULL CONFIRMATION yesterday morning. I found full peace and am rejoiced knowing His Ways with Preparation of warning people Himself! Praise Him!

    Will quote links with warning messages from few people in next post...

  8. First link is what God wanted me to know to make sure I understood first, before reading His Messages through two ladies in next 6 links, it is what you need to know and understand what He was showing me in scriptures:

    Two ladies whom God confirmed me He knew who they were, and said to me accepting their words He spoke them posting in their Bloggers: (date list in order they received in below)

    At earlier I tried to comment, but God blocked me from typing, I was wondering, I thought I had to let it go.... few months ago. Until today, I got stirred in my heart by Holy Spirit to comment with warning EVERYONE reading my words with confirmations message from few people in links in above. I am now peace with my rest in Him! Praise Him!

    Tell you truth that All of us (you all, readers in this blogger, and Scott Clark) will witness how Great Wrath God will be against Eartht through wonders and signs of His for us to see and will have great fear in Him! Everyone, not a single of them, will miss His 3 Days of Darkness He prepares for us to witness whole Events that will shake all of our knees fall down and weeping! I knew and have been waiting for it for long time since 1997.

    I Love you all my brothers and sisters with my prayer and blessing... please copy words above to send warning people in other bloggers and emails. Before His Times come up very soon. When and which day? I cannot know, only when we will see the great earthquake and sky will begin to dim dark and darker toward full 3 days darkness, then we will know its His Time comes up right exact for 3 Days!

    Seek Him with all of your heart, not base on your own opinions... except humble and be child like faith in your prayer asking Him for confirmation after repenting, He Himself will confirm you, not only quick, but wait and patience He will answer you right timing. Requires patiences and waits He tests your faiths.

    Mat 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.

    I born deaf, and short term memory... my mind is not full adult like child mind, while I am 52 yrs old... He taught me to be humble and think like child with faith for 20 years, I began to understand clearly and not rely on my own intelligent or wise myself, but I rely on God most of my times with Him for those years. That is all I write for now. I will meet you all again in Heaven toward Multiple People of earth (Revelation 7). Amen!

    1. I remember the first link God answered my prayer by led me to website: which God led me to couple links above.

    2. Hi Andrew. I have been studying the same things you are and have come to the same conclusions. I read Bonsblog first from Australia. When she stopped blogging, I looked for other prophetic blogs. Julie Whedby ( and Jeff Byerly ( confirm Bonnie and both use so much scripture. They aren't "flowery" prophecies, but sound like they're from Yahushua. I studied myself the Day of the Lord/6th seal/3 days of darkness. They all fit.

      My understanding is that the transformation of the Bride comes during the 3 days and the Rev 12 sign is the 'body' of Christ joining up with the 'head' of Christ. After that, the work of the harvest begins. We have a choice if we want to help Yeshua bring in the harvest or not. Many are called, few are chosen. In our transformed, glorified, changed (1 Cor 15:51-52) bodies, we will trample on snakes and scorpions and will not be harmed. Ps 91 in action. Yeshua said we will do what He did and more. During the tribulation, we will rescue people, heal them, and share the gospel. After the biggest harvest ever, the rapture happens. I know this is not taught from pulpits, but I've read hundreds of prophetic words and scripture agrees with it. I just cannot fit it to a timeline in my mind.

      This is what I'm studying now for answers. (Maybe you can help me):

      1) If the 6th seal is the Days of darkness and gloom, maybe everyone gets resurrected/Raptured along with the two witnesses and the 144,000 later on. It might all be the same date, before the wrath. 1 Cor 15:23. "Awakening" is the first fruits. Followed by resurrection by all those who follow Him at His coming. And then the end will come.
      (Continued in next comment)

    3. 2). The time of Jacob's trouble/distress is 42 weeks. Revelation only mentions "time, times, and one half time" , 42 weeks, 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days. 7 years is not mentioned in Revelation. The 70th (7 years) week is from Daniel. My question: Could Dan 9:27 by about Yeshua in the first half and the second half of the verse be about the Antichrist? Each would have 3 1/2 years. It fits. Yeshua's ministry was 3 1/2 years. Antichrist will have his way 3 1/2 years also. I've never heard this written about or spoken about. The Holy Spirit piqued my interest in this. It's not the first time a verse has been split in two to be fulfilled at different times. Luke 4:18-20 tells of Yeshua reading out of Is 61:1-2 and He reads the verses that fulfill His first coming. He leaves off the portion about His Second Coming/The Day of The Lord and His vengeance. Maybe there's a gap in time between the transformation of the Bride and the rapture. Otherwise, all those prophets who are getting words of us helping to bring in the harvest and the 'don't fear' encouragements from the Lord don't make sense. He protects us while we work. Hides us until the indignation has passed.

