It's All In Play Now.

One of my new favorite blogs ( just put up another article about the Revelation 12 Sign and the convergence of events which seems to point to the soon return of Christ.  The Revelation 12 Sign is quite convincing to many of us, but when combined with this 'lineup' of other signs, it should make anyone sit back and ask themselves... "Could this possibly be IT?" 

Check out this very well written and expertly balanced summary on the 7 signs listed in the picture above.  Together with these 'players in the game' you can't blame any spectator for thinking.... VICTORY IS IMMINENT!  :  )

Here is an excerpt and a link to this very encouraging article:
Every great football team has their star line up.  As believers in Bible Prophecy, we see our own “Star” lineup coming into play, pun intended.  For those watching the Great Sign of Revelation 12, you probably need no more convincing if this is true or not.  You either believe it or you don’t.  Just like all great works of God, He leaves room for faith.  Yet, He in His kindness and mercy has made it very simple and clear to see that He is coming soon.  He wants all to believe, and He has lined up events to show us He is right at the doors.


  1. Awesome to see people passionate about Jesus soon return...was a great read.


    1. I agree... can't wait to read more of their older posts!

  2. I have always been interested in prophecy and specifically, the end (or better.....the beginning!). In reading all of the studies of these brothers and sisters (the body), they are opening up to me things I either just skimmed over or totally missed. A great example is the Mazzaroth. Incredible. I watched the video of Missler discussing the Mazzaroth (posted on this site). Very interesting. Just as a video of Missler using the Hebrew meaning of the patriarchs (Adam to Noah) and how the meanings of their names give us the redemption story of Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation...................its all about Jesus. Sadly, I don't think Jesus is preached about in depth enough in churches today. I don't want to hear a sermon on how I can be successful, rather show me Jesus and how I can be more like Him. The Bible is so rich in details (jots and tittles referenced by our Lord).............there are no coincidences. He is not surprised, rather its all laid out like a beautiful tapestry since before the foundations of the earth. (Steve)

    1. One thing to add concerning the Mazzaroth (Virgo/Leo) and Revelation 22. Rev 22:13 "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End". From what I can understand, Virgo begins the Mazzaroth, Leo ends it. The First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Others on this site may have touched on this as well. Since our Lord is eternal, I wonder if he is referencing maybe to the Virgo/Leo setup and how the Mazzaroth also seems to tell the story of Redemption (aka Psalm 19:1-4)? (Steve)

    2. This is a great read by E.W. Bullinger on The Witness of the Stars for context.

    3. All great points! It's all about JESUS. Everything points to HIM. Nature, the Stars.... hopefully our daily lives. Second, the churches are in general much "seeker sensitive" and do not dive deep enough. Most sermons are about how to improve your life....not in depth information about HIS life. Third, your point about the Mazzaroth starting and ending in this border is a good one and often over looked. Bullinger's work is a masterpiece as well... we would do well to take the stars as seriously as they did in the past.

    4. That's American Christianity for you. Most of it is a joke. I too, got tired of hearing soft sermons on how to better our lives and not teaching actual Scripture. Christianity in America has become quite dumbed-down.

    5. This is in response to Anon-Steve's post.

  3. Amazing to see how this sign of Revelation 12 is converging with September 23rd of this year, 2017!

  4. In addition: a recent Steve Cioccolanti video teached that the meaning of the LAST letter in the Hebrew Alphabet = TAV is = SIGN (with the connotation to a celestial sign). Interestingly, the original writing was a form of CROSS. Very interesting in a prophetical sense with regards to OMEGA... ;-)

    1. I caught that too... very interesting indeed.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see a flanker in motion behind with a Jer. 49 jersey on.


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