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Gary from just made a major discovery which may help further identify who the 'male child' is in Rev 12:5. Many people dismiss the Rev12 Sign because they interpret the male child as Jesus Christ alone, who ascended to heaven after his resurrection. However, other excellent Bible teachers including John Nelson Darby, William Blackstone, Henry Ironside, Scott Clarke and last but not least Gary here, interpret that special 'man child' as the 'The Body of Christ'. Since that child is raptured to heaven prior to being 'devoured' by a beast who hates it, you can see why this view can create much excitement for those of us who believe in a Pre-Tribulation rapture of the church prior to the start of the 7 year Great Tribulation. On top of that, the fact that the Great sign of the Woman pregnant with Child of Rev 12:1-2 is occurring in the heavens in a little over 2 months should cause a combination of joy, trepidation, and urgency for those of us waiting for the return of our Savior!

Below are the verses Gary found that he believes helps us identify this child correctly as us, The Body of Christ. If you want more proof, check out the article by Dr Micheal Svgiel from Dallas Theological Seminary who explains that this interpretation of the Male Child as The Body of Christ was the foundational proof text for the Pre-Tribulation rapture doctrine by its founders. That work can be found here.

So in preparation for reading about Gary's discovery, here are two verses you should ponder:
Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say, “And to offsprings,” referring to many, but referring to one, “And to your offspring,” who is Christ. Gal 3:16
And this from Gal 3:28-29:
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise.
With that you are ready to dive into what I feel is an awesome study and further proof that our interpretation of the Rev12 Sign and all its glorious implications seems to be correct!!



    1. "Can anyone else relate..."

      Teacher ME! Teacher ME!

      Oh yeah.

    2. Greg, your comment is so funny! Appreciate you chiming in!

  2. Can anyone else relate to a battle inside between your spirit, which fully embraces all of the signs (including the Rev 12 sign) as indicating we may have less than 80 days left on this earth, versus your flesh (with perhaps some additional help from the demonic realm), which periodically questions if we will become just one more chapter in the book of those "nutty Christians" who expected something big to happen and it did not? The Lord knows my heart and that I am not trying to be sacrilegious in any way when I say I have my moments when a part of me (my flesh) almost mocks my spirit, as if I am like Linus waiting in the Pumpkin Patch for that proverbial Great Pumpkin, who never shows up.

    Jesus IS coming. I know He is and I believe that in my heart. Just this past weekend, I spent some time standing on a busy street corner with a sign that read, "Rapture Soon. Then Judgment. Please Trust in Jesus Now!" Generally speaking, people who are not convinced that Jesus is coming back soon will not do such a thing.

    And I can see a multitude of signs, even if one were to set aside for the moment the Rev 12 sign, that shout our time is short. One of the things I am looking forward to the most about being in Jesus' presence is that the war that rages between our spirit and our sinful carnal nature will be if every ounce of darkness that resides within the crevices of my heart is forced to flee forever as the light of our Savior and God occupies us fully. Maranatha, Lord Jesus!!!

    1. Amen well said. We cannot possibly comprehend that moment and everything that comes after. Like a fish in the water cannot comprehend the world outside or a baby in the womb cannot comprehend the world...we too cannot comprehend being before Almighty God looking him in the eye in an instant of time. The flesh should be should be very afraid.

    2. Your struggle is likely MUCH more common than you think, nay, nearly universal, I would say, to varying degrees at times amongst all. Paul tells us of the two spirits at war within us. In His Lovngkindness, Our Lord tucked a jewel in His Word for us at these times: "And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears,

      Lord, I believe; help you my unbelief." (MK 9:24 AKJV)

      He knows, He knows and for reasons only He knows He uses these times to relentless draw us to seek after HIM and cry out our struggle into His Hands.

    3. One part of me desperately want all these signs about the rapture to be true and for the rapture to happen in the very near future. On the other hand, I do think about what-ifs. With all the signs and numbers and evidence all pointing to this year being a significant year, what if NOTHING happens? What if nothing happens even on 31 Dec 2017 and we cross over to 2018? All these evidence and signs are like pegs on the wall which I am holding on to in hope. If nothing happens, then all the pegs 'disappear' because they are mostly no longer relevant anymore after this year (timeline, etc). I dread the disappointment.

      Of course, the consolation is always "the Lord's return is near based on the situation of the world right now" (i.e. wars, rumours of war, natural disasters, moral depravation, etc). I am not a scoffer but even I think about how centuries ago, people probably thought that their world as they knew it was ripe for the Lord's return as well, so what makes us any different? A hundred years from now, people on this earth probably think we have not seen anything YET when they look at at us!