      Matt 24:29 says that the sun will be darkened, moon will not give it's light, stars will fall from the sky, heavens will shake. Verse 30: THEN will appear the sign of the Son of Man. The nations will mourn. THEN they will see The Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and glory. With a trumpet call, the elect will be gathered from one end of heaven to another.

      The darkness happens in verse 29 and then the trumpet gathering happens in verse 30. Both of those THENs in between the verses could be a time gap. Could be. I don't know. It's interesting that the elect are gathered from one end of heaven to the other. It doesn't say earth. If The Bride has been transformed already (1 Cor 15), she has a glorified, heavenly body. Maybe Yeshua hides her in His chamber in heaven, trains her, then releases her back to earth to work the harvest. Then at the trump, He gathers His bride from her working the harvest. His end time army. I want to be a part of that. Yah knows I'm volunteering now.
      (Continued in next post)

    4. Anyway, I believe you are on the right track. If not, we're both off. Only the Lord knows. We're just good Bereans and Watchmen. I hope September 23 is a time of transformation for the bride. A scientist said that when Nibiru gets closer to earth, it will block out the sun for 3 days, cause the earth to wobble and tilt, cause earthquakes, seas to roar, and the sky will look like it rolls back. And he wasn't a Christian talking to another Christian. I just about fell off of my chair. I immediately thought of the 6th seal.

      This was intriguing to me. Look up At the bottom of the left-hand column is a link to "visions of a 14 year old boy". There are 38 visions and they all have the same theme: the "calling away" to follow the Lord where He leads, the tribulation, the rapture, then the wrath. I've never heard of that time-line before, but I'm more than willing to consider it. There is a reason students of the Bible can't agree on the timing of the rapture. Maybe the transformation and the rapture are at different times, but they are before the wrath. The wise virgins/transformed miss the tribulation. (Philadelphia church). The foolish virgins/Laodiceans go through the tribulation to get refined. Some people become " tribulation saints" during the harvest worked by Yeshua and the transformed/shining ones. (Isaiah 60:1-2). The rapture happens for the elect/bride, the two witnesses, the 144,000, and the martyrs and the still alive tribulation saints before the Wrath starts.

      It's something different to think about. I'm going to study this more myself. I thought I'd encourage you and tell you that The Lord has given you a heart for Him and that your mind might not be perfect in human terms, but it's perfect by His standard. He wants you to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. That is what you're doing. It is plain to see. I've never commented like this before. I was led to. I wanted to stand up for you. May The Lord bless you richly in your time left on the earth and may we work side by side in His end time army. I can't think of a better way to end my time on this earth before His reign takes over.
      Karri Bailey

      PS. If Scottie Clarke reads this, I'd like your thoughts on this to, after you check out those blogs listed above to see where we're coming from. I admire your work and know you are diligent. This is a fairly new idea to me and I'm just researching it now. I could be way off. Thanks. KB.

    5. Cheer, my sister, I understand most what you wrote about... I got filled in joyful while I read your words, it is confirmed by Holy Spirit that you fear God with all of your heart above anyone and their ways/thoughts.

      I asked God about this... then I got vision in my thought I understand clearly what it means. There will be few parts.... one part at a time here this post. Starting with Puzzles of God which is best way to start with so helping you to understand (while other readers will learn of His ways).

      Back to your messages you wrote are very interesting but I knew most of them, I will explain you more clearly in next part 2. Very belief of know I was born deaf... but I remember very vividly what I saw not either in dream or vision, I was caught up to 3rd heaven, out of body experience when I was about 1 to 2 yrs old... however I ONLY can remembered and saw when I was brought down toward earth through thousand levels of beautiful natural clouds in tunnel from above with brightness sun I saw while my body was floating down like feather, very slowly while my body was moved like boat with left and right, back and forth, I smelled very fresh air breezing around (its power of Holy Spirit hover(word?) my body until I felt my head was touching down very GENTLY on my pillow. Immediately, my eyes were opened, I stood up without feeling yawning or strenched my body, felt nothing happen with sleeping! I was standing by my baby crib in parent bedroom, I looked around very emptiness and very quietnest I was puzzled I could not remember what I was doing above, then looking upward to ceiling where I was brought down.

