Conservative Scholars Agree: The Male Child Is The Church

If 5 theologians was good, surely 15 is better! I am so grateful that expanded upon our article yesterday and assembled and even more impressive list.  Gary found quotes from 15 theologians who clearly taught that the Child of Revelation 12:5 is the Church! These are some of the greatest minds of the faith, many who are credited with reviving the Pre-Trib doctrine which so many of us following this sign believe to be true. This mountain of evidence is truly overwhelming and an absolute must read by anyone who is for or against this sign.

From this point forward, any pastor or teacher debunking this sign must realize that they are not arguing with a bunch of "internet nobodies", but instead some of the greatest minds in the Christian church from the past 300 years or more....

Here is an excerpt:
A number of prophecy teachers including Joel Richardson and Jack Hibbs have dismissed the upcoming Revelation 12 Sign by suggesting it isn't unique and that conservative evangelical scholars have taught that the male child of Revelation 12:5 is not the Church. We have already demonstrated that they are mistaken about the Sign's uniqueness (it is completely unique) and Revelation 12 Daily has uncovered numerous examples of conservative scholars who taught that the male child is the Church. As a matter of fact, these prominent examples are so numerous one must wonder if it would be more accurate to say that there was widespread agreement among conservative evangelical scholars in the 18th and 19th centuries that the male child is in fact the Church.
Here is the link to the Full Article:
Conservative Scholars Agree: The Male Child Is The Church


  1. Shots fired.

    Great rebuttal; though I doubt Hibbs will even address this. It seems he's relying on his celebrity to carry authority on this subject and it's painfully clear he's not actually doing any research at all. It really reflects badly on him as it makes one wonder if he's just shooting from the hip whenever he's in the pulpit.

    1. Jack's a great teacher... I trust he studies most things carefully. In my view he likely dismissed this out of hand without much thought because of the following:
      a) He thinks Rev 12 is only talking about the Middle of the Tribulation.
      b) He thinks Rev 12 is talking only about the Birth of Christ and His ascension.
      (how a and b mix, not sure how that makes senses, but that's what he said)
      c) He heard from people he trusts that this sign is a bunch of bologna.

      So he is a busy guy, so I am sure with those 3 factors were enough for him to think that he didn't even need to look into it. Keep in mind he apparently isn't aware of how deep the teaching goes back on Rev 12:5 in relation to the rapture... if he did I am sure he would have looked deeper. But in the end its a dangerous thing to go onto a radio show that broadcasts to over 800 stations spouting off about something this significant which you didn't really study. It does look quite bad...I agree.

  2. I'm curious about what Jack Hibbs (or Jan Markell) might respond to this... If he responds at all. :) Excellent!

    1. This is the thing that really bothers me. Markell has said repeatedly that nothing will happen on the 23rd. She has said she can't wait for the 24th. So this woman who has longed for the appearing of Jesus for decades... Has now put herself in a position hoping against the Lord's return!! To me that is so sad................. She is hoping against the Blessed Hope.

    2. Brad, this is indeed very sad because it so much sounds according to ## Luke 19:14 ## (read in context all 3 surrounding verses 12,13 and 15 talk of the "return" of the nobleman and what happens meanwhile)... :-(

    3. Pride is a powerful thing. Once these people go down a path, they may be too proud to acknowledge they were wrong and they stay on that path regardless.
      As I have read these blogs, watched these videos, read comments, etc, I look at things as "this is interesting, I want to learn more". I don't dismiss it, I am interested in the future and I want to learn more.
      I try to research and learn what these brothers and sisters are learning.
      A great example was the Eclipse. Entering in the 33rd state, exiting the 33rd parallel, 33 days before Sep 23rd. All of that I read and said "what!?!?". Then.....I went and proved what they said was true.
      I researched Oregon, I went to a site that identified the longitude and latitudes and saw the 33rd parallel at the exit point of South Carolina, I went to a date duration calculator and typed in the dates myself, 33 days between Aug 21st and Sep 23rd.
      These men and women who deny all of this spend more time and energy trying to prove it wrong or simply dismissing it then if they would merely take some time and see for themselves.

