Will the Rapture Happen on September 23rd - S. Douglas Woodward

I missed a great article yesterday while taking a break on July 4th. If you haven't read the latest from S. Douglas Woodward you have got to check this out.  Woodward dives deep into the Rev12 Sign mix with an insightful post summarizing the Rev12 alignment and speculating whether the Rapture of the Church is likely to happen on or around the September 23rd celestial alignment.  I especially appreciate how the author found numerous commentaries explaining that the man child in Rev 12:5 was not simply Jesus Christ alone, but instead the Church (His Body) caught up to be united with Christ as well.  Scott Clarke shared this article to his Facebook followers yesterday and it received a HUGE response.  Here is an excerpt and a link:
Thus, we are left with a most definite impression that the male child who is “raptured” to heaven is not Jesus Christ (who ascended visibly into the clouds as witnessed by the Apostles), but rather the Church of Jesus Christ who becomes fully one with Him.  If so (and as we will see, many commentators insist this the male child comprises the Church and its “snatching up” is the “rapture”), then it begs the question whether the astronomical event (the arrangements of stars, planets, sun, and moon) which transpires on September 23, 2017, signifies the very moment when the rapture of the Church will occur.

Here is a link to Scott Clarke's Facebook post:


  1. Great post Brad!
    Thank you Doug Woodward!!
    Cannot help but feel somewhat betrayed by prophecy teachers and authors who are not warning their flock. Here Woodward proclaims and acknowledges the warning without speculation.

    And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them. Ezekiel 33:33

    1. I agree, if anyone should be doing this work it is them! It is there full-time job! It is sad, yet amazing that people like me (a nobody) has had to step into this role to help get the information out because they are missing the ball.

  2. Very excited and hopeful, yet part of me feels like I have to guard my heart in case we are still here on 9/25. Praying the Lord will convict me if I am being double-minded. Longing to be in His presence. Weary of fighting lyme and a life-time of struggling to overcome soul-wrenching rejection. I know His delay means salvation for someone else and I don't want to be selfish. Just want to be in His presence--where physical and emotional pain cease and the joy of resting in His tangible glory brings light to every nook and cranny of the dark crevasses of my heart. Maranatha Yeshua!!! Watching for You and longing for the honor to simply be in Your presence today!!!

    1. So many of us can relate to your heart here. Our desire is to be with Him. We want "The Perfect" to come.... it is natural to long for and eagerly desire the day in which our greatest joy will be felt. The fact that it could be soon is amazing. I will approach with hopeful optimism until we are past the dates, then from there we will have to look deeper and see if it was just a sign of things soon to come. As others have stated road signs are usually before the exit, so could this sign be before the rapture as well? Either way, we know that we are in the season and that should fill us with great joy!


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