      This memory I remember whole very clearly I was puzzled what it was meaning... I went on in my whole life with wide ranges of problems, suffers with pain through family problem, mocking from children, then people... wife left me for other guys, I was tried to save marriage, but had to let her go... until 1995 I was very highly avid daily reading in bible from Gen to Rev for one full year starting Janurary, included 7 hours average of reading and mediating and studying while worked full time job. I learned very tons of God's Purposes and prophets/servants' experiences and their learned lessons from mistakes they did, and rest of people's obedinces and rebellious.

      While I was ultra Zealous in same example of Pharaisee Seventh Day Adventist, I was only one deaf among hearing people... until at last week or 2 of December, I began noticing the contraction between prophetee Ellen G White's book called The Great Converstary (spell?), her words she wrote, it got me remembering what I read in Revelation about Jesus's 2nd coming, I doubled checking in bible, and found conflicting with Elen's writing... I was shocked she was false prophetee! I was in grieved I believed her lies! I was prayed, then got peace, I threw away all of her books worth 400 dollars probably nearly 500 to trash.


    6. I prayed then got filled peace that I had to learn rely on God through Holy Spirit since to present... ( longest story to write on, but it is not important... which will explain more clearly in last part 3(?))

      After I rely on God and my heart in Him has been waxed stronger and strongest since present from 1997. I was wondering about I was brought up to 3rd Heaven, then He answsered explaining me that He closed my memory, I could not remember what I saw up there.... saying He wanted me to live and experience like what people are living here in earth. He did not want me to obsessive about Him and His Kingdom. I realized and was glad He did the right thing...

      Since 97 to present with powerful gift I have is Prophecy in 1Cor 14:1 and 3 toward hearing people I wrote God showed me, the words encouraged many of them, some were healed from scar, depressions, etc... one deaf lady got healed from full broken her roommate heard very loud snapped like breaking wood clearly while she was showing me how to pop my back to relieve sore... I turned around saw her painful and scream face with her hand held on her other arm, I immediately moved foreard with power of Holy Spirit saying "Don't worry" and touched her arm. Instantly she felt no pain, and her arm she felt healed with full double strengthen bone. She told me her bones in her body breaking easily.

      Other miracles like undo-ed 18 and 14 yrs old girls with pregancy careless while they were christian, God led me to them different place and months apart, and He revealed me to write notes to them, and their babies were removed out of their womb to God's Hands until they would meet right guys they marry to, then God would send their babies back to their womb. I was amazing to witness how He could do it all possible! So many other healed from wrists knees, OCD, Anxiety disorder, etc for almost 20 years to this month.

      I remember I was stood up to God at house looking at Ceiling in dinning room in 1997, I knew Yahweh was watching me, I told Him: I am deaf, timid, not smart like intelligent, not knowing how to communicate with deaf and hearing people with writing notes, dont have good memory (short term) in whole scirptures, dont have bible education degree...(cannot remember whole words). I felt and heard His Voice saying :"YOU CAN DO IT!!!" It was very powerful words He spoke me first time, my body was tremble and shaking before His Voice first time in my whole life. I was puzzled and wondering then I received lot of experience with 1Cor 1 and 3 toward people contiuning for 20 years! He said He interested in my heart which means Agape! Not Rely on my own mind like intellient or wiser... He Himself gives me wisdom to understand His Mysteries.... He does not WANT me to be like high-mind intelligent, but humble like Child-Like Faith with all my fear in Him wholly above ALL PEOPLE!

      Give me time to seek Yahweh for help how to write filling right words in my thought from His Thoughts about part 1 in next rely message.

      I am very extremely glad to get know you with your whole fear and humble with your standing before God above all people! Bless you with my all heart in Him.


    7. Karri,

      Here is my email address

      Okay about vision I saw this morning, I understand what God revealed me very simple and basic way to help you and reader to understand why God has been revealed and spoken to us since Creation of Earth to present and toward end of Great Tribulation.