    4. Brad,

      This morning Jan Markell joined in a real-time series of emails to say that your comment of 1 SEP 7:58AM is a misquote of her statements on 23/24 SEP. I have had private email exchance with Jan; to her how much her teaching has meant to you; that if your comment was erroneous an apology or retraction would follow. Contact me to discuss off-line.

    5. Sean... thank you. I sent you an email. I was referencing something she said back in her first program with Billy Crone.... I will double check and if I was wrong I will surely retract and apologize.

    6. Brad,
      Awesome! This caught me by surprise while at work. In about three hours I'll get to making corrections, and complete what I began this morning in email.

    7. Sean, at the 11:35 mark my beloved Jan says that "we can safely say the rapture in not going to happen on September 23rd". If she truly believes in imminence, she can't say that. I don't even know why you would want to say such a thing.... even if she thinks all this is hogwash, part of her should at a minimum HOPE this is it!

  3. You have to understand that some prophecy of scripture has "dual" meaning. Take for example Isaiah 7:14. "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel." This prophecy was fulfilled by the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in 2 BC through the virgin Mary in fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. But there was also a child born of a virgin girl who first knew her husband at the time of Isaiah which fulfill this prophecy "For before the boy will know enough to refuse evil and choose good, the land whose two kings you dread will be forsaken." In a sense the virgin gave birth to twins!

    And in a similar way the prophecy of Revelation 12 is a dual prophecy about a woman who gives birth to twins. The "man-child" of Revelation 12:5 is the Church, who is raptured up to Heaven to meet her Groom on September 21-23, 2017. And at the mid-way point of the Tribulation period when the Satan is cast down from Heaven, Israel has a Spiritual Awakening ... they are born again ... and they are miraculously protected in Petra for the remaining 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation period. The woman clothed with the Sun has twins!

    The Spirit and the bride say, "Come." And let the one who hears say, "Come." And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost. - Revelation 22:17

  4. Zola Levitt wrote a booklet many years ago titled The Seven Feast Of Israel, in the back is a separate part:
    "Unto Us A Child Is Born"

    This is just fascinating, the development of a child while in the womb with the Seven Feast.

    I cannot post it the way it is in the booklet, there are 3 columns, the first is Jewish Feast (1), the second is Christian Fulfillment (2) and the third is Development Of A Baby (3).

    (1) Passover, (2) New life (egg), (3)Ovulation
    (1) Unleavened Bread, (2)The seed, (3) Fertilization
    (1) First Fruits, (2) Resurrection, (3) Implantation
    (1) Pentecost, (2) Harvest, (3) New Creature
    (1) Trumpets, (2) Rapture, (3) Hearing
    (1) Atonement, (2) Redemption, (3) Blood (Hemoglobin A)
    (1) Tabernacles, (2) Kingdom, (3) Lungs
    (1) Chanukah, (2) Eternity, (3) Eternal Life

    DA Miller also has a book titles, Forbidden knowledge or is it, that is based on God's days.

    1. Sorry, forgot to add:
      Titus 2:13

    2. I still have a copy of Zola's booklet, The Seven Feast of Israel, from 1979, that I ordered along with several other. He had a TV show back then.

    3. He was telling people back then of the significance of the Feast days and the parallel of the Jewish wedding too. A Christian Love Story was another amazing booklet he wrote. This changed the way I understood many things in the bible, it made things make since.

      I put these booklets along with Bibles, tapes, dvd's, vcr, a letter, calendars with writing and notes attached for the past few years, and more on the coffee table a few days before the Feast of Trumpets. I have been doing this for decades, since I learned of what the Feast mean. This year seems to be very compelling for the rapture to happen.

      If not we have another year to reach out to the lost is the way I have always looked at it over the years.

      Titus 2:13

  5. Thank you so much for all of these teachings. I am waiting so patiently for My Saviors return I really enjoy learning more and more about the depths of the Bible and prophecy.

  6. This list now stands at 25, but I only featured 16 of them. The other 9 are listed towards the bottom.


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