Conception Comet... Even More Info From Luis Vega!

I find this "Conception Comet" amazing....  Little did I know, but Lu Vega had done considerable research on this a while back.  Below is an email I received from him today after he saw the earlier post on this topic.  I have embedded the 2 links from Lu below.  Read the paper and view the awesome graphics!  Awesome stuff!

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Email from Luis Vega - Conception Comet

I saw the posting about the Conception Comet.
I posted a paper and chart about it also.

Guess how many months and days from 11/17/16 to 9/9/17? 
The more I study this 'Sign', the more I am in awe.

Blessings, Lu

The answer to Lu's question about the length of time from the conception to the birth?? 9 months and 23 days!

Various Conception Comet Graphics


  1. Very cool info on this comet!
    Thanks for posting Brad.

    1. Very cool is right. You're welcome James!

  2. Oh God bless Luis Vega! I’m so grateful for those who have the understanding and skill to bring this information forth for people like me! amazing...and even just the little 9 months / 23 days from conception to birth just makes me overjoyed. God is so wonderful!

    1. The Accuser was eager for another day before the Judge. Then he heard that Luis Vega was presenting the other side that day and the Accuser threw in the towel and took the day off.

    2. ROFL!!! :-D @Jimboni thumbs up!

  3. Lu is brilliant. I have the utmost respect for him. Great work, Lu! Thanks for posting, Brad!

    1. A heartfelt thanks Luis and Glory to YHWH! Daniel

    2. Thanks Scott... Agreed, Lu is awesome!

  4. Lu mentions finding this comet information from World Breaker and you can find his original source video here.

  5. I am still not understanding the significance of 9.9.2017 as the birth. I read the document and watched the video and I can't wrap my brain around it. Seems gestation with the comet is from November, 17 2016 to September, 9 2017 and that is a normal gestation period of 9 months 23 days. OK. Those numbers bring forth sounds of trumpet blasts with everyone freaking out with hope, including me. But why 9.9.2017? Sorry if this is simple, but I am slow and am not getting it... kindly help? Keep up the great work!

    1. TP, this will be rushed as I don't have much time... Jupiter seems to exit the boundary of Virgo's womb on 9-9-17. That is the day it crosses the line and why some people consider that the birth. I am not as convinced that is the day (there are no "lines" in space) but the timing does seem to work out with these other things. Note that Isaiah 66:7 seems to indicate a birth before labor (ie, before the 23rd possibly) so that is why some people theorize that the rapture could happen sometime between the 9th and the 22nd perhaps. We shall see... hope that helps. If you have more ???'s I can follow up later...

  6. Be careful about the original video uploader World Breaker. He goes by the name Hateful Raf (what Christian would use that name?,) He also says on his channel it will be dedicated to social and political change. Doesn't sound like someone looking for the rapture . I had some discomfort in my spirit listening to him which makes me question the truth of the content. Are there any other secular scientific sources that you know of that verfy the trajectory of this comet? I can't download a program like Stellarium on my device . Thanks.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am World Breaker the creator of the video, and I can assure you that I am very much a believer in Yeshua as my Lord and Savior. When I originally made the video, I was using the pseudonym "hatefulraf", however when I uploaded the video, I abandoned that name using instead the one I use now. My reasons for originally using "hatefulraf" are personal, however if you require explication to calm your unsettled heart brother, I would be more than happy to oblige. I earlier used that pseudonym because, for a very long time, I was disgusted by this world and it's selfishness, greed and corruption. Every decision within politics, finance, academia, and even secular science seemed all to point to the filth of man's perversion, deviance, and immortality. The Lord has given me peace of mind reminding me that His promises of a Judgement upon man stands and will come to pass. As for my interest in politics, they DO NOT go beyond that of a Watchman. My channel doesn't say that I'm dedicated to social and political change. You've corrupted my words brother...go reread carefully what it actually says. And if you want more info about the comet, then see for yourself:

      You aren't going to convince me that your device doesn't have internet access either.

      I pray that I've explained myself thoroughly and to your satisfaction. May God bless and keep you brother.


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