      Here is I saw in my thought with Thousands Jigsaw Puzzle box He gave us. I perceived understanding what it mean. He knew what I would understand it clearly.... He is right.

      Let me explain very clearly... this Jigsaw Puzzles Box are the Words of God in Bible, He gave us to read and understand His Words.... His Words are ALSO Mysteries and more like JigSaw Puzzle! It is lot more like challenge for us to learn and eat His Words, that help us to understand what He was saying about through scriptures.... after we learn His Words about how to know, learn and hear His Voice, then it enable us to chat, understand and hearing His Voices that answer to all our wonders and understanding about whole in bible, through our faiths and patiences and trusts in Him above all and anyone's thoughts and ways.

      The more we rely and confidence in Him with our fear in Him wholly above anyone, the more understand we get from Him through Holy Spirit who is excellent Teacher:

      1Jn 2:27 "But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him."


    8. Now, back to JigSaw Puzzle filled with mysteries like one in book of Revelation, especially chapter 6 through 7 and toward 12 filled with mysteries, only God reveals and answers to only "babe" (child-like faith) Christians (same one in Matthew 11:25).

      Karri, you are one of "babe" then toward strong meat you are learning to exercise to discern between Light and darkness, True/false, Truth/error, etc , that is how you begin to see and understand with discern you can see different between these from people's writing, etc like this one scripture:

      Heb 5:12 For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.
      Heb 5:13 For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.
      Heb 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

      God knew what would people do in the future He predicted long before earth was created, He set His Plans on His Timeline from creating earth toward New Earth in His Words, then He created it, all words are settled in Bible. He changes not His Words but fulfilled when it happened and continuing to present day and toward New Earth.

      He placed His Words with mysteries especially in Book of Revelation to test our faiths, because of prides among many christians, He knew it very clearly. So He uses His Ways to test whether one of us to learn and rely on Him OR on another following their words higher than His.

      Now, the Mysteries are still remaining in Revelations for us to challenge to rely and depend on God for understanding that help us to know Him more and better and while learning how to hear His Voices and see Dream/Vision He reveals us.

      His Ways are wonderful filling with Mysteries which go into Infinities that never limiting or stopping to know more about Him into most everything from here in earth toward Heaven in His Kingdom, then toward New Earth into whole Universe!

      Like one in JigSaw Puzzle God gave us and we put down pieces from box, and looked around and saw one piece of "Jesus' 2nd coming" and other was 144,000 sealed, other one was 1st seal, others were other seals, etc... we learned to rely on Him putting these pieces together which requires patience and discern how to find right place to fit these pieces together, it is like 5 or 10 thousands pieces in one clear picture what His Words are about. End of part 1 message I write....

      Next part 2 about your words you asked me about, I will answer to explain clarify, please remember, not by my own opinion or assumptions what His Words are talking about. Otherwise I would lost His Blessing and Seal of God as He bolts my name out of Book of Life! I am FEAR of HIM with His Authority to cast anyone to bottomless pit with their disobedience. I exhort you to discern and seek Him for testing and confirming through Holy Spirit and in Jesus' Name...

      Will post part 2 tonight or tomorrow. God loves you all very much as do I! Blessing....


    9. Andrew. Thank you for your reply and wise words to fear Yahuah above all men/teachers. I don't have dreams or visions so I seek blogs that reveal Yah's words. Sometimes I reach for my iPad before my Bible. I disappoint myself when I do this, because only Yah gives me peace. People do not. My mind hardly ever quits and I ponder deep things. The world has faded from my attentiveness and the Spirit and doing my mission on the earth is the only thing that I really care about. I eagerly await your next episode! You are using Yah's gift of prophecy and healing to bring Yah's love to people. Thank you for being obedient to His call on your life. Your sister in Messiah, Karri

    10. Karri,

      Here is part 2.... first thing you need to know what God showed me...

      It's about 1st Seal, I read rumors among many people in internet they believed in it represented as Jesus Christ, however I found no peace in my heart (Holy Spirit) then I wont take their words nor opinions... I then let God took care of it, I waited until His Times came He began to open my eyes to understand through link:

      2nd through 5th Seals, He led me to search and found in Wiki with confirmations:
      2nd Seal -
      3rd Seal -
      4th Seal -
      5th Seal -

      They also believed those seals were for future during Great Tribulation only.... yet God proved them wrong leading me to links above! They were fulfilled and are still continued to present and toward end of Great Tribulation.