    4. My personal thoughts echo all of yours to a point... I shared them in this post from back in May...
      Since that post I have seen so much more, learned so much more, thought so much more. Just this past week our pastor preached on Biblical HOPE. Most of the time that we speak of hope in our everyday lives involves situations with much uncertainty. "I hope I get the job". "I hope we sell our house" etc. But he said biblical hope does not contain uncertainty. Our God loves us...he is giving us SO MUCH information. He has given us a sign each and every one of us can see outside on any given night. Literally hundreds of bible verse that connect with this Sign. So for me, I choose to HOPE (I have been planning on a post on this topic for some time). Why ponder the uncertainty today? Believe today. Hope today. Love today like these are our last days. Until we are proven wrong why waste the energy being double minded when all signs point to us being right and only our fears hold us back? We will find out soon enough, but for now I really think it is best to HOPE without uncertainty or fear of being wrong. We may not know how or when this all plays out...but I believe the some how, some way this will all play out and when the time comes we will not be caught unaware of what is happening. Not in the fact, each and everyone one of us with this knowledge will be instantly called to the front lines. Remember, the days of Noah....He and his family knew what was coming.... The world did not. Their lives were going on like normal. But when the rain started falling it was too late.

      Pray this helps.... love this discussion guys... : )

    5. And the people of Jerusalem were waiting for Jesus to enter the gates of Jerusalem with palm branches in their hands. The people knew the King was coming!

    6. Brad, I absolutely LOVE your response! Your logical, well-written/thought out/heart-felt response fills me with Peace and the encouragement to keep just breathe & believe & let Jesus take the wheel. Thank you! I would love to share your response with my ladies in my home Bible that ok??? 🦋 YSIC, annie

    7. Annie, of course! Thank you for your kind words! No need to ask at all : )

  3. The major thing about the rapture being certain now in our days versus centuries ago is that all the signs surround Israel and that has always been God's timepiece from the beginning.
    Too many major events occurring this year to dismiss: The "US only" Solar Eclipse, Rev 12 sign, 6000 years ends on 9-21 during Feast of Trumpets (Highly believed rapture day), 50th year since 6 Day War in Israel, 50th Jubilee that Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel predicted would see return of Messiah and incidentally the UN designated International Day of Peace on Sep 21st just two days before Rev 12 sign occurs over Israel only. Much to much for just coincidences.

    1. Yes...the return of Israel was the game changer. The was the Super Sign.... we are now 70 years out from that sign....and as I read the bible it says the generation that saw that sign will not pass away until end times are fulfilled.

      this article sums up the significance of Israel nicely...

  4. I have read the Svigel-Interview Brad linked above in which he states that a proper pre-tribulationist ought not to be a "sign-seeker" = ?? In Matthew 16,3-4 Jesus addressed the unbelieving pharisees and saduccees but NOT the disciples. And as we have so much discussed before, we are asked to WATCH the 'Day of the LORD' (thus, we have to know what signs to watch for!). If we see the signs for the 'Day' we will automatically know the signs preceding the rapture because this latter event precedes the other! So very simple!

    But what I found still helpful was the parallel to Daniel 7 Svigel hints to: indeed, look at verse 27 to know that 'corporate entity' of the church as the "PEOPLE of the saints of the Most High" to which the "(everlasting) kingdom and dominion... shall be given"! I read the chapter again and it gets totally clear to me that the 'person' "LIKE the Son of Man" being brought " before the Ancient of days" (verse 13) is NOT Jesus Christ but the CHURCH as His body MEETING Jesus at the throne! = Daniel 7,9 compare to Revelation 1,14!

    Daniel 7,13+27 is therefore another clue that enlarged my own understanding, so nevertheless thank you Mr. "non-sign-seeking" Svigel! ;-)

    Blessings be to all of you, I understand your anxiety very well but I have as Brad firmly chosen to trust all of the holy word of my heavenly Father and His beloved Son Jesus Christ who told all of us "if it were NOT so, He would have told us" (John 14,2) and He STILL has augmented the evidence for His return in about 70 days ahead of the 2017 Feast of Trumpets and STILL not denied it! MARANATHA love you guys ;-)

    1. Thanks Annabel! I like the John 14:2 reference.... he would have told us so. I personally know that many of the top people who are following and studying this sign have been praying consistently for God to show us that we are wrong, if in fact we are wrong. This has been a heart felt prayer for months and months, yet the only answer we have gotten is more confirmation. That's not to say that the Rapture has to happen on a specific day per say, but just that it seems like we are on the right track and should continue on boldly and diligently forward.

      FYI, I love how you place so many scripture references in your comments, but if you slightly change how you type them the references would automatically pop up for the rest of us when we hover our pointer over them so we can read the verses! Example: John 3:16 vs John 3,16. If you can type them that way (with a : instead of a ,) in the future your comments will be even a greater blessing! : )

    2. Oh thank you Brad not only for the technical hint! :-) I'd like to know as well how to produce a clickable link, can you tell me please? TY so much!

    3. It is pretty simple, this page spells it out. I copy the code, and then paste in the new link in the appropriate places. Once you figure it out it is easy... : )
      How to leave a clickable link for my dear sister in Christ, Annabel

    4. Dear Brad, I'm not sure if I'm able to do that, looks quite complicated though... The comments here cannot be easily corrected either if you have posted them. I am using my smartphone so hmmm... ;-) But thanks for the information!

  5. Among those named re the man child's identity, do you know of John from Heavenlysign2017?

    He has worked tirelessly and genuinely seeks to teach truth only.


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