      Next is 6th Seal will begin same one in Matthew 24:29, then next will be Rev Ch.7 links to Matthew 24:30-31. It makes sense to me after I asked God for full more confirmation last night, then He had me to re-read sequence of chapters I had not read for long while. But since I began understanding clearly between 6th Seal links to Rev Ch. 12 with September 23, 2017.

      Also I just learned last night what He showed me to understand better... once Ch. 7 is fulfilled after God gathers people (both Jews and Rest of multiple people of earth) to His "Wing", then many rebellious/unrepented believers and unbelievers (other religions than God only) will face terrible Wrath of God beginning Ch. 8 toward 9, then next to Rev 11.


    11. Rev 11 have two parts first verse 1-2 links to first beast in Ch. 13, then verse 3 to end links to second beast in same chapter. Afterward the rest of chapter you will know what God revealed to Apostle John.

      He only wants you to seek Him and His Kingdom, Loving Him with all my heart toward people as yourself, bless and pray for people. He wants you to be aware of His Time runs out toward 6th Seals toward Chapter 7 and Revelation 12. However does not want you to concern about rest of chapters of Revelation which are reserved for rest of disobedience and rebellious people whom will read it themselves in the future.

      Dont be concern what will happen in the future, which is not good for you to think about, Matthew 6:34 "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day isthe evil thereof."

      Be aware and prepare with your Trust in Him and He will show you whole event you will learn and understand with all of your fear in Him. Be like Child-like Fatih, then you will find a peace, not worry if not sure to understand clearly. Only God needs you is to pray for people constantly until end of days come you will know it.

      Other link God led me with same confirmation from Creation of Earth toward 2017:

      Karri, you desire to be part of His Army, then I have been stirred by Holy Spirit to get link for you to read, it is about binding and casting out demons/spirits and heal people's physical from sickness. You CAN do it if you don't know how to do. Next link he and I have same path healing people alike what God has been using us:

      Other link which I highly recommend you to watch videos, after first 3 or 5th videos out of 20, then you will know how to pray and heal people! Trust God about it. Scroll down to first video on left side, its 1 hour 40 minutes docmentary with many testimonies and miracles. Then go to Pioneer School videos:

      I will pray for you to grow closer with your faith in God, and He will begin working and using you toward people! Bless you with my all heart in Him. Amen!


    12. Karri, here is my comment:

    13. Karri, about visions of 14 years old, I read this message while discerning those words with Holy Spirit, I noticed mixed in my heart, and found discrepancies in those words, I perceived it was from satan who knew how to put vision and messages in him, made it looking like from God while twisted into wrong patterns of visions. I know satan and his deadliest devices included almost everything except resurrection from dead and escape to space, he cannot have. 2Cor 2:11 "Les satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." I was tricked, fooled and deceived many times in the past, I used to know his ways in many ways to manuplate and twist people's lives included churches, etc.

      So, I put these visions to side, knowing its not from God after tested it. I asked God about it, then He said to me to read again in Book of Revelation I began to read and understand more clearer than before with perfect sequences and simple messages with mysteries in bible than those visions. Very few of list on left side are from God in, and rest of others are lukewarm and mixed spirits, not from God. Bless you many with my all heart in Him.

  9. I thought Scott's presentation was awesome! Especially since he had never spoken to a live audience before. Had me laughing more than once :) Thanks for posting! YSIC Kay

  10. Really amazing presentation Scott! You so needed a mic drop! Thanks Brad for posting!

  11. Scotty presented with passion.. I loved his openness about his personal life.. so many interesting things to seek out in the word.. Thanks for all you do and may the Father continue to shine his face upon all who claim the name of Jesus.. may we continue to be a light in this dark dark world

  12. I only learned of Scott a couple of months ago but loved his video teachings as biblically sober, logical and humouros at a time. He's a true natural on stage this first time live and uncut. His charts are so brilliant, you can easily understand every pattern of scripture. They should have been part of every Sunday school ever since, believers would have grown so much better and stronger in faith. Hopefully we might use them to teach the millennium residents... ;-)

  13. Andrew Refield;

    Reactions like yours are not welcome I think 😂.
    I believe in pre-tribe rapture. I hope your wrong. I also believe that God give people hints and clues in there dreams.

    But if you are right, then the most people who believe rapture are screwed. I talk for myself 😁.

    Maybe you are right and thanks for your worries and share with us.

    If you are right it will make the scripture wrong I think. But who knows. I read your message with a little bit stress. 🤣

    No way man--> He is coming to caught us up to heaven. 😋
    I stay with my own thoughts, that feels more comfortble. 😜

  14. Scotty Clark,

    You are great and populair in Holland. Also non believers watch your video's.

    Is it possible to contact you. Have information gathered what I want to share on a big level. Not for me, but like you sharing with everyone.

    Connect the dots. I looking forward to a email to have contact.
    Or with a other person with a active youtube account.
    Who knows. Have a nice day everyone.

  15. The main issue I see in all this is that the Sign of the Dragon should be identified before we consider v.5.

    I'm not a subscriber to the Planet X stuff. BTW the NASA Skyview picture is blacked out because there's a ghost image of Venus (or one of the other known planets), and it was taken back in 1983. Thus there really isn't any evidence of it.

    1. I've been studying the sign for quite a while now and I do believe that it is the fulfillment of Rev 12. However, I can't help but think that the dragon should show up before the child is born. It will try to devour the child the MOMENT it's born. For that to take place, wouldn't it need to appear either before or the very moment the child leaves the womb? John says it's another "semeion", the same word used for the Rev 12 sign. I infer that based on this, it should be another visible SIGN. Will this "semeion" be another sign in the heavens or is there an alternate explanation?

  16. One more thing. I'm still of the opinion that the "last trump" may be a reference to the last shofar blown in the fall feasts, which happens in the evening of Yom Kippur, which marks the beginning of the 8th day after the child is born on 23 September.

    Remember in Leviticus 12, a male child is unclean until circumcision is performed on the 8th day. Circumcision is a picture of the cutting away of sin from Adam, as realized in Christ.

  17. Some good info on Scottie's work:

  18. Scott Clarke is "Daniel 2017"... Those things which were to be sealed up until the (this) end times.. now being revealed. ..The world is so not ready, but GOD knew there would be few..69th week is wrapping up.. this window between 8/21 - 9/22 is The Last Call Window..

    Is there a "gap" between 69th week and 70th week? Could be. What would be the purpose..? The shear emotional devastation..from The sudden loss of millions around the world, and those things which occur related to that sudden loss.. would take "recovery time".. just a guess and possibly... the final day of the last 7 years..may occur at sometime time beyond.. 9/23/24.. perhaps.. in Oct, Nov..or Dec 2024 ..GOD is specific and precise and I would hazard a guess those events are specific and precise as well.. again.. just a guess and an issue for those left behind.

  19. "4thPointOfContactAugust 29, 2017 at 10:03 AM

    The main issue I see in all this is that the Sign of the Dragon should be identified before we consider v.5.

    I'm not a subscriber to the Planet X stuff."

    Why would you NOT be a subscriber to the 'Planet X stuff' while Robert Harrington and Carlos Munoz Ferrada were subscribers? You ought to be.

    We cannot be so arrogant to think that nothing is there. It is not mankind's industry or activity that perturbs the planets or which is causing the sun to act abnormally. Think it over before believing it is in the tinfoil hat realm.

  20. I am new to this teaching, and so trying to synch with other teachings about the man child, which commonly say that the man child is Christ.

    So I do find this interesting.

    Not sure I'm in yet, however I was reading one of WATCHMAN NEES books called the Glorious Church.
    He concludes that the man child is the church! I discovered that just prior to hearing Scott Clarke for the first time! Coincidence?

    My problem is thAt I fi d myself being easily swayed, or gullible, and that has led me down some theological wrong roads.
    I simply long to be ready, and be like Jesus, yet I have a huge desire for understanding prophecy, and so far this makes sense, but I need time to ponder and study.
    What resources would best accomplish this? How best to start?

    1. That great Jim.... Here are two links for you.

      This is our Archive.... start with the posts marked "Key" and "Ultra Key"
      Rev12 Daily Archive of Posts Sign Page - Many great links and articles.... | The Sign

      Pray that God would lead you to all truth.... and remember, no matter how amazing the sign is, it points to JESUS